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Beam signing ceremony at convention center

READ MORE: Beam signing ceremony at convention center
A rather unusual event took place in downtown Wilmington on Wednesday… a beam signing. Local leaders gathered at the new convention center construction site to put pen to iron as the controversial project rises from the ground. A beaming Mayor Bill Saffo led the line of local leaders signing the beam that will ultimately be covered and forgotten during construction. Tourism leaders and the city are banking on the construction center drawing more visitors to our area as the payoff on that investment. The convention center is being built with revenue from the tax visitors pay when they rent overnight accommodations here in our area. Whether or not the convention center will be able to pay its own way after that will be a multi-million dollar question.

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IF It Stays Booked, It Will Be A Positive.....

Put all politics and the good o'le boys aside! The center will bring some economic benefits if it stays booked, a new crop of visitors will pass through your fair city each week spending money and helping the local economy. Next to help downtown,get rid of some of the seedy bars and the elements that they bring, build a Macy's or Saks as an anchor store downtown, along with bringing back small boutique shops along front and second streets. Add to it, free parking a decent grocery store, and you would see downtown return to its pre 1960's prestige.

I keep hearing how the room

I keep hearing how the room tax will pay for this center in its entirety. I DO NOT believe it will turn out that way, but let's wait & see. Of course, by then it will be too late as our taxes will be climbing again. Plus, during this downturn will the hotels stay full enough? Once again I don't claim to know for sure but I can guess. Yes, I know what the Mayor & Council say... and Congress & Wall Street are also to be trusted.

600 Greedy Parasites and Realtors

Those officials and the corrupt parasites of the Chamber who benefit from this by stealing money from struggling taxpayers and give it to themselves...of course they're cheering this convention center. It's bad enough the Chamber parasites and Realtors have corrupted Wilmington politics by buying every office in town. It's worse that the unethical people they've put in office raise taxes and fees on us little people to handout to the Chamber thieves for convention centers and ridiculous studies. That's not right wing talk radio, its fact...

Do you live in a hotel?

If so, then yes, your tax money is going toward the convention center. That's where the money is coming from, NOT from local taxpayers. Get your facts straight!

Re: Convention Center

I am sorry but as a Wilmington native, I say this, who would want to come to the downtown area? Sure a few streets are nice, but overall it is not a fun and or attractive place. You cannot go into the library downtown without going through a little homeless person hang out. Also, the traffic, we live in a town not designed to handle the traffic we have, so the solution I guess is to add more. That money could be better spent if the city counsel would look around. Our city schools are falling apart, students lack books they need to take state mandated and don’t have the amenities the suburban schools have but I guess we get a little blinded from our plush estate in Landfall. So yippee!! Let’s sign a beam and build something the City taxpayers never wanted in the first place.

Convention Center

City taxpayers are not paying for the Convention Center. And the money that is paying for it can ONLY be used for the Convention Center -- not for anything else. It definitely can't be used for schools, as schools fall under the County's jurisdiction, not the City of Wilmington. I know whenever I have had company in town, they always love the downtown area. That being said, I will agree that we have a long way to go to improve on it, but it seems as though some improvements have already been started, such as renovations to the Riverwalk (the city's #1 tourist draw). Hopefully when the city finally upgrades this antiquated traffic system this summer, it will help. We shall see...

convention center

Lets see who profits from this center. Wonder if Saffo's brother will get the contract for all the painting?

The Convention Center is Already a Boon!

Not a this economic downtown, this is a economic engine and thank God for the foresight of the leaders who are making it happen! The only controversy here is the right wing radio personality who is associated with this news station and the clear intent of this station to make this a controversy...Over 600 leaders gathered yesterday from every sector of this community and they ALL cheered the completion of this project for the people, by the people, and for the common good! Praise be that we have better sense than to listen to the naysayers in a time when we need the leadership we have!

Well, I was wrong. This

Well, I was wrong. This convention center will be a good idea after all. As more & more people lose their jobs we can turn the convention center into a homeless shelter and soup kitchen.

Hope you will serve

Hope you will be the first to volunteer at those soup kitchens since you care so much. The rest of us will be enjoying the fruits of good governance that say the need and made happen in a feasable way this project that willl help to make Wilmingotn more attractive to bigger groups, create more jobs, sure up the business for downtown, and create a place to do better and be better for all!

Money in his Pocket

The way that the Econmy is you would think they would put the Convention center on HOLD!I have seen big companys like Lowes home improvment and Lowes food and Walmart put building new stores on hold why in the world would we continue to build HOW MUCH MONEY are you lining your pocket with just like every thing else in Wilmington that the Mayors in the past have collected off of Good work lets save building it so it will not be a failure and the people that have fought it all a long will say I told you so.I think building it is a good idea but not now


How exactly is he lining his pockets from this?

Good idea

Yeah -- good idea. Let's put MORE people out of work. Makes sense to me. Currently this is the largest construction project in the entire area (not just in Wilmington or even just in New Hanover County, but in the entire region), and it is NOT being paid for by local taxpayers. Makes complete sense to me. Maybe you want to tell all these hundreds of workers that you think they should lose their jobs... I'm not sure that I'm actually for the convention center, but I'm willing to give it a try just to put people to work in our area.

It is great that this is

It is great that this is being built. It is by WHOM it is being built by that puzzles me. Are these workers building this building citizens of this country???? Most of the sub contractors listed on the list are from out of town as well.