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Bank robbery suspect

The Wilmington Police Department has released photos of the man who robbed the Bank of America on Market Street yesterday. The incident happened around 5:00 PM, and bank cameras were able to snap photos of the suspect. Witnesses say the man displayed a knife and demanded money. He then took off with the cash on his bicycle. The robber is a tall black male, approximately 25-30 years of age, who was wearing a dark ball cap. Police believe it could be the same man who robbed that bank on August 20, 2008. If you have any information, call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3600.

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"If you have any

"If you have any information, call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3600".'s some info for the police: *The robber is a tall black male, approximately 25-30 years of age, who was wearing a dark ball cap. He has a high speed bicycle which he uses as an extremely fast getaway tool which is most effective in Wilmington for bank robberies. Whether the bike is 10 speed or not has yet to be determined*. Now go get 'em!!! Come on folks...a bicycle getaway and robbing a bank teller by knife? Maybe the glass wasn't knife proof. This world is slipping day by day into a situation of "no hope" that has no end. Next you'll hear that a bank robber hitch hiked a ride in front of the bank after they just robbed it by telling the teller "give me the money or I'll spit on you"...Why Not???? This is the port city you know. Whatever happen to security guards in banks? What's that you say...none due to cut backs????????? Remember...FDIC!

It seems to me that robbing

It seems to me that robbing a bank on bicycle is not rational. It could very well be someone who wants to buy drugs. It wont surprise me if someone drops a dime on him when they recognize his shirt.


hmmm... I hope someone called the fashion police as well......

bank robbery 7th & Market St

Why are tellers giving money to robbers when they're behind bullet proof glass?

why give them money?

We are trained as bank employees to do exactly what a robber tells you. You comply or you could die! You don't know if they have a gun on them or not. They may try to rob you with a knife and have a gun as a back up plan in case you don't do what they want you to do. Also, robbery with a gun carries more time than with a knife. I have always said if I were to be robbed at work I would give the robber exactly what they want. If they want the freaking rolled pennies they can have them just don't hurt me or my employees. They money is insured and can be replaced. The lives of my employees are irreplacable! I am sure any sane minded person would agree.

It is indeed unfortunate...

....that you are not trained to fire a concealed, counter-mounted shotgun into the midsection of these criminals....but as long as corporate Anerica's fear of litigation overwhelms their desire to do what is right, we'll keep caving in to them. Relying upon insurance instead of addressing the problem directly is indicative of what is wrong with our society. The government's weak, ineffective deterrents won't stop them and the corporations won't stop them, either. So we just accept armed bank robbers as a fact of life, like mosquitoes and hurricanes? What we need is to put armed personnel back into banks. We need to put first offense armed robbers away for twenty-five years. What we need most of all is to stop being such pansies.

exactly come on they we

exactly come on they we protected by the glass...i sometimes think that some of these robberies are staged

Because not all employees

Because not all employees are behind the glass and if you don't comply with their demands you put your co-workers in more danger.

bulletproof glass nothing.

bulletproof glass nothing. didnt the story say he displayed a knife. I get robed at knife point i would throw a trashcan at him or something. And seriously who uses a bike for a get away. motorbike i hope. Go outside and catch up to him and push him off the bike. Or is the bank on top of a hill ???

bank robbery

That was exactly what I was thinking.