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Bacon whoopie! Cupcake fans' long wait ends

READ MORE: Bacon whoopie! Cupcake fans' long wait ends

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's long been said that bacon makes everything taste better. Coastal Cupcakes has taken that to whole a new level.

Today, the Wilmington cupcakery served up its bacon cupcake. Fans have counted down on Facebook for this rare treat. It only appears as a special when the demand is high.

The salty and sweet dessert isn't for everyone, but those who love it, can't get enough.

"It is like the best pancake maple syrup side of bacon that you can ever have," bacon cupcake lover Jamie Moncrief said.

In addition to walk-ins, coastal cupcakes prepared six dozen pre-ordered cupcakes. That's a lot for one flavor.

Despite the popularity of the bacon cupcake, it won't be a menu mainstay. Co-owner Kristen Beckmeyer says it needs to stay special.

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People have been combining bacon and sweets for years now. Why is all of this discussion even going on? It is just a cupcake. Eat it or don't eat it.

And to say they "stole" the recipe from another bakery just because they added the same ingredient that the other bakery adds is crazy.

A local donut shop around

A local donut shop around here has maple bacon donuts every day. They are a delicious piece of heaven.

Another bakery gave their recipe on NPR yesterday

Coincidence? I think not.

Cupcake Hate

Shocked to see all the arguing over cupcakes...cmon guys! Cupcakes are supposed to be all about LOVE!

Amazing. They rip off

Amazing. They rip off another company in Wilmington and get a story for it... chocolatebaconlove wins.

I've had both...

I've had both...Coastal's cupcakes win by a mile. And they were cranking out bacon goodness two years before the other guys.


Gosh, sounds like someone is jealous....I assume the reason the television station ran the story was because of the "viral" nature of Coastal Cupcakes product - sounds like half the people in Wilmington were talking about these cupcakes on Facebook this week. Maybe if the "other" company had a good enough product, the locals would beat a path to their door...And I assume everyone who fries shrimp in this town is also guilty of stealing each other's recipes? It's a freekin' cupcake people - not the latest Apple computer or copyrighted trade secret....lighten up!

Do we have enough fat people

Do we have enough fat people in this country yet??????

They are the BEST

They are the BEST cupcakes..EVER!


Thay have to stay special because it's completely illegal for them to serve or sell those! They are under the USDA not the Health Dept and therefore are not allowed to serve any kind of meat. Period.

Who frosted your cupcakes?

You, Miss Piggy, have no understanding of the New Hanover County Health Dept code if you are suggesting the USDA is responsible for overseeing the preparation, cooking and delivery of food stuffs in local restaurants. And, you'll note in the video, the bacon was pre-cooked and removed from a separate bag before it was placed on the cupcakes...nothing illegal about that, 'cause restaurants use pre-cooked bacon all the time. Illegal to use pork in North Carolina? Try saying that about a bbq joint...

They obviously have a great product, as seen by the numerous pre-orders and viral nature in which their customer's seek out their cupcakes. And it sounds like petty jealousy to suggest they "stole" the idea from another cupcake baker in town. Really? A copyrighted cupcake? Next you'll be suggesting that all the local seafood restaurants are stealing each other's fried shrimp recipes.

It's a fun, uplifting story about a couple of your women who are successfully operating a bakery in tough economic times...why all the hate?

Puh, leeeeeze!


Miss Piggy, You are

Miss Piggy,
You are obviously not familiar with the codes enforced by the New Hanover County Health department...and the USDA is only responsible for food products before they are turned to market. Wow, why all the ignorance? They have a county health inspection sign posted right there in the store - and that's worthy of a PERIOD.


You got some 'splaining to do lady.

What are you talking about? It sounds like you're saying that a bakery is under a different set of rules than other food servers, but that doesn't take into account coffee shops that serve breakfast or restaurants that serve pies, cakes, and similar desserts.

What ARE you talking about?

Oh, and what's up with the "Period"? Is that like the final word and you're right and nothing else?

i just like bacon

i just like bacon

That's what !

Yes, it is the final word. I work for the enforcement arm of the USDA and our jurisdiction does not include any meat products, especially those of the smoked or cured variety. This bakery is actually a deli or worse, operating in disguise. They disgust me. Period. Period.

Sounds like Miss Piggy has

Sounds like Miss Piggy has been dippin' into the sauce.

Hat's off to the ladies at Coastal Cupcakes - brilliant entrepreneurs who perfected an awesome concept that took the foodies of Wilmington by storm.

Dear Miss Piggy, I own a

Dear Miss Piggy, I own a bakery, and I'm regulated by the USDA. I also serve soup and sandwiches, yes meat sandwiches. Some of my bakery items also have bacon and other types of meat in them. So whoever told you that garbage about the USDA and not being able to serve meat is wrong on many levels, and they obviously have no clue what they are talking about. "Period" LOL.

I hate to be a buzz kill....

I am a former restaurant / bakery owner from a rural area in NC. I was inspected by our local health department and they did sign off on my entire operation since both operations were combined in a single kitchen. Legally, my baking operation should have been inspected by USDA if I were to have followed the letter of the law to the fullest extent.... There are areas in NC where many times enforement is lax on some laws... Im not saying it's right or wrong, but that's how it is....