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Battleship won't leave home for repairs after all


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Battleship North Carolina will not hit the high seas again after all. After sitting in the mud along the Cape Fear River for decades, the Battleship's hull needs repairs.

The Battleship Commission considered sending it off to Charleston, SC, or Norfolk, VA, for the work. Ultimately it decided to keep the World War II ship in Wilmington to do the repairs.

"If you take it away, we'd have a park and a big hole in the ground," said Capt. Terry Bragg, the ship's executive director. "Those visitors wouldn't come to see such, so we think this is a good thing, but it's good for us too. We don't lose continuity in programs. We don't lose the routine, and we'd lose all that revenue."

Keeping the ship in Wilmington will save about $16 million. Crews will use new technology to do the work while the ship, which serves as North Carolina's WWII memorial, remains open to the public. Work is scheduled to start this fall and take about three years.

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get it out

get it out of the mud, get the navy to help dredge it whatever you have to do, leaving it in the mud is bad!

Is this it?

Is this it? I can't believe that there are no more comments than this on the repair of our beloved Battleship. People should be outraged if this job is being done halfway. I have looked at the USS Alabama website and I find the way it is enclosed just doesn't look right. I read in the article they want to block it off in 40 foot sections, and quite frankly that will look like crap. This ship and the men who served on her deserve better than to have their ship look like a bathtub toy. As I stated before the Battleship website said that the work would be for nothing if she were left sitting in the mud or did they forget that for the sake of a dollar. The Navy still retains ownership of her and I hope they say, hey what do you think you are doing cutting corners on our ship. The Officers and Crew who once manned her should speak up in her defense I would hope they would listen to them. Don't screw it up by doing the job halfway.

In The Mud?

From what I have read on the Battleships website, they planned to move her directly across the river and to make her free floating.
They said to repair the hull and leave it in the mud would defeat the expensive work that had to be done to preserve the hull. What is the use of doing all this work and spending millions just to have it ruined by being stuck in 35 feet of mud and muck. When you do things on the cheap it always cost more money in the long run. The Navy should tell them no about this gigantic waste of time and money. Do it right the first time or not at all.

Fire this Capt.

New Technology who is he kidding. DRY DOCK THE SHIP. Show me where the US Navy is replacing their dry docks for this New Technology. Saving a buck. In ten years they will have to pump concrete into the NC like they did with the Alabama.

Get some corporate sponsors and save this ship. Tow it to Norfolk and dry dock it.

All about dollars and cents.

All about dollars and cents.

Do it right, or not at all.....

The North Carolina isn't an "it" the ship is a "She" With respect for her, and all that served and continue to maintain her, you should refer to her as such. They also need to drydock her for proper repairs, otherwise, what's the point? Maybe they don't think they can get her out of the mud without damaging the hull more?

Either find a way to drydock her here, or move her to where she can be properly repaired. I'm sure we can find a standby replacement ship or ships to visit for tours while she is away. It gives visitors a reason to COME BACK!

The battleship needs to be

The battleship needs to be removed for proper repair and so its berth can be dredged.Repairing and cleaning the battleship and letting it sit in mud is a waste.


And, please do something about the tour for crying out loud. Im a WWII fanatic and the tour aboard this ship just does not do it justice. The NC saw major battles protecting what little carrier force we had. As a big fan of history, the tour of the NC was a huge let-down. Show us what she really went through (kamikaze attacks and such). For crying out loud.

If you were a WWII fanatic,

If you were a WWII fanatic, you would question the validity of the Battle Star count the ship claims to have earned during WWII. Fanatic my eye.

Who really cares how they

Who really cares how they did the USS Mass? How about not spending a dime on it putting the money towards schools.

Hey-Why not spend some of

Hey-Why not spend some of this Education Lottery money on education. Battleship has nothing to do with the education system.


I don't have kids and don't really care about spending more on schools. On the other hand, as a history buff I am all for spending some money to keep this treasure well tended.

Can you say half-a**ed. The

Can you say half-a**ed. The Ship needs to fully be dry docked. There is no way you can get to the prop and rudder areas much less the bottom of the hull without complete removal from that mud flat it is lodged in. The USS Mass. was dry docked and completely cleaned/repaired this way. Why would you not want to do this correctly. Dissrepectful to all of the sailors who worked hard to maintain her in WW-2.


Absolutely agree with GuestFRIEND. The Commission who oversees her has no problem taking in the money for tours, etc but when it comes to responsibility they think it's 'too expensive'. A disgrace. Part of the original agreement was that it would have to be kept up. Understandably, the ship will never be in service again but you cannot do a thorough job this way.

They don't want to admit the

They don't want to admit the real reason they don't want to dry dock it. They can't get the ship out to the ocean. The cape fear bridge is in the way. They built the bridge after the battle ship was docked in Wilmington and they didn't leave enough room for the ship to go under the bridge.


The mast and the radar can be removed to pass under the bridge. It's a pain but it can be done.

Are you saying...

when the bridge is raised, it's still too low for the battleship to pass? Or did you forget the bridge goes up?

Oh I didn't forget the

Oh I didn't forget the bridge goes. At the lowest water level with the bridge up the ship is still to tall by about 10 feet. The designers of the bridge didn't think the ship would ever be taken back out to the ocean. For the last several years the commission has been trying to figure out how to move the ship past the bridge, but obviously they couldn't figure it out. I know one suggestion was to dismantle the radar and anntenna assembly but that still left the ship to tall.