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Bar and restaurant recycling creates jobs

WILMINGTON -- Now that bars and restaurants across the state have to go green solid waste operators are busier than ever. But how much of a difference does recycling alcohol containers really make? At 53 Terry Miller has a new job. Two months ago he began working for the city of Wilmington, picking up recyclable materials. Miller said, "Well, it's just a great thing recycling and it creates jobs and I thought it would be a nice, good opportunity to be in with the city." His job is about to get busier. A new state law went into effect January 1. Now, any business in North Carolina with an alcohol permit has to recycle. "The state law requires that pretty much anything that alcohol is sold in -- aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic card board -- anything that alcohol is served in needs to be recycled," Miller said. Dave Bundick manages the city of Wilmington's recycling pick-up services. He's seen the amount of recycling increase 75 percent. "The original poundage was approximately maybe 1,500 to 2,000 pounds a day. Now we're going to be in the 2,500 to 3,000 pounds a day." Before the city picked up recycling on a voluntary basis. Now that it's a law restaurants and bars will have to pay for the service, depending on the number of bins they need. But Bundick says the charge shouldn't make a huge impact on the bars. "Most of the bars trash bill will be coming down so at worst it's going to be a break even situation." The city has to charge for the bins because the recycling centers charge for disposal. "It is $28 a ton, and that is what we determine the cost of these containers. We're not charging any additional pickup charges," Bundick said. So far 60 of the 70 downtown businesses with an alcohol license are recycling. The rest are expected to start within the next few weeks -- which is what Miller likes to hear. Miller said. "I think it's fantastic. Really, anytime you recycle it's good for the environment and like I said earlier, green always creates jobs, which it's done for all of us." This month bars and restaurants in downtown Wilmington do not have to pay for the recycling service. They will start paying in February when the bins are delivered.

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ASK the county landfill where recyclables go when the recycle area is full....GO AHEAD...ask. They go into the landfill area is where they go...a waste of money. Whoever voted to push this through didn't THINK this through very well. Of Course, that is par for the course.

Research shows the positives outway your complaint.

Instead of complaining about you can try to implement laws and programs and funding to create more effective landfills. Otherwise, your comment doesn't have much credibility. While you have the right to your opinion, it's a shame that it is of no use to anyone.

You may also want to back up what you are saying because I couldn't find internet sources to back up your claim. Recycle centers are doing fine. And bring in more money then if they received nothing. it creates jobs and the workers at the landfill i spoke to agreed with these statements.