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Backlog on tax returns continue

The rough economy is causing tax troubles for North Carolinians. The state is in the midst of a cash flow problem and it is causing a temporary backlog for people waiting on their tax return. Amid the shuffling of state funds to fill a more than three billion dollar budget shortfall, there is a shortage of money to pay those tax returns. State officials said if you are one of the many expecting a state refund, do not worry, you will get it. But instead of taking two weeks, it could take up to six weeks.

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6 weeks and still waiting...

It's been 6 weeks since my state taxes were accepted and I'm still waiting for a refund. I was depending on those taxes to pay off a huge credit card bill, now I'm going to get slammed with interest rates. Thank you Gov!


Bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bahahahahaaaaaaa HAHAHA

Stop using your credit card.


If he reduced his withholding he might be able to pay the card off every month, or at least have cash on-hand to limit credit card use.

I have NEVER understood people who think a refund is some sort of bonanza and the highlight of their year. They're too ignorant to realize that it's THEIR money that they could have used all year.

Far better to have the government waiting on YOUR check!

Please tell me...

you were not counting on the government! Shame on you........

Why are you getting a refund?

Had you reduced your withholding and put the extra money in the bank every month, you'd have the money (plus interest) to pay off your credit card bill.

Do you think the government would give you an interest-free loan? No?

Then why are you giving them one?


Well, as long as I get my refund, I suppose its not that bad to wait. A real pity that we cant charge interest on the state for the delay. Hopefully next year, Obama will fix the tax code and make more fair for us all!


BIGGER GOVERMENT. just wait till the feds have unchecked& unlimitied control over your everyday life.... be thankful you are getting a return. we may be telling our grandchildren about the good old days when we got some of our money back . change has come. becareful what you wish for you just may get it

I don't see that ever

I don't see that ever happening. The only reason why we have refunds is because we pay to much in in the first place. If it get's too bad, people will change their W4 forms and not have as much taken out from their paychecks

NC tax refund troubles

The NCDOR will definitely penalize for the taxpayers tardiness. I owe income taxes even though I only grossed $20k last year. They won't get my money any day sooner than April 15th. It's a shame that they don't have tax breaks for the low, single income with no husband or children except for 1, I did purchase a home last year. What hurt me was the $600 stimulus check I received in July.


How did that stimulus check HURT wasn't taken OFF of your taxes owed or anything like that... JUST WAIT...Obama-lama-ding-dong is letting the Bush tax cuts fall....YOU WILL be paying the higher tax rate with the other middle class SOON...


I EXPECT to not be penalized in the future...when I NEED EXTRA time to pay my taxes OWED....whats good for the goose!

Funny Thing

Funny thing, is that it isnt the government's money in the first place. Government needs to figure out a way to live on a budget...plan for the worse hope for the best. Such a shame to have such educated people behave in such a stupid way. Maybe if the governement was spending 10s of thousands of dollars on food we wouldnt be in the *crisis* we are in. Buckle down Big Brother. Stop spending so much and stop taking so much of MY money.