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Bar employees recovering after stabbing

Two Wilmington bar employees are recovering, after a violent dispute with bar patrons. Charles Hudson, Joshua Gregory, and Dustin Walsh were asked to leave Firebelly Lounge early Wednesday morning for being disruptive. They returned to the bar a short time later. That was when they got into an altercation with two employees, including a bartender, and stabbed them. The three men are facing charges of inflicting serious injury and assault with a deadly weapon. One of the injured employees was back to work today. Firebelly's attorney said he won't comment because there is a criminal investigation pending.

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Why is Josh smiling? Was he that tanked?

ok i heard that these guys

ok i heard that these guys were just at the bar trying to have a good time, then they saw the bartenders harassing a young girl and tried to stop them. the bartenders then threw them out just for trying to help that poor girl out, and they decide to go back and talk to the owner and complain about how their bartenders kicked them out and how they harass woman. i also heard that it was just a big fight, and that the bartenders are just afraid to admit that they got beat up by some kids

Any Updates to this story?

Any updates to this story?

Do you always believe

Do you always believe everything you hear?? Anytime something like this happens, rumors start flying immediately. There are always at least 2 sides to every story....

Ok, you seem to know it all

Being beaten up is not the same thing as being stabbed. "Kids" is correct, you can add felon to it soon. Learn to write.

The charges are not serious enough.

Inflicting serious injury with a deadly weapon is only a class E felony 30 years max if convicted. The charges should be assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill, and inflicting serious injury. This is a class C felony max 50 years to life if convicted. Unless they are going to plea guilty to the class E felony they should face the class E felony. They should stay in prison for 10 years before going on parole only if both victims recovers guickly 100%.

Where were the bouncers.

Where were the bouncers. Bouncers need to stay until all work is finished and everyone leaves to go home. You have no bouncers? In the bar business that is very dumb. Another option. The Marines that get treated so badly; let them stay around until after closing and see if anyone gets stabbed.

Hey, I know what we can do

Hey, I know what we can do for fun. Lets DRIVE back to the bar DRUNK and stab them dudes for making us leave early. How Stupid!!!!!! Here, have another drink!!!!!!

not old enought

I don't think any of the three are old enough to legally drink. There goes that excuse so they must just be stupid

I was wrong

Two of these punks are old enough to drink. I still stand by the "they must be stupid" comment.


This is the very reason I quit going to bars downtown. Students are so hostile here. Ban the military from bars? Ban the students that have never had no said to them. Spoiled rotten brats.

Yep....You said it !!!

From my interactions, the Marines are much more well-mannered than the typical spoiled college kids of today. They have been handed everything, earned nothing, and don't know the meaning of the word NO. The "me" generation in it's finest example in this particular case. There are a lot of good college kids, and a lot of good Marines, but these three knuckle-heads need to go!!!


to McDonalds, May I take your order please... Better learn the phrase cause your college education...just got RUINED by your OWN STUPIDITY!


These 3 are worthless to our society. If they get this violent over a petty disagreement, they will also murder and rape. Solution: our prisons and jails need to be UNFRIENDLY PLACES. Not this country club lifestyle that inmates are used to now. I'm talking no a/c, forced labor, and bread and water for all inmates convicted of violent crimes! There needs to be more deterrants to crime such as HARSH,UNPLEASANT conditions in our institutions of punishment.

It was not a petty

It was not a petty disagreement, once again you need to realise you do not know the case and all of its details. The indiviuals I am sure would not murder or rape, so these comments are highly contencious and are not valid here. But I am sure you are completely perfect and have made no mistakes before so you would not understand what I am saying

Unles you know these people

Unles you know these people personally, I suggest you do not say such slanderous comments. You do not know the facts of the case. The young girl was in need of help due to the barman, and her friends stood up for her, or be it in a manner not correct. Until you know everything, maybe you should think before you type

Ah....isn't booze wonderful....?

They left the bar, then came back and started stabbing people? Yessir! Alcohol - the ultimate lubricant to make sure judgment slides right out the window!

they got the short end of the stick

I know one of these young men and I know he would never do such a thing. Neither of them were reported as being in posession of any kind of weapon and these charges are false. Both bartenders were under the influence as well so that obvioulsy didn't help the situation.

If you know one of them....

...please ask him for all of us, "Hey Einstein - why in the world did you go BACK to a bar after you had been evicted?" Yeah...that wasn't LOOKING for trouble, was it?

I know two of these young

I know two of these young adults and know how blown out of proportion the bouncers made this. Neither of the two would ever contemplate assault with a deadly weapon. They too were also intoxicated and wre looking for violence. There are two sides to every story, which is what many people seem to be forgetting