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Back from vacation, LaNasa continues tax vote battle

READ MORE: Back from vacation, LaNasa continues tax vote battle

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It ain't over til it's over! That's the attitude of a defeated new hanover county commission candidate. Justin LaNasa continues fighting the county's new sales tax hike by holding the county to the letter of the law. Though the bickering continues, some county commissioners say they're on track to get the tax enacted by October 1.

The process of getting the quarter-cent sales tax increase enacted has had a bumpy road. Lanasa challenged the vote. The county and state boards of elections dismissed the challenge, but LaNasa say the paperwork telling him that has not been served to him "legally."

"This is the letter that new hanover county commissioners and board of elections said I was served with," LaNasa said of the mail delivered to his house while he was out of town on vacation last week. "I see first class mail here. The process to serve it would be either registered or certified mail or in person, and I have not met anyone in person. This is the only mail I have received, and it is not registered or even certified."

LaNasa says he has spoken out on the sales tax increase because he claims some commissioners, namely Jason Thompson, used illegal tactics to get the tax approved.

"Every day Monday through Friday I'm at the same place," Thompson said. "Please send the SBI, the FBI, the CIA. Just come arrest me if I did something wrong."

Thompson denies the allegations and says the focus should be on getting the paperwork done that would allow the county to start collecting the increase tax October 1 rather than the beginning of the year. If not, Thompson says the county will miss out on the opportunity to cash in on nearly a million dollars during the the holiday shopping season.

"It's vital," Thompson said. "For delay tactics and things like Mr. LaNasa is trying to do, those would hurt every citizen tremendously. A million dollars, that's a big piece of it right there."

LaNasa plans to appeal of the state Board of Elections' dismissal of his challenge in Wake County Superior Court. Thompson said no matter what is being said or done by others, the county has done everything legally to move forward with the tax increase.

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It is too bad you can't be arrested for being a liar, he would be locked away forever. Thompson is much like a used diaper, full of it and smells bad.

Our county is going downhill!

I am throughly upset with our county, I feel our commissioners lie and cheat our community to get what they want. Before the vote they told us it was necessary and if we vote yes then they would not have to raise property taxes. So we listen and vote yes to a sales tax increase, then the very next day they say they are going to up our property taxes anyway. What a crock!!!

Oh about the $900,000 given to the day treatment center that only served 15 kids tops...and now is all of a sudden closing- how about giving it to a organization that is really trying to keep our kids in school and educate our youth!

Thanks Lanasa for standing up for us, I have always voted for you and will continue to0 as long as you keep running for office.


It seems to me that Mr. LaNasa is just doing what the law says he can do. Funny how politicians want to quote you the law until it interfers with what they want.

New Hanover Commissioners Ignore the Law

Obviously, LaNasa was not legally served. Apparently, the five county commissioners don;t care about the law. Their attitude seems to be "to hell with the law" lets do what we want, and if, in the unlikely event someone uses their own money to sue us to decist, we will just spend taxpayer money to defend our illegal effort to shove this down the throats of citizens, most of whom are not paying attention.get f

If that's what's happening here, every one of these corrupt commissioners should be replaced. And we can't put good ole boys like catlin and causey in their place. We need new blood, new commissioners and city council members who respect the law and taxpayers who are past the breaking point!

WWAY--What is the law're stories are confusing and contradictory about the law per serving LaNasa...and the County being able to move forward LEGALLY...