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Being proactive can save your kids from the dangers of sexting

This week, we have been talking about a disturbing new trend among teenagers. It is called sexting, the act of sending nude or partially nude pictures or videos via cell phone. Right now, law enforcement is dealing with several sexting cases in New Hanover and Pender counties. If teens get caught with these nude pictures, the charges can be devastating. They could face child pornography charges, a felony, and possibly have to register as a sex offender. These cell phone photos are generally meant for a boyfriend or girlfriend, but if they get out, they can lead to public humiliation. Cincinatti teen, Jesse Logan, committed suicide after a nude photo of her leaked out. She was tormented by her classmates, and ended up hanging herself. Law enforcement officers and school officials are being proactive in New Hanover and Pender County schools by teaching kids about the severe consequences they could face if they get caught sending these nude photographs, but the responsibility for educating these kids about sexting starts at home. "Parents should be police officers in their own home,” said district attorney Ben David. “Know what's going on in the life of their children and know that the fourth amendment which keeps people free from unreasonable searches and seizures does not apply to parents looking into what's going on in their children's lives."

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Totally unbelievable that

Totally unbelievable that our legal system would go after kids for nothing more serious than this. If two 17 year-olds were caught having sex in the back seat of a car, I suppose the parents would be called and that would be the end of it. But, arrested and prosecuted for only a nude picture???? I wonder what would happen if some adventureous kid had a picture of himself/herself on their own phone?

If both are under 18,

If both are under 18, probably no one will be charged.

both can be charged

Here is a story of a 7th grade boy that had an explicit video of a fellow female student on his phone.
7th-grader charged in child porn case
Just do a Google search for "teen sexting" and you will see states that have charged both the picture taker and the receiver.

Fair treatment all around

Below, a commenter asked if a female receiver could be charged with receiving child porn. If a male can, so should females. What about the minors distributing their nude selves? Are they charged? The teen mentioned in the article who committed suicide, would she have been charged with distribution? Or would the male mentioned in the below commenter's note be charged? Or none? Or both? I'm glad that WWAY at least appears to be attempting to cover all the angles. It isn't always so. And usually the females are treated solely as victims, no matter whether being the senders or the receivers. Andrew

so you are saying if a 14 yr

so you are saying if a 14 yr old guy sends a 14 yr old girl a nude pic of himself and the girl gets caught with the picture on her phone she gets charged with child pornography and has to register as a sex offender ??????