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Bank foreclosed on Sellers' house

There is new information regarding a Brunswick County couple charged with burning down a home they owned on South Navassa Road. According to the Brunswick County clerk, the bank foreclosed on 149 South Navassa Road back in 2004. That foreclosure was eventually dismissed. Archie and Shelia Sellers are charged with second-degree arson and conspiracy after the property caught fire in November.

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LOL..'s NOT illegal to burn YOUR house down...the issue comes when you try to get insurance payment for the damage....they just took it to far :)


Yes it is. They didn't OWN the house. Technically the bank did.

If this is news

Too bad people are not getting the real news story. Like why the press is hiding the details of the financial package stimulus bill that is under debate in Washington. Right now it is all about the Dems fighting to see who they can can pay off with pork for getting their team in the in zone this time around. How much is really stimulus? Tax you to find out later. If was all that great and stuff then they would be parading it around in public, but instead it is being kept secret. Like Obama is going to pay your heating bills and stuff. You pay the taxes that he takes to do that in the first place. Silly undemocrats. Feb is better than Black history month now, a who new generation of stupid slaves. And yeah, I'm black but not stupid.

Thought you would not get Caught??!!

Guess they thought that there was not a fire investigator in Brunswick County. How stupid can people be these days to think that they can get away with arson and not get caught. A lot of good arson investigators out there today that get a solid conviction rate. Hope they enjoy prison life


Tax payers be ready; they get three squares, a bed, and don't have to work and pay taxes on the space they are taking up. Sounds like a plan to me. IMO, inmates should work and the money that they "make" should go back into the system to pay for the overhead. Hmm, theres a thought.


Please keep your negative comments to your self. If only you knew what this special family has been through. I'll pray for you and hope that you get a life.


Please be stll my beating heart... they brought this stupid thing on themselves... man talk about bleeding hearts....

in order for your heart to

in order for your heart to be still you have to have one...everybody always believes what they read and hear including me, but not this time, because i read the court documents their is no evidence against this couple why dont you read before you leap i will pray 4 your heart to start back beating


Thanks a lot for your positive support.

Grow up loser....seriously.

Grow up loser....seriously.