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Ban on smoking moves to governor's desk

A bill that bans smoking in bars and restaurant in our state is on its way to the governor's desk. Today, the State House voted 62-56 to approve changes adopted in the State Senate. More than 30 states have already passed similar restrictions. The legislation was backed by health advocates, and opposed by lawmakers from areas were tobacco-growing and cigarette factories are big employers. North Carolina is the biggest tobacco- producing state in the country.

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smoking ban

Just what we need, more nanny state government intruding into every facet of our lives. What's next ?

Wonderful news!

I think it's great that the State has finally banned smoking in bars and restaurants. When bar and restaurant owners are endangering the lives of innocent people by allowing these filthy smokers to poison the air, the government MUST act! And we did it! I think the government should now start working on banning smoking from people's homes. With the soda tax on the way, this is a great victory for our New Society!

smoking ban

I fell that it should be up to the owner of the bar or restaurant NOT big government again making the rules. The owner is the one paying the taxes on his business. If people didn't like the smoking restaurants or bars they don't have to go there. The owner should have the choice. PS I don't smoke and never have but I know one thing we don't need government running our businesses.

nonsmoker rights?

and what about those individuals who have severe asmatha or who are on oxygen--they can't be around smoke at all or they go into an attack. Should these people suffer because they cannot go to restaurants and bars they enjoy because some rude smokers can't step outside to smoke? I'm so excited to be able to take my friend (who is oxygen) to some of my favorite restaurants (and not have to place a to go order for him to eat at home)--he can have a social life again!

Thank Goodness, it's about time....

Almost free from that nasty smoke inside places, life will be better.............


Finally...Of all the problems that are in Raleigh, this one is a "breath of fresh air"!!!!!