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Beach smoking ban proposal extinguished... for now

READ MORE: Beach smoking ban proposal extinguished... for now

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- "If anybody throws a cigarette butt on the ground, they're lazy and despicable," said Wrightsville Beach resident Ashley Bown.

That seemed to be a sentiment echoed by most residents at the Wrightsville Beach public forum Thursday night. The overwhelming majority of the crowd supported a ban on smoking at the beach. While some people touted the negative health affects cigarettes can have, most people seemed more concerned with the litter they leave behind - some even presented the board with examples.

"If an individual wants to smoke a cigarette then they need to take care of that problem of disposing of you know the excess butt or whatever it is," said Wrightsville Beach resident Travis Carson.

Wrightsville Beach already has a fine for littering on the beach. But aldermen and resident agree it's not enforced.

"The main challenge will be not having enough policemen, and not having enough people to go out on the beach and controlling it," said Alderman Susan Collins.

The board said it would put a strict emphasis on the littering ordinance and revisit a no smoking policy in the future. But Mayor David Cignotti and Alderman Bill Sisson supported the ban. Sisson says putting a stop to smoking at the beach might take work, but would be more effective in the long run.

"When you're faced with a behavior like that and you have the opportunity to actually do something about it, then it seems to me that it's incumbent on the elected officials to go ahead and take a stand, make the decision and try to get the thing to work out," said Sisson.

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Smoking ban

I went to Siesta Key, Fl during Easter vacation. No smoking on their beach, it was clean & very well kept by volunteers of the town. A smoking ban on the beach definitely didn't stop the thousands of visitors from coming to the beach plus they provide free parking at all public beach accesses which were plenty. I believe that NC should have a smoking ban on all the beaches plus add an extra $5/pack on cigs to be used to pick up all the butts that are tossed every single day because smokers are the worst when it comes to littering actually disgusting.

xtra $5 a pack

Clearly you have never been a smoker. The cost of cigarettes now is already extreme and look at all the smokers we still have. A $5 dollar tax will not stop people from smoking. It will cut into thier buget severely though, maybe even keep them from buying lifes necessities like, proper diet, hygene, health care, etc. FOR THIER KIDS. Lets be reasonable.

doesn't change the fact

still doesn't change the fact wrightville beach is an awful beach to visit.

remember years back when bumper stickers read "welcome to wrightville beach now go home".

and a couple years back the city of Wilmington DOT wanted the city buses to go across the bridge so people had access to the beach but city residents of wrightsville beach didn't want no part of it "poor people" on our beach "no thanks"

even though years back a trolley use to go directly to the beach when the pavilion was down there before it burnt down.

remember the pizza hut that use to be down in wrightville beach usually pizza huts roof are red ....well people in the city complined and said the red roof would class pizza hut changed it roof to the grey brown like everyone else roof down there.

frankly i find the smoke ban lift a joke they only did that because it may effect tourism and money they may receive you can expect when the winter month arrives then they will enforce it regardless those people and there beach are a joke.

Wrightsville Beach

Everyone is welcome at WB...... none are welcome leave their ciggy butts on the beach, to use my hose and leave it running, park in front of my driveway, litter in my yard or p**s under my porch. I get car alarms, car stereos, and drunks yelling woohoo at all hours ..... horrible traffic on weekends and then attitude when I don't welcome you with open arms???....hmmmm.... I don't ride the bus so why would I need it to stop here??? ............... anyway.... Do you know where I could get one of those "welcome to wrightville beach now go home" bumper stickers?


Go to Town Hall.


I agree there are a lot of rude people out there who have no concern for your property or the beach. I am not one of them. I am a smoker and I use the trashcan for my butts once extinguished.

These problems will never go away unless the beach is made private and even then you have a lot of college and young people that live there who act disrespectfully. Pretty much no way to stop people from being ignorant. I know many well off professionals who act like jerks too so I am not so sure it is socioeconomic. I am sure all beach communities have to deal with ignorant trashy people as well. Sad.

Tax the Butts

We need a butt tax (like they do on cans and bottles in some states), so that it costs you 25 cents to drop it out the car window or leave it on the beach.

smoking on the beach

Really? Aldermen is really going to slap another restriction down on Wrightsville Beach? I understand the concern and yes its horrible when people do not pick up after themselves, but the more you restrict the more people rebel. If you want to make it Figure Eight Island then put the gate up allready.

If Wrightsville Beach (city

If Wrightsville Beach (city officials) had enough sense to impose fines, they would not have to raise parking meters to $2 hour.

Cigarette butts

I have seen several people at the beach bury their cigarette butts in the sand. I wanted to say this is not your F.... ash tray. I really wish the county/city officials would recognize that this is littering and enforce fines. Same goes for other locations besides the beach. How many times have you seen a lit butt flung out the window from the driver in front of you?

Report those drivers to Swat a Litterbug

They will receive a warning letter from the state.

Woooooo, they get a letter

A letter they laugh at, ball up, and throw away. If we're lucky, they throw it in a garbage can.