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Barack Obama's comparisons to Abraham Lincoln

READ MORE: Barack Obama's comparisons to Abraham Lincoln
As Barack Obama gets ready to take the presidential oath of office, there have been many comparisons of him to Abraham Lincoln. But around here, it may be good if the new president's inaugural address has a much different impact than Lincoln's. On March 4th, 1861, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of the United States amid tight security; threats to his safety common in the political turmoil of the day. The Bible where Lincoln placed his hand to take the oath, so long a museum piece, today is again the basis of promise for a Commander-in-Chief. Barack Obama has paid much homage to the earlier gentleman from Illinois as he prepares to move into the Oval Office. Even the new president's inaugural lunch, pheasant, ducks and apple cinnamon sponge cake, is designed to honor Lincoln; born 200 years ago next month. But the measure of every president's swearing in is his inaugural address. Compared to the countless masses crowding the area in front of the West Front of the US Capitol to hear Obama, Lincoln spoke of maintaining the union to a relatively modest 25,000 on the unfinished capitol's east side. Lincoln ended his speech by saying, "The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." The speech was received with mixed reactions, mainly negative in the south. Two days after Lincoln took office, the New York Times reported on the reception of his address around the country, including Raleigh, where "The inaugural was favorably received by the unionists. The disunionists are dissatisfied with it." In Goldsboro, The Times reported, "The inaugural was received at this place and throughout this section with indignation." But in Wilmington, "So far as known, most of the contents are satisfactorily received." So why the difference in opinion in the Port City? A correction in the times on March 9th cleared things up. "The dispatch hence the 5th was incorrectly telegraphed. It should have read, so far as known most of the contents of the inaugural are unsatisfactorily received" Some times even the paper of record makes a mistake.

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The comparisons continue...

The comparisons continue... Lincoln freed the slaves from the greed of free labor. Obama now faces the challenge of freeing the people to corporate bail outs which will enslave Americans to an unsurmantable debt to be paid. Will we be freed or enslaved? In respect to comparisons it will remain to be seen as to what will be rememebred as Obamas legacy.


My take on obama is. That he will do good for this country. What has bush does for this country except ruin it and destroy it. Obama will get us out of this mess we are in. Plain and simply. And yes he is the first black president. And it's history. And i am a white supporter of his and i back him up 100%


Your grammar explains it all. You didn't even need to tell us you were an Obama supporter.

Obama Supports

All of you Obama supporters will be eating your words soon! You think because he is HALF black that he will change this nation and fix "the mess Bush made". Wait until he changes all he preached about in his debates and these promises he made. You all will be sorry for the pedestal you put him up on. No 1 person can make the country a mess and no 1 person can come in and change it. The color of his skin made him a part of history, but years down the road I will laugh at the messes he made part of history!

I am an Obama supporter and

I am an Obama supporter and I am hopeful for the future. I actually help put Bush into office the first time and I respect him as our former president. I am also very proud of our country for looking past the skin color and voting in a multi-racial man into office. I am going to support Obama, and if McCain had won I would have supported him as well. Our country is in a mess, people are losing their jobs, their homes, education funding is being cut, our troops are at war. I think we need a change and I will not be sorry for voting him in. I know Obama will make decisions that I won't agree with, but nevertheless he is still the President,and he needs the people of the United States to come together. He speaks of unity and helping each other. Why would you consider laughing at the mistakes he will probably make? Do you want to live in a better world? He is not claiming to fix everything, he is giving the people of this country ownership and responsibility to this country better than it has been. How are you going to help?


This is a wonderful commentary. I did not care for Bush in the least, but he was the President and I respect the office and anyone who holds it. Likewise, I voted for Obama, I know he is going to make decisions I don't care for and already has in regards to the pomp of the inauguration but that's life. No one can make everyone happy. He is the President and I respect him and think we should all at least do that and try to give him a fair chance, left or right. Bottom line, I'm sick of politicians, including Obama, saying they speak for the American People. They typically speak for half...their half. Again, let's all try to give him a chance


Of course he's calling for unity. We're going to hear that word often. That will likely be the the mind-numbing drug (and lubricant) to make what he is about to do to successful, productive Americans easier. We'll see our taxes raised by thousands while the sponges that are sucking the system dry see no changes to their irresponsible lifestyle at all. Let's face it - for the last fifty years we have structured a government that financially rewards irresponsible breeding and behavior, and shields the poor from the true effects of poverty. Take a look at poverty around the world and then show me an American TANF recipient without cable TV and a cellular phone. If we want unity in this nation, then let's start treating every single American equally, and stop penalizing those who manage their lives responsibly to achieve some level of success. With the upper 50% of wage earners paying 97% of all personal income taxes, equal treatment under law is quite obviously a joke! Increase my taxes to pay down the national debt and I'll hate it, but I'll understand it. However, when you tell me that you're going to increase my taxes and hand the money over to someone else in the form of increased EIC or paying for their healthcare, then you can well guess where President Obama or any other politician can place a call for "unity."


commonsensenotcommontoday FOR PRESIDENT!

Okay people, listen up. Now

Okay people, listen up. Now we have a new president. No more Mr. Bush. Therefore, it stands to reason that anything that happens from here on out is Mr. Obama's fault. I don't want to hear act of congress when he screws up. I don't want to hear "the American people" when he screws up. Whenever something happened the last eight years it was Mr. Bush's fault. So let's see if you liberals are really looking at this situation unbiasedly or if you are just full of a bunch of talk.

Are you kidding me!

Are you kidding me! Obama can do no wrong! He is the savior who will lead us from the mess we are in. Anything that requires laying blame to the next 4 years will obviously be Bush's fault! Clinton did not have anything to do with this mess we are in, did he?? Democrats, get a life! Wake up and smell the coffee.

TY Bush


You can't be serious.

"THIS COUNTRY LOST WORLD RESEPCT UNDER HIS WATCH" But I suppose engaging in oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office, using a cigar as a sex toy, asking for a definition of the word "is", and later being impeached for lying CREATED world respect for this country. Also, learn to use spellcheck: Respect, NOT "resepct" Financial, NOT "financhal" It's difficult to take your words seriously when you can't even spell them.

Guest1969, to be honest, the

Guest1969, to be honest, the world didn't care all that much about Bill Clinton's dalliances. Americans in general weren't thought of as war-mongering murderers.

This country has not had

This country has not had world respect since long before bush. why? because we are arrogant and ignorant.


What President was it that forced banks to lend to individuals that had NO BUSINESS getting a loan...what President was it that caused this WHOLE housing finanical MESS...I think that would be a CLINTON....YOU SIR...don't know your facts. Along with just about EVERY THING Bush did...he got APPROVAL from both sides of the fence...DEMOCRATS included! For the last TWO years the Democrats have been in control...what happened to that FIRST ONE HUNDRED DAYS thing they touted...DIDN'T HAPPEN DID IT? I will NOT defend President Bush from some of the things I didn't agree with...HOWEVER I would hate to see what kind of MESS this country would be in if in 9 months another 9/11 happens under Obama's didn't matter WHAT side the President was from when 9/11 screwed us up...and it would have if a Democrat would have been in office. As far as Obama...he has ALREADY back pedaled on some of the things he PROMISED...its all smoke an mirrors...and unfortunately the majority of this country fell for it...I am not saying McCain would have been much better...I personally didn't like EITHER of them..the Socialist party is PARTYING and that scares me...when is it OK for the working class to pay for lazy individuals that don't have the umph to pull their own weight thru life...THOSE are the individuals that voted for Obama...the I WANT IT ALL WITHOUT DOING A DARN THING crowd... CHANGE isn't always a GOOD thing....ask the Jews!



reply to "Okay people..."

I don't know why you at wwaytv3 won't allow my comment to show. To not allow comments to the original poster shows that this news channel is partison. So I will try to comment again... Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can this mess that Bush, our government, and Wall Street have created be fixed easily. Our country is in a fiscal mess, it is going to take time to get even half way out of this. Hopefully and prayerfully, the changes that are needed will take place sooner than later and benefit regular people and not just corporate America like it has during the last President’s terms in office. I cannot even begin to know what is the best way to get out of this hole that the regular hard working people of America are suffering in but I do believe that Obama has and will have a team ready to take on the tasks at hand and handle it in the best way possible to help OUR country. I hope that corporate America begins to have to take account for their greed. I hope we finally have some legislation put in place so those who prosper on deceiving others have to account for their spending as well as shine a light on other avenues the rich scam regular American citizens. I sincerely hope that those who prosper on keeping the working man down can no longer line the pockets of politicians so they can get away with it. This is a time for revitalization and end of corruption. While I know it won’t be an end to corruption entirely, at least it will put a damper on it. It may take small steps but I feel comforted by knowing that at least the man in charge NOW isn’t just after serving his own agenda, he is looking out for what he thinks is best for all of us and has no problem listening to other’s views even if they don’t agree with his.

i think your comment was

i think your comment was posted. read below. and what people holding down the working man. The rich are providing the money so the man can work. If you want to be mad at anyone for taking your money, blame it on the lazy and sorry people who won't work, who think obama is going to give them a free ride. Newsflash people: obama is not going to save us. We must help ourselves and not want or expect anything from the gov't. I wish the gov't would stay out of my life. I don't want them and don't need. I say let the lazy starve and the selfish and stupid plummet. Then we will see who is holding who down.

I hope Obama does a good job

I hope Obama does a good job but, do you really think the liberals will take responsibility for any of THEIR failures? Mark my words, they will try to hang everything on Busch for years to come. On my job, all I've heard is Busch bashing from the Omama Sheeple but they talk about Obama as if he is the second coming. Obama has done absolutely nothing as a Senator but, being half black was enough to get him elected President by people that can't even tell you who represents them in the senate in their own state. I asked the Bush basher to tell me why they hate bush, their response, "he's just an idiot that has caused the mess we're in now". I asked them if they knew who Barney Frank is, they said "I've heard the name before but can't tell you what he does". I rest my case.


liberals have a new saying. Obama came into thhis with a full hand because of Bush. I'm interested to see what the MSM will do now that they don't have Bush to blame.

Response to "Okay people, listen up..."

That is ridiculous. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can this mess that Bush created be fixed just by Obama taking the oath of office. Our country is in a fiscal mess, it is going to take time to get even half way out of this. Hopefully and prayerfully, the changes that are needed will take place sooner than later. I cannot even begin to know what is the best way to get out of this hole but I do believe that Obama has and will have a team ready to take on the tasks at hand and handle it in the best way possible to help OUR country.


and Obama wants ONE TRILLION DOLLARS right out of the about FINANCIAL RUIN...LOL..


42 Presidents over 230 years 5.2 trillion dollars spent.Bush 8 years 6 trillion lol.


........Obama in his 1st week wants to spend an additional 1 much more before his 4 years are up


Yes we must count up the cost and Obama will do great as long as we as a contry, state and community back him up. we need to get passed what was, embrace what is and focus on what can be...