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Background check business is growing for Wilmington-based company

READ MORE: Background check business is growing for Wilmington-based company
Ever wonder who your employer calls when they do a background check? It could be Castle Branch. The Wilmington-based company is the tenth largest employment screening company in the US and they are about to get bigger. Vice President of Castle Branch, Joe Finley said, “We've just continued to expand throughout this space, unfortunately were now at a place where we've run out of room up here.” The company, located at downtown's Cotton Exchange, does background checks for consumers, colleges, lawyers and employers. “With all of that we're just basically providing a background check on an individual that will allow them to get a job or get into school,” said Finley. With a high unemployment rate throughout the country, Finley said Castle Branch provides a timely and valuable service. ”It's important when there's a lot of people out there looking for a job, which is where it is right now, just to help weed out those folks that may not be the right fit for your particular company.” Finley also said that while they were happy with the place downtown, Castle Branch had just grown to the point where they had to branch out. He said the new unique office space will make work fun and hopefully inspire employees. “The design overall is somewhat unique and I think that instills a pretty creative kind of atmosphere.” With the added room, the company plans to double its workforce. “If you have got a great attitude, you've got good energy about you and you're willing to come in and work hard we are going to be able to find a spot for you,” he said. Castle Branch plans to hire more than 100 employees. The starting salary for sales and operations professionals is just under $30,000 a year.

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Questionable Ethics?

In researching this company I found that the CEO of Castlebranch funded a company that runs a gossip website. (Google Castlebranch gossip website for numerous articles) If I am looking for a company to do background checks, I want a company with ethical leadership that will seek the truth, not tear down reputations and profit from potential un-truths about people. Do they use the information from their background checks to keep their gossip site going? Wondering.

that's a different deal

that's a different deal completely - do your homework


top ten in the nation? hahahaha maybe someone should fact check just a little

Not Really

Actually the HRO Today link is not based on volume or employees. It is not totally clear as to EXACTLY how they rank them. Is it a coincidence that the top companies on the list do regular advertising with HRO Today? It was also based on what companies they chose to contact and what companies chose to offer information.

Read Carefully

The key word is "largest" as in, has the most employees. That website you linked is about the volume of orders each individual company completes, not the individual company size. While there may be a correlation between size and order volume, it can't be construed as a direct causation. Furthermore, the data the companies provided on that page was voluntary. A good way to encourage sales is to have yourself listed as the number one in a "study".

Incomplete writing

So where are they moving to? Where's the phone number or email address to contact them about a job? WWAY needs to hire better writers.