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Baby gender confusion

READ MORE: Baby gender confusion
Imagine carrying a child, knowing you are about to have a baby boy - then surprise! You have a baby girl. That is what happened to one local family. Danielle Akey had an ultra sound 24 weeks into her pregnancy. She said the sonographer told her it was going to be a boy. Months later, she delivered a beautiful baby girl. Danielle loves her daughter, Marley, but said she suffers emotionally from the erroneous gender prediction. "Everybody looked at it and she's like oh I'm sure it's a boy she said look at this it is so obvious it's a boy,” said Akey. They even named their baby Vincent Michael. "I was just like hi little Vinny Hi little guy just talking to him like he was my little boy and I was so excited to have my little guy running around have my two boys,” Mrs. Akey said. The delivery day came, and surprise, the Akey’s had a little girl. Akey said, "I love her to death she's such a sweet heart but it was just hard for me to connect the pregnancy with the little girl I had in my arms. There was a loss there even to the point of a loss of losing a family member." The false prediction was not only emotional, it was expensive. The Akey’s spent thousands of dollars on little boy toys, bedding and clothes. “After we found out we were having a little girl we couldn't return anything,” Akey said. After baby Marley was born, the Akey's went back to the sonographer and showed her the sonogram picture again. "When she saw it she said that really does look like a little boy but it could have been the umbilical chord or her little hand in her way. She said she's sorry and that it was the first time it ever happened to her that she knew of, said Akey. The Akey’s are planning on having another baby, but next time they will be doing things a little differently. They will get a second opinion, or maybe no opinion at all. Akey said, "I think that maybe the next time we have a baby I don't think we're going to try and even find out if we're going to find out if we're having a boy or a girl.” We spoke with the manager at the Forum Diagnostic Center where Danielle Akey received her ultra sound. The manager said the gender predictions from sonographers are only opinions, and they're not 100 percent accurate. She also said since gender readings are merely predictions - no statistics are kept on how accurate those predictions are.

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Baby Gender

The wedding ring test is the most accurate. Place a gold wedding band on a length of thread/string and dangle it over the mother-to-be's wrist. After a minute the ring will either swing back and worth (boy) or go around in a circle (girl).

I can understand being upset

I can understand being upset that they spent a lot of money on items for a boy baby and then having a girl but I can't relate to the feeling like they lost a family member comment. My neice was alive up to the day before her birth and then she was stillborn. That is losing a family member. When you have a baby and not only get the birth certificate but also a death certificate. I have never heard any sonogram tech say that it is 100% certain. In fact, when I had a sonogram, the tech told me there was no guarantee. If you want to buy items ahead of time, that's why they make pale yellow and green baby clothes.

So Happy!!

Look at this mom, she is obviously SO happy about this beautiful little girl!! I can understand where she's coming from about having the gender wrong and hope she gets a little boy some day. I can't believe the negative comments!! This mom looks like she is completely happy with her little girl and I think whoever wrote that she's complaining should stuff it. She's not complaining, she's informing and letting other mom's know that it's a very good possibility that the sonogram could be wrong. Everyone I know has taken the gender on the sonogram as fact.

i don't think that anyone

i don't think that anyone should rely solely on what an ultrasound says anyway, most importantly don't let it detemine the way you shop. I was born in '83, and the times are much more advanced now, but according to my mom, my ultrasound read that i was 2 boys!!! Luckily, she didn't believe in buying clothes until after the birth, b/c much to her surprise, I was one huge, 10lb baby girl. I still think that story is a whopper, but she swears it to be true, so whatever. I feel sorry for this family, but common sense should help them get through this "emotional" time. I mean, u only get two choices... how "emotional" would she be if she got BOTH or went through those nine months to have NOTHING. GOD grants us the gifts he sees fit for us to have, that darling baby is the blessing she was born to be, so what if she was not what all the receipts intend for her to be. My congratulations to the family.

Trust me, I can understand.

Trust me, I can understand. We were told that we would have a boy and ended up with twin girls. surprise!!!!!! Quite the shock but things are great and life goes on.