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Awareness of seizures increases with Travolta death

READ MORE: Awareness of seizures increases with Travolta death
The news of John Travolta's 16-year-old son's death hit close to home for one Brunswick County woman. From 18 months, to the age of 24, Lisa Propst suffered from seizures. “A seizure, it drains your brain and you feel real tired. Something has taken over control to where you can't communicate." She had up to four seizures a week. Some would cause her to lose control of her body and fall, which is one theory on how Jett Travolta died. Propst said, "Like a grand mal seizure which is probably what he had where he lost his balance I just felt like I could relate because sometimes I would fall when I had a seizure and my main concern was not to hit my head." Lisa Propst said she hopes that the Travolta tragedy brings the dangers of seizures to people's attention and in turn puts more pressure on medical experts to find a cure. “If there was a way to help find the reasons for the seizure activity and eliminate that and find cures so that you won't have the seizures. But with each seizure like Jett, that person could fall and die or they could lose consciousness." After 24 years of suffering and searching for a doctor to help, she ended up in Georgia. Doctors tested her for weeks, eventually discovering the scar tissue in her brain causing the seizures. Doctors were able to remove the tissue, and 20 years later she is still seizure free. The Associated Press reported that Jett Travolta's death certificate lists "seizure" as the cause of death. Propst hopes more time and money is spent on seizure research, to some day prevent, reverse and cure seizures, hoping some good comes from this tragedy.

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Death by Seizures

I found my 31 year old daughter on Dec. 19, 2008, unconscious and having seizures. She died on the way to the hospital. She had never had a seizure before and we still don't know what caused the seizure or her death. My heart goes out to the Travolta family.

My prayers are with the Travolta family

My prayers are with the Travolta family. I lost my mother in 2006 because of a seizure. So I understand the pain they are going through.

Seizure Treatment Location

Does anyone know where in Georgia the treatment was performed? I'm interested because of my own epilepsy.