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Bailiff under custody after alleged assault accusations

READ MORE: Bailiff under custody after alleged assault accusations
A former New Hanover County bailiff is now in the custody of the Sheriff's department. He's accused of assaulting his estranged wife, a domestic violence detective with the Wilmington Police Department. Nicholas Dillon fled the scene early Sunday morning, but told WWAY Monday, he planned to turn himself in. Nicholas Dillon worked part-time for the New Hanover County Sheriff's department. Working as a bailiff at the county court house. Police said he was well aware of the laws he allegedly broke. Sargeant John Keel said, "It gives us a bad name, it gives us a black eye. Because we are supposed to uphold the law and protect the public, so when things like this happen it gives us a bad name." Dillon fled the Willows subdivision in Leland, after allegedly assaulting his estranged wife Adrienne Dillon. Turns out, she is a Domestic Violence Detective at Wilmington Police Department. Working hand in hand with victims. Sources said the two are legally married, but recently separated. We spoke with Dillon on the phone Monday morning. All he would say is that there are two sides to this story. "It is a domestic, which is one of the more severe misdeameanor charges. And he is law enforcement too," said Keel. Dillon won't face any additional charges because he is a member of law enforcement. But he was terminated from the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department almost immediately after Sheriff McMahon got word of what happened. He told us he has a zero tolerance level for any type of domestic violence. Now that Dillon is in the custody of the Sheriff's department, it is up to law enforcement to protect the alleged victim. The Wilmington Police Department will not comment on the case until charges have been filed.

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no justice

My ex took a protective order out on me four years ago so she could CONTROL me. I have been found not guilty every time she rings me up. And then to top it all off, when it comes time to renew it, Blackmore does it. This last time for two years. How come when the ex says I did something and I'm found not guilty, why isn't the ex charged with purjury ? The last time in the court room I tried to tell the judge about being found not guilty, she told me if I didn't be quiet she was going to me charge with contempt of court. Like I said, no justice for the men !!!

Dillon vs. Dillon

Has anybody seen the pics of of the former deputy from where the domestic violence detective hit him??? I have and i guarantee that if you saw them you would know without a doubt that this man did not just assault this woman without provocation. Also funny how the news never mentions how intoxicated the victim was or the fact that the deputy was struck numerous times, resulting in substantial injuries to his face. Once again our local media has portrayed someone as being a monster when the media doesnt even know the real story. Just remember folks...there are always two sides to every story.


Just wondering if the presumption of innocence is still around. Not saying he didn't do it, but he is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Sounds like that's not the case here. So in theory, just a complaint of domestic violence is enough to be fired, or terminated without due process, ruining a persons life without a hearing. And that's the way it is.


Why would he run if he was so innocent?? If he was the one being beat on...why wouldn't he have stayed at the scene?? Armed and dangerous...that's how he was listed in one of the first articles. Use some common sense people.....

Zero Tolerance Policy

This abuse/assault could have been mutual, thus "alleged." No investigation, no probable cause afforded (as written by this article). What good is the bailiff's day in court if he's already convicted by the Sheriff and lost his job. What if the wife initiated the violence and he was defending her attack? Men are being arrested for crimes of women attacking males and females. The courts, law enforcement and judges are paid to arrest males only - NO JUSTICE. Zero tolerance got me arrested. Jury trial proved me innocent and the female a liar. She was never charged for perjury or making false statements. NEVER FORGET DUKE UNIVERSITY ! ! !

What did SHE do?

While I agree that these domestic violence cases are slanted against men from the forefront. It is usually the case where the man is stronger and more powerful than the woman. ANYONE that displays signs of injury during a domestic violence call can have the other arrested...male or female. Most men do not do that...most women do. Regardless of who initiates a confrontation in a domestic violence situation, it is always adivisable for the male to simply turn away and leave the scene. With all of the atrocities that are considered acceptable behavior in todays American society, beating on a woman isn't one of them, no matter what she did.


There ARE two sides to every story. Funny how everyone just naturally assumes he was the agressive party. She is in law enforcement too. So, WHO was injured? Where are they pictures of her?


This man is a coward. He's such a BIG MAN hitting a girl. Low life!


Maybe it's just me but this guy doesn't look like that BIG of a guy...also if the woman was in law enforcement she was probably a pretty tough person herself. Don't judge til you know both sides of the story. Men are victim to Domestic Violence EVERYDAY! It usually just doesn't get the publicity when it is a man. Oh and by the way, I am a female!!!

coward day you may get caught in an unfortunate situation where no one believes you and what really happened...karma

Does the guy get his day in court?

Before convicted in the court of sherriff's opinion, or is that too "legaleze" for New Hanover County?

Conviction not needed

The sheriff can fire you if he doesn't like the way you part your hair. All employees serve at his pleasure. Under NC law (and many other states) he is the highest elected official in the county.

Doesn't matter

He doesn't have to have a day in court. When you work at the Sheriff's department you work for the pleasure of the Sheriff. He has the power to hire and fire at will with or without cause. Ever notice when a new Sheriff is elected usually the top levels of management are replaced?

No one has that right in a government agency...

they are beholden to the same labor laws everyone else is! You are talking about the regular "changing of the guard" that happens because of elections. Why do think the Superintendent of Leyland schools got into so much hot water?


Uhmm.. You don't know the laws apparently... Look back at when Carson in Pender fired the lady for doing the deed outside of wedlock.. It went to the highest court in NC... Guess what... The Sheriff can hire and fire at will for whatever reason.. Deputies may be paid by the county, but make no mistake about it... in NC... the WORK for the Sheriff, and a Sheriff in NC can hire and fire at will without reason or justification.. THAT... is the law...

Sheriff's Deputies...

do not have Civil Service protection and are at-will employees of the Sheriff. He/She can terminate the employment of a deputy without cause/reason at any time.

Doesn't apply

No, the same labor laws of employment don't apply to the sheriff. They can fire and hire at will. What does Leyland(?) schools have to do with this story?

Check again

In all 100 counties in North Carolina all deputies work at the pleasure of the Sherrif. He/she can hire and fire at will. There is no civil service protection. You are talking apples and oranges. The Leland school system isn't part of the Sheriff's department. Terms of Employment: The Office of Sheriff is the oldest public office in the United States. The Sheriff and his employees subscribe to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. Therefore they must hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct than other law enforcement officers and the general public. Sheriff’s employees answer to the Sheriff through an established chain-of-command. The Sheriff is a Constitutional Officer and the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County. He is civilly responsible for the acts, commissions and omissions of his employees. Employment by the Sheriff is a political appointment and service is at the will and pleasure of the Sheriff.