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Bad news for New Hanover County drivers...

WILMINGTON -- As we look toward the future a major concern among residents is traffic. And according to new statistics the news isn't good for New Hanover County drivers. This is the eighth consecutive year New Hanover County has been rated the state's most dangerous county to drive in. And as more and more people move here, officials say this may not change any time soon. The statistics released today by AAA say New Hanover County has more accidents per miles driven than any of the state's 100 counties. Deputy Chief of Police David Conklin says this is because we are a small county with a lot of drivers. He says many people get in accidents simply because they're not paying attention, or they're not familiar with the roads. And as the area continues to grow, so will these issues. Conklin said, "While I don't foresee us turning into a northern Virginia, or New York City or major places like that, I do see us becoming more inconvenienced by traffic." Conklin says the police department has asked the department of transportation for more signs to help people figure out where they're going. A spokesman for the DOT says it is open to discuss these issues further with Wilmington, and New Hanover County. The DOT also points out that even though New Hanover has a lot of accidents, most are just fender-benders.

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You can't blame LEO for the

You can't blame LEO for the problems. There are not enough LEO to effectively control traffic. The traffic patterns are also a huge problem. But the biggest problem are the drivers themselves. They don't leave home in a timely manner so they have to drive aggressively to get where they want to go. I would love to see more CnR tickets issued


No one in the article blamed LEOs and what are CnR tickets? We have to drive "agressively" to get around slow moving nimrods in the fast lane or the "ole" slow movers riding next to each other. I enjoy calling it the Wilmington weave. You are the biggest problem. Leave home in a timely manner and go live somewhere else. I believe the Amish still drive buggies pulled by horses. Maybe you should go live there. Oh, and let's use LEOs to fight CRIME like we are paying them to.

For the record Mr America, I

For the record Mr America, I drive 9 over the speed limit almost all the time. I also tailgate those that drive under the speed limit in the left lane. But if the speed limit is 35 nobody has a right to get mad at a person for driving 35 in the left lane and they shouldn't tailgate that person. It might be aggrevating, but they are abiding by the law and aren't doing anything wrong. I still get upset with those people but they are still in the right. As far as I'm concerned, if the speed limit is 35 and someone is driving 65 in the left lane and I come up behind them driving 90 they should move over.


CnR= Carless and reckless Yep, I still enjoy being behind somebody that can't figure out slower traffic keep right. The only one better is the moving road block. Watch slow drivers get pulled


My husband got pulled on College road last week for doing 46 in a 45. He was told he was going to slow....the officer said he wasn't telling him to speed, but to move over and let everyone else by. I thought this was a waste of blue lights and his time. He was in the lane he had to be in to turn from to go to work. Sorry, but it looks like the public officials are the ones to blame for the high accident rates and sorry roads.

Speeding Is Breaking The Law

It can be a comedy show if put in the right perspective. Some "gotta be in front of you" lunitic who is speeding, weaving and tailgating usually gets nowhere. Traffic light to traffic light, the same idiot is there waiting. Not trying to throw off on the police but there appears to be a lack of enforcement. I'm sure they are tied up doing other duties. Poorly planned highways seem to contribute to the fustration levels of those who cannot control their emotions. Maybe someday the DOT will focus on building overpasses and senseable highways rather that planting black eyed susans, crepe myrtles and bradford pears along I-40. In conclusion, lets break every traffic law we know and then turn around and criticize illegal aliens for not obeying our laws.

I've only been here a few

I've only been here a few months, but it didn't take me long to realize that Wilm def needs more overpasses. Also, it seems that turning lanes should be longer. I often find myself backing up traffic in the left lane waiting to get into the left turning lane.

We are # 1

Hey! We're #1. All others are #2 or lower. Seems odd that the County with the highest tax burden (and no Mayor Saffo and County Commisioners, I didn't mean or say property tax rate... I said overall tax burden and you know the difference) would have such poorly planned, poorly paved, poorly lighted, poorly signed roads with no shoulders causing the highest accident rate in the State. Especcaly when the State of NC is operating with a budget surplus. Just spent how much money on the "Monkey Junction" intersection and it's still not straight and has no overhead lights! Have you all ever heard of an overpass? Have the NHCSD make the recomendations to NCDOT for overpasses the bridge and road widening... LIKE WE'RE PAYING THEM FOR.

right of way

Maybe you should do a story about the Right Of Ways, and how people shouldn't wave people through them. This gives people a misconception of what the right of ways are and now that people have been doing this for so long, I believe that some do not remember the correct Right of Ways. It may seem like a nice thing to do but it would save so many wrecks if people did not wave people to turn when there are other cars comming in the other lane. Such a nice gesture can create accidents!

right of way

I totally agree with you on "waving people through". Although the person waiting to turn left may get frustrated...think about how frustrating it would be if they got t-boned and the other cars that would be damaged. People are so stupid to do that. I pull up and just shrug and say "SORRY". I'm not causing an accident today.


It isn't that people don't know where they are going that is the problem. It is how long it takes them to get there. People haven't learned to leave their house early enough to get to where they are going. In thus, people ride your butt and switch lanes like crazy. They also don't use their signals, or they are passing you in a right hand lane that is going to end in less than 5 feet. Which causes angry aggressive drivers, that guess what aren't teenagers!!! It is the more supposed experienced drivers. I have the pleasure of having to drive on Oleander every day to get to the downtown area at five pm. and it is the most horrible experience of my whole day. Plus guess what there is never a police officer in that facinity at that time of day. I wish this town would have used some common sense and built this town with a highway that ran right through with access roads off to the sides.

Insane in Wilmington

Yes, that's what we need is a police officer in the "facinity" when you intentionaly drive real slow down Oleander everyday at 5pm. Brilliant. If only you could teach "people to leave their house early enough to get to where they are going."