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Autopsy confirms brutal murder

WWAY has obtained the autopsy report for 58 year-old Laura Gallagher, who was found dead, along with her husband Jim, in their Ogden home earlier month. Mrs. Gallagher's son, Gerard Altman, is charged with the two murders. The autopsy confirms Mrs. Gallagher died from multiple sharp and blunt force injuries, several of which were to her head and the back of her body. A grand jury returned two counts of first-degree murder yesterday, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. "We will have what's a called a rule 24 hearing, which is when we present evidence as to why we believe the death penalty is appropriate in this case. Ultimately, the choice to decide whether someone lives or dies does not rest with an individual, it rests with a jury.” Said NHC District Attorney Ben David. New Hanover County's last capital murder trial was in 2004. Mr. Gallagher's autopsy has not yet been released.

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This would be the perfect time to bring back public hangings and let this animal swing at the end of a hangman's noose. He should suffer for what he did not just go to sleep and never wake up.

Why would it help if it were

Why would it help if it were public? Just so you could watch? I'm sure that they're fully capable of making him suffer in private.

Public hangings have helped

Public hangings have helped deter a lot of crime in the past....bring it back and see what happens

may deter

Because then actually using the death penalty may make some dirtbag think twice about committing a crime.

Not A Valid Argument

Seeing as how our country has the death penalty in many states, yet our country has more homicides per year than the UK, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Italy and France all put together. Are Americans more homicidal or is it because those countries all have gun control. Few if any have the death penalty...

as I said

Because we don't use the death penalty. We just sentence people to death but don't carry out the sentence. Now if it were to be used, it would be effective. Gun control just makes you a victim.

I Agree

that we still have more murders. But, that would probably change if, heaven forbid, we actually starting executing those on death row. I say we just line them all up and get it over with, one right after the other. They were put on death row for a reason, but that seems to have been forgotten in trying to make sure their civil rights are protected. I say they gave up their civil rights when they made the decision of their own free will to do what it was they did to get them put on death row.


Doesn't that just take our society down to their level though?


it doesn't. Not if we aren't doing it for drugs, to take someone's money, or just for the sheer fun some maniacs get out of it.

I couldn't agree more

I couldn't agree more


This guy is sick. Kill him now and save us all the tax money that we have to pay his public attorney.