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UPDATE: Police catch suspected bank robber

Police say they have found the person responsible for robbing the Waccamaw Bank in Shallotte. The hold-up happened just before four Tuesday afternoon at the bank on Main Street. Shallotte Middle School was on lock-down for about ten minutes right after the robbery. The suspect took off on foot and was apprehended about an hour later.

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Good job to everyone. Chief Gause is doing what he can to run a department that has experienced recent problems. If Eric King is running his mouth, FIRE HIM. Mr. Kings crediability is not good. He should appreciate Rodney giving him his job back after he went to the sheriffs office. If you got problems with Chief Gause, go to him. If not, go to his boss the town administrator. Dont use this website to try and bring down the entire department.


Dear Guest HB, Apparently you have not been reading the post or do not understand english. Going to Shallotte PD or the Administration is a no go, there not there. Now let me say this Shallotte has some very fine officers, but as many know they have a few including the chief who need to go and go now. In regards to Eric King, seems that people are only writing what a Shallotte Police officer is telling them about Rodney. So if you are angry, go talk to Eric and let him know that you do not want him talking his own department down. One would think he should know better.


Well, go to the Town Board. If your concerns are valid something would be done. If that dont work, go to the attorney general of SBI. IF nothing is done at those levels, your concerns must not be valid. Someone will take action if you can substantiate your claims. So get with it. If there are valid problems, I think something should be done. By the way, my english is not the issue here, stick to the issues and be professional.

One more thing about Shallotte PD

Guest HB, One thing more about Shallotte PD. They are being talked about for a reason. Read the posts and you will realize that there is more then just one reason.


ok, it appears that Rodney Gause spends more time playing golf rather than working, I called his office twice last week, just to find out of he was in, and of course the person that answered the phone said he was out, but my question is, out where? I have been reading the comments posted here about rodney and decided to check into things for myself..i also called town hall and they did not know where he was. so who does rodney answer to? in an earler post, someone said that he drove a black durango with tinted windows.... so i also have been driving by the police dept and never see it there, so again where is rodney, do we need to file a missing person case for him?? COME ON SHALLOTTE, LETS GET A NEW CHIEF, SO HE CAN GO PLAY BASEBALL......MY GOD, MR. MAYOR PLEASE WAKE UP

Rodney Gause

Just curious, did anyone offer to have him call you back? That would have been the professional thing to do. Did anyone at the Town Hall seem concerned that he is no where to be found? Next time you need him I suggest look at the local building supply store, he most likely looking for a tarp to cover his butt.


do not think that anyone is saying that Rodney does not help kids play softball, I think the question is who is paying for it. I think it’s wonderful that he gave your son tips that helped him, most coaches will do that. The problem I believe that most of the community has is simply whos time is he on. If you look back at the post the questions are about duties that he is asking on duty officers to do, while we are paying the bill. That is a problem. Now that being said many keep talking about what Eric King is saying about Chief Gause, maybe someone should find out why Eric is telling lies about the chief? Someone said that he had something over Chief, then like someone said, put up or shut up. I guess what I’m trying to get at is people want answers.

After reading the last

After reading the last comment about Rodney Gause and Eric King.I think that person should go back to school and take English all over again.

Eric King and Rodney

Sam, Will correct english make these two better cops? I think not. Before you critize anyone about english, I suggest you go back and take an ethics class. My improper use of the english language is far less a crime then the behavior of these men.

I own a business in

I own a business in Shallotte and witnessed several law enforcement agencies working together to apprehend this bank robber. I also worked in a bank for several years and know how unusual it is for a bank robber to actually be caught. I have always found Cheif Gause and all of his officers to be very professional and applaud them and the other agencies involved for a job well done.

sheriff dept


Please, learn how to spell!!

Please, learn how to spell!! It's Ronald Hewett and Rodney Gause did immediately lock down schools. Nobody is perfect are you?

great job

GREAT JOB SHERIFF'S DEPT AND OCEAN ISLE!!!!!!! GREAT JOB SHERIFF HEWETT!!!!! anyone have a update on the grand jury thing about the sheriff?

Awesome work

Great job. Brunswick County Sheriffs office, Shallotte Police Dept., Ocean Isle Beach Police Dept., Holden Beach Police Dept., Wildlife, Highway Patrol and SABLE 1 & SABLE 2 did a AWESOME job. You all responded in the time of duty and all went home safe with the robber sitting in the back of a squad car heading to shallotte to be processed. Everyone preformed well. We all should be proud that our county law enforcement units maintain without fail during their call to duty. GOD BLESS OUR EMERGENCY SERVICES TO INCULDED POLICE, FIRE, RESCUE, EMS AND THE SHERIFFS OFFICES.

Shallotte PD

Good decision to lock down the school. Nice to see Shallotte PD on their toes.

the shallotte office does a

the shallotte office does a great job.the only thing that i dont like is the fact that crime is 24 hours a day. and the shallotte office closes around 6:00 pm all thought they do keep two police cars on duty. their is never any one at the office. makes it real hard for some one to reach the police in shallotte if some one has a problem.

just wait

im sure in abought 5 more years there will be a need for the office to be 24 hours.but we all know that this place is a ghost town after dark.but the growth of the people is booming for real. and if you need some one after 6:00 pm call 911. im sure they will help you. as for mr king I know him well. I find him to be a fare man. and a great officer. He dose his job.they all do a great job. allthough i was mad at ronalds son.for treating me like dirt when i went to see his father.for some help. my father had just died feb. 15 2007 my grandmother was on her death bed.and her son was robbing her blind.and now she is dead to. I whent to ronald to see what i could do. and his son told me to get off their land. wouldnt hear what i had to say.said he would give me 3 seconds or else.people dont have to be such an ass abought things. ive been friends with ronald sence high school.he to has all ways been a fare person. and a hard worker. so what if he likes the camra. big deal. but he should have taught his son some manners. he is nothen like his much of a hot head.keep an eye on that one. but as fare as i can remember. ronald would never do any thing dishounest. that one has allways been true blue. i cant speak for his fellow officers because i dont know them.and im sure he does the best he can at screaning them. but just like every where else in this world their are crooked cops. there is nothen new abought that.