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Authorities remain stumped on location of suspect in Marine case


JACKSONVILLE (AP) -- Investigators searching for the suspect in the death of a 20-year-old pregnant fellow Marine say they've talked with his family but don't know where he is.

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown would not say what he's learned by talking to the family of Corporal Cesar Laurean.

Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach had accused Laurean of rape. Officials think they found Lauterbach's burned body in Laurean's back yard in Onslow County on Saturday. They are awaiting positive identification.

Brown says detectives are still not positive that witness reports placing Laurean at a bus depot in Shreveport, Louisiana, on Saturday night were accurate.

Brown says authorities are unclear whether the man thought to be Laurean boarded a bus headed to Texas or left the station.

Reward offered in search for Marine

Investigators are now offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads them to the suspect in the death of a pregnant Marine from Ohio. Read more...
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I'm convinced that he was

I'm convinced that he was heading out of Wilmington on I-40 on Friday evening during the I-40 out of town rush. He was in the Black Dodge truck, but with different plates and baseball hat. Also driving 65 mph in a 70 zone which stands out like a sore thumb but would not have gotten him pulled for a ticket.

Far too early to start pointing fingers

This case is one big, confusing mess, and there are a lot of things that remain to be discovered. For example, he was seen in Louisiana yesterday - why did SHE purchase a bus ticket to El Paso in early December? Everyone even loosely associated with this case has remarked that they remained friends after she reported the alleged rape. How did he know her PIN to use her ATM card right before Christmas? The part about her having to move off base because of harassment is likely nonsense. She was due to deliver this month, and would HAVE to move out of the barracks once that child was born. Setting up a home off base two months early is not surprising at all. I've known lots of female Marines who have done it. As far as locking him up as soon as the charges were levied, there is quite a bit required to have pre-trial confinement approved. That becomes even more complicated based upon the nature of the rape - fairly easy for forceable, violent rape. Not very likely in the case of he-said-she-said date rape. In the entire time I was a company First Sergeant, I never recall a date-rape charge even sticking. It's going to be a very long time before blame can be placed on anyone, as far as who screwed up, when, and if at all.


I agree with the person above WHERE WAS HIS WIFE?? Why did she wait 4 hours till after he had left to give her the note..How did he burn the body and no one notice? Has anyone thought about the wife protecting the husband, because she didn't want his career in the Marine Corps ruined due to the rape, because obviously it was his. Another thing don't you think that maybe if he did do this then he would kill himself, unless he's distracting all the attention on him and maybe his wife did it. There's many possible things and I don't think that anyone worked hard to 1. Keep this girl safe like she should've been 2. To get to the bottom in a quicker manner. Also they say a woman (former marine) told them the girl was dead, how did she know? Also it was there mistake on taking someone's word that the victim and Laurean were friendly after she had taken papers out on the rape. 1. If you were friendly with someone after that don't you think that you would have dismissed the allegations? Also WHY IN THE WORLD was the Marine Corps not protecting her? She had to move off Camp Lejuene because she was being harrassed on base. HELLO!! Also no matter what this guy should've been kept in custody due to the fact that he was already a suspect in her rape. I also read online that they were trying to say she was a compulsive liar and bi polar, why would they let someone in the military that is bi polar they could snap in a minute and shoot someone. Also don't you think that she would've dismissed the allegations if she was lying because someone would've found out and she would've gotten in trouble. I feel really bad for this family and I feel bad that it took soo long to find all these things that might could've found this girl sooner.


There are a couple of questions that I am thinking should be answered. Where is his wife at now that this happened? After she gave authorities the note that he had left, where has she been? Where was she when all of this went on?? You know that she had to have noticed the "new pain" the smell of clean up, the blood on the ceiling....unless she was really stupid. I believe that she knew about this. And last where are his parents, why havnt they been interviewed...where are there comments on what there SOB son has done. This is so sad and I feel so sorry for the Lauderbauch family.

escaped suspect

I agree that they should have been watching him the whole time. I too do not understand why no one has answered where the wife was at the time and where is she now. One neighbor even alluded to the fact they have a small child. Anyone else heard this? I can't imagine a murder happening at my house and not being aware of it and my house is much larger than his. Also, why would the pregnant girl go with him to his house if they were not on friendly terms?

escaped suspect

In my opinion I do not think that she went willingly to his house, her car was at the bus station. I just don't see that happening. That's the first I've heard about them having a small child, something is missing from this and I don't think the Sheriff's Department sees that. It doesn't come together it's odd.

escaped suspect

I read an article this morning that confirmed they had an 18 mo. old daughter.

This guy should have had a

This guy should have had a closer eye kept on him. I feel this whole investigation since she was first reported missing has been bungled

Personally when she accused

Personally when she accused him of rape, I think he should have stayed locked up until a trial. I think it is just as much the bases doing as the local police messing up an investigation. When she was rep[orted missing they should have looked into this man right then.

Accused rapist

I have so many questions regarding this whole horrible event. First of all, once accused of rape, why wasn't he held, just as any citizen accused of the same crime would be? Instead of making this young woman feel like a criminal, why wasn't she protected? Why was it so easy to make her sound unstable and unreliable, instead of helping her? The media is not innocent of this either. They made this young woman look like the worst possible witness to a crime! Other pregnant woman who have come up missing in the past were potrayed for what they were, victims! But not in this instance. They didn't treat her like a victim until her charred body was found. From the earliest report of her disappearance, I felt there was something deeper and she had not just "run away" to hide from the trial or have her baby in secret. I am saddened by the events, and the Corps response to this young woman's plight; and what looks like a case of protecting the accused instead of the victim.