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Baby recovering after toes chewed off by pit bull

The four-month old baby whose toes were chewed off by a pit bull puppy has been released from the hospital in Jacksonville. The child is now in a therapeutic foster home. The baby boy's mom and her boyfriend are charged with felony child abuse. The couple was sleeping in the same room as the baby a couple weeks ago, when a 12-week-old pit bull they were dog-sitting, chewed off the child's toes. The dog has since been euthanized.

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Ok this is sad all around

Ok this is sad all around for the baby and the pup. I have three children and would never own a dog or dog sit one that has a history of being deadly. If you want a pittbull, rottie any large breed god don't have kids it should be that simple. Due to all the people with they "my dog would never do that" attitude these animals are destint for euthanization. Lets protect our children and the animals.


I have had dogs all my life and this story just does not make since to me. I find it hard to believe that a puppy that young would do this without a reason. How did the puppy get to the baby to begin with? You know the child had to have been crying and yanking his feet a way from the pup. It's an automatic reflex. Seems to me the pup had help or was he just a poor little scapegoat?

Let's Hope

the other children were placed in foster care as well. And, let's hope the Parents are still in custody. These folks might actually make Michael Vick look better in the public eye.


That poor puppy didn't know any better. Sounds to me like the mom and boyfriend should be euthanized. I feel so bad for the baby and I hope they find a good for him/her. What a tragic story:(


The parents should be euthanized!!!!!!!!

Pit bull

They uthanized the wrong animals.