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Avett Brothers tickets going fast


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Avett Brothers are proving a success at the Azalea Festival box office.

Tickets to their April show at Trask Coliseum during the Azalea Festival went on sale Saturday morning. As of this afternoon, the Azalea Festival office said only about 700 tickets are left of the 2,700 that were up for sale.

To buy tickets, visit

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Finally a great choice by

Finally a great choice by the Azalea Festival Committee for those of us who appreciate good music other than country or has-been bands. Avett Bros. are fantastic live. I have no doubts that this concert will sell out quickly.


Glad ticket sales have conclusively proven this to be an informed decision for entertainment. Thank you to the Committee for getting a North Carolina band like Avett Bros instead of Candlebox/Collective Soul/GooGoo Dolls or other country & western has-beens. Now how about My Morning Jacket?


Finally, a band worth seeing at the Azalea Festival! Kudos!

Sorry, Not Buyin' It

I don't believe for a NY minute that they've sold 2,000 tickets to this NOBODY show. I'd have to see proof, I believe they're just posting this due to all the comments made by all of us who are SO disappointed at their choice of entertainment for OUR Azalea Festival. Sorry, don't believe it.

Wow.......if their a nobody

Wow.......if their a nobody act, i hate to see you pick a somebody act! By the way feel free to leave Wilmington during the more parking spot for someone who actually wants to enjoy themselves.

For real.

I have seen it, and they have. Many knew they would. Your ignorance shows your appreciation for good music.

Country act last year,

Country act last year, country act this year. Did not go last year, will not go this year. How about rotating the acts? Everyone in the South is not a redneck.


The Avett Bros. are not a country band. They are hard to fit into a category, but I would say alternative/folk is a close description.

Or even punk-folk-rock. Hard

Or even punk-folk-rock. Hard to say, but they are amazing.