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Battle lines are drawn as City Council approves annexation

READ MORE: Battle lines are drawn as City Council approves annexation
Council chambers were packed with residents in red who oppose the forced annexation of Monkey Junction. All but one council member voted to move forward with the annexation process. Council member, Kristi Tomey, voted against it. "It is not going to solve the sales tax revenue distribution which is truly the problem which is why the city has to go out and do annexations." It was not until after the council's vote that the public could speak up. There was a mix of opinions, including support of annexing about 1,000 acres and 4,000 residents. "Are my neighbors aware than 85 percent of retail sales are made in the city? The city only retains 20 percent of that tax. The county gets 80 percent," said annexation supporter, Owen Wexler. Those who are against it didn't hesitate to speak up, either. Russ Hauptman said, "All of these problems will not be solved by annexation. You annex, there's still problems." "The current economic circumstance the country finds itself in, this is hardly the time to add to anybody's tax burden," added Joan Frenson. But the process is now moving forward; the battle lines have been drawn. Tuesday night's vote established the date for a public information session in March and public hearing in April. A final annexation vote in scheduled for May.

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Since everyone is saying we

Since everyone is saying we should pay our part, how about anytime anyone from wilmington that goes to WB or CB pay their taxes too. pay your part right? you are using their facilities. The city has nothing that as a county resident I need. They can provide nothing that I don't already have. What the city needs to do is learn how to take care of the residents they already have. If they annex me, I will then be able to vote on city council and its bye bye Mr. Saffo. (By the way, the last I heard Mr. Saffo owns a house in landfall. I hardly think he cares about the little people's lives he effects).


I know bill saffo and as a matter of fact he does care. Why is it that when a successful person donates their time to their city/county or whatever government they are ostracized and instantly become "out of touch." Just because he is successful doesn't me he doesn't care.

He Cares

You are right...he cares...ABOUT HIMSELF. He doesn't give a rats butt what the people in the County want, or the City for that matter. He doesn't listen to the people that voted for him...he does what he wants.

we do pay our part, that is the point

All city residents PAY county tax..that is Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach including having to pay for parking at Wrightsville beach and having to pay for parking at CB..we also all pay taxes towards beach renourishment. What YOU do not pay, that we pay are the taxes IN THE CITY, but you get all the BENEFITS of the city...WOW! Aren't you some lucky folks...Now, be responsible, participate, grow up and be good little citizens and do like the rest of us and stop your whinning...Nothing is for free...or are you a freeloader?

It's funny that a few that

It's funny that a few that live in the City say those that live outside the city should have to pay their fair doesn't matter that we don't use the services of the City. In fact, most tourists use the city more than those that live in the Junction. We all know this is all about the money. If not, the City would try to annex a couple of those mobile home parks...but we see the City isn't going after them. I tried to call in to one of those shows over the weekend to ask them about it, and while they took my question, obviously it was never asked on the air.

and if i go to downtown

and if i go to downtown wilmington, I also pay to park. Don't recall having to pay to park in NEW hanover county though, hmmmmmmmm. And what services would you be referring to? The ones I already get from the county? No sir, you want me to pay for what you use, not I. I don't even shop at the walmart in wilmington anymore. I go to leland. So once again, tell me, what are the benefits of me becoming a member of the city.

We get all the "benefits" of the city?

HAHAHAHAHA! What might those benefits be? The wino tour, downtown? The overpriced mall? The intersection of Market and New Center? Oleander and College? The two-thirds of the city that you dare not walk in after sundown, unless you are armed with a bazooka and wearing a Kevlar vest? Face it - your city is mostly a dump. That's why they wanted Landfall and the Masonboro areas, that's why they have their eye on Porter's Neck and Figure Eight. Pure greed, trying to raise the average home value above what you'd blow on a good vacation. The county residents want no part of it, and smart people are starting to take their business outside the city. I just convinced a neighbor to buy his new pickup in Jacksonville. Until the business owners of Wilmington vote out the Nazi storm troopers on the city council, they'll continue to see their revenues decline. Boycott Wilmington!


I have been trying to figure out what services the people in Monkey Junction use in Wilmington that they don't pay for. They shop there, I don't see where thats different than the tourist. Police protection is the same for the tourist and lets not forget the people from Wilmington that travel to Monkey Junction, they are using services there. So far Wilmington's annexation has not provided anything to the people annexed except more cost. Wilmington can't provide the services they promise to the current residents and promises backed by more lies don't make it so.

Travel to MJ

The last time I look I pay County taxes, so I think I have the right to go to MJ.. I think maybe we need to start paying City taxes on the wage that is earned in the City. That way all the people that live in the county and work in the City can pay their fair share..

Food tax

Maybe the state tax on food should be brought back, that way everyone will pay.

if I wanted to live in the city then I would

Its all about $$$$$ everyone forgets the county has spent $$$$ for their residents that we pay taxes for. The city then comes in and just takes over. I am happy with the way the county takes care of its people. And about paying double taxes I was born and raised here and my whole life I have lived in the county, so here is something to think about...........Get rid of the city the county does fine on its own!!!

Just do it already

As I read all of these comments I just simply laugh. The Yankees compalin about something. The locals complain about the Yankees. The way I look at it is like this. Every time someone moves to this area, they think they are the last person who should be able to reside here. Seriously, not one of us "Southerns" are from here. We may have been born here and we may have the twang in our vocies but our mommies and daddies or grandma and grandpas came from somewhere else... We do need progress. We do need to grow. We do need annexation! We need to have intelligent politicians that make decisions that benefit our community. What we really need is a plan. Local or non-local we need to unite behind our god given right to an elevated quality of life. We need to seriously consider if these crazy ideas like the Titan project are in our best interests. Here is what I propose. Let's just make the whole county one big City of Wilmington. That way, the annexed portions see a small tax increase and the current city limits see a reduction in tax costs. Lets run our City like a business and not a blood sucking tick. Let's face it we are all locals till we die!

Give them a hand

There will never be enough revenue ever.Because government does not produce anything and spends more than it's share they have to keep taking from the producers.The problem is that there is not only local government but also federal and state that take from the producers. Newsflash!!! The producers are running out of cash for all those extended hands .


it is about the time the moochers in the unincorporated areas have to pay the same as everyone else in the area for the resources they enjoy. The rest of us are sick to death of their sloth and their neglect. Don't want it....brunswick county is waiting for you...

It's not that we're moochers

It's that you don't have the ambition to organize a revolt and DEMAND that this state outlaw double taxation at full county rates if you're in an incorporated area. Instead, you stand there braying and demanding that we contribute our hard-earned dollars to something we have nothing to do with, voluntarily joining you in your tax hell?

And don't forget blaming the

And don't forget blaming the "yankees" for all their issues.

What's next? Paying city

What's next? Paying city taxes to Carolina Beach to use their facilities?


You must not know MJ or your city council...if you look at the "BAttle Lines" as they call them... The city STOPPED where the trailer parks are... stopped where our lower income families are that could use the benefits of the city. They have wells... City would have to put in water to them... They wouldn't get much in taxes from a house or trailer rather that isn't worth anything.... Look at the cities "Battle Lines" they sucked up anythign that was worth it tothem...knowing they'd get $$$ I lived in MJ most of my life and could be fine if they built a wall around it... I patron CB more then Wilm...and don't even get me started with the snobs in WB. the city can stuff it... they're harming instead of helping... we had fire, we had rescue and we had sherrif... note HAD..

Battle Lines Drawn?

I just don't get how all these yankees and other folks from outside the community can move in and expect a free ride. Our utility company has merged already, that's one down. It is time for residents of New Hanover County living "outside the city limits" to own up and realize that they use the same amount of resources provided by those who pay taxes for living inside the "limits." Thanks for coming down and developing our once small community and complaining about it every step of the way. Time to pay up or go back to where the heck you came from.

Free ride?

How wrong you are. I live about as far outside your city as one can, without being in Pender County. I use not one single asset from Wilmington. I shop on-line for nearly everything. I grocery shop in the county. My doctor is in the county. My dentist is in the county. My bank is in the county. We do have post offices out here. Quite honestly, I want nothing to do with your pipsqueak, "putting-on-airs" city. If you had a brain you'd be demanding that YOUR taxes be lowered, instead of wanting others to join you in tax hell. You're being taxed twice (city and county) but receiving absolutely nothing more than a county resident receives. BTW, I moved to NC in '73, so I'm past the "Yankee" stage, and am a full-blown carpetbagger. I've made and spent an unbelievable amount of money in this state, but you know what? Wilmington had nothing to do with even one cent of it. Mister Smiley and the rest of his SS storm troopers can't come in now, late in the game, and claim that they're somehow entitled to a cut of the fruits of my labor. No annexation, no cosolidation, just leave us alone (and we'll gladly leave you alone).


Isn't it the council woh voted yes for the annexation? None of them are yankees as far as I know. Shouldn't we then start complaining about all the locals trying to sabatoge there own town just to make a buck. If the land and old lifestyle was so great, why has the land been broken up and sold by all the locals. Oh right to make a buck.

For your information there

For your information there are a lot of families that live in Monkey Junction that aren't yankees or from outside the area. GASP! Some people actually were born and raised here and still live in Monkey Junction. The issue is that the city council just does whatever it wants to do and doesn't care about the residents of the community. I hope Mayor Saffo doesn't forget...the best part about being annexed, Monkey Junction would be able to vote in city elections and we can finally vote for him to be out of office.


You should all be more careful about throwing around the yankees statement. Without northern money you would be arguing over the few thousands in tax money vs. millions. This entire stream of conversation demonstrates the essential misunderstanding of what it requires to run a city correctly. While the idiots at large are arguing over annexation and taxation, you should all be considering that if this town and county does not attract corporations who can offer sustainable employment, this town will go the way of myrtle beach in less than 10 years. Quit the bitching, do the math, this place is expensive with no opportunities, always a recipe for economic disaster and the housing bubble, which is what elevated Wilmington from nowhere NC to where it is, will no longer sustain this community. Oh, btw, wilmington is not rich, wrightville beach is rich. Wilmington is a poor city with desperate economic pressures that are completely being ignored.

saffo and the council

Well I am glad to know you have assessed the council so soundly and know there hearts, but you are dead wrong Saffo and his whole family are from this area and are strong supporters and dedicated protectors of this area. I will back up any of those folks any day to sweat over the big decisions before they act. Earl, Billy, Ron all are from here and care tremendously. Ms. Tomey has learned to love this area and if she would get her facts straight, she would vote for this too. But to impune these leaders is to cut your nose off to spite your face. The last time annexers decided to make a decision we got Harper Peterson, one of the worst administrations this city has ever suffered from, EVER. If you really are from here, then stand up for your home, your family and support those like this good mayor and council and know they are doing the best for us all!...and like it was said above, pay your part!

What facts does Tomey have

What facts does Tomey have wrong? Maybe you could enlighten the rest of us. Here's a fact for you...not everyone that lives in the Junction uses city services. Maybe City residents should have to pay taxes for Carolina Beach or Wrightsville Beach...they use that area more than I use anything in the City


Yankees? Was that really necessary? It's 2009--let's move on. You can state your point without being so ignorant.


I couldn't agree more. The Civil War was some time ago. I think it's time people realize that others moving into our area does nothing but help our local economy. They buy real estate, pay taxes, etc... I have lived in Wilmington my whole life and am always glad to see our area growing and thriving. My ONLY gripe is people who move here and complain about how bad it is and how good it was where they came from. THAT on the other hand is just rude...

Some things are true whether you believe them or not

I don't expect you or any yankee to understand. You have no idea what it is like to be raised in a society where you must live under the rule of those you fought against and lost. The textbooks have always been written by the victors, and therefore THEIR agenda is the only one presented. Imagine growing up and then living in a world where people make fun of you constantly based on negative and false stereotypes. Do you even realize that now, even in 2009, white Southerners are the only group of people left that it is still not only politically acceptable but politically correct to make fun of? Watch any tv show or any book...if there's a Southerner in it, they will be portrayed as complete, inbred idiots who eat dirt by choice and sleep with all of their relatives. Unless and until such behavior comes to a COMPLETE halt, I will NOT "get over it" and "move on" and I will also NOT allow you to gloss over it. If you don't like it, carry your ignorant behind back up north where you won't have to hear it.



Seems to me like you are the

Seems to me like you are the ignorant one. And I, too, am from the south and people like you and a few others who have posted here give Southerners bad name.