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Moss out at UNCW


Benny Moss is out as UNCW's men's basketball coach. The university held a news conference this morning to announce the change. In his fourth season, Moss had a record of 41-74. The Seahawks lost by 39 points Wednesday night against a struggling Hofstra team, and that may have been the breaking point.

Athletics Director Kelly Mehrtens said Moss is being reassigned to another position in the athletic department. Third-year assistant coach Brooks Lee will serve as interim head coach for the rest of the season. His first game is homecoming Saturday against Towson at Trask Coliseum.

Moss still has three years left on his contract after receiving a contract extension in April 2008. He was hired on April 20, 2006 to succeed Brad Brownell. The basketball team is currently 7-14 overall and 3-7 in the CAA. The Seahawks are in a tailspin, losing six of their last seven games.

Moss, the seventh coach in UNCW history, joined the Seahawks after serving six seasons as an assistant at UNC Charlotte. He piloted the team to 7-22, 20-13, 7-25 and 7-14 records during his time in Wilmington.

WWAY will have more information tonight on WWAY NewsChannel 3 starting at 5. Sunday's Coach's Corner show will also go in-depth on the termination of Moss as head coach.

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I'll Fly Away

Has anyone asked Jerry if we should look to the west? Wilmington is closer than Colorado Springs to Mountain City.


Guys lets look at wanting to get Wainwright back to UNCW ... He did get fired from DePaul, but he is getting paid over a million dollars per year for the next several years to do nothing. Another thing for you Wainwright back to UNCW dreamers ... Wainwright is in his early-mid 60's and does he want to come back and build a program again? Wainwright was a good ooach for UNCW the first time around, but I really see very little chance we see Wainwright at UNCW again. I could be wrong about Wainwright, but I think UNCW should look elsewhere.

...and I agree with earlier posts, the AD should be next to get fired. The whole process that went on with the Moss firing was very bad.

You are barking up the RIGHT

You are barking up the RIGHT TREE. How about asking Jerry what he thinks of our friend from
Mountain City returning to UNCW?

About time...

As a UNC-W alum of the "glory years" of UNCW basketball when Trask was electric and packed, I was disheartened this year when I went back to Wilmington to watch the Hawks take on Wake Forest. Empty seats, no true energy in the place like it used to be. Glad to see Benny go. Always had a problem with letting Brownell go, but even after that, I thought we should have hired Rodney Terry. I hope they look his way again, if not, BRING BACK WAINWRIGHT!

thank goodness

Now can they fire the athletic director as well? As an alumni I will not contribute any more money to the school until she is fired . She is as large a reason the program is in the shambles that it is as Benny Moss;if not more so.


i won't contribute money either until they treat alumni better,especially former basketball alumni basketball games,;like they used to,
put up in rafters for games when requesting tickets,and no recognition during games.

athletic director

Inside information is that she is the result of UNCW trying to be politically correct and "show diversity." It's easy to have a great athletic program in fat times, but you need true talent and innovation/motivation to make magic in leaner times. In any business, this is what happens with a "rudderless ship." I would hope the Chancellor would demand accountability from the top...

Accountability at the Top

then start with the people who hired the Chancellor who allowed the former Athletic Director to heckle and harrass Brownell before he had his fill and left for another Head Coaching position.


UNCW firing is strange in its timing - record is not good & Hofstra loss was awful ... but team had been playing better. UNCW has lowest athletic budget in CAA. Chancellor does not support athletics. Athletic Director is quiet & not promoting UNCW. UNCW has increasingly very good academics, Wilmington has beach & historic downtown - great place to live. THEREFORE, RECRUITING SHOULD BE POSITIVE & VIBRANT. TRASK ARENA CAN BE ELECTRIC FOR BB & FANS USED TO TRAVEL IN DROVES. wHAT GIVES ?

What? Did you read this

What? Did you read this before posting it? It makes absolutely no sense.

About Time

IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! No discipline, no game plan, inside the box recruiting. Just a thought but I think Wainwright is available after being released by Depaul.

Brad Brownell

UNCW had a great basketball coach but due to internal politics ,they ran off Brad Brownell! Brownell had his teams performing at a high level for a mid-major program.I have not attended a game at UNCW since his departure. I suspect attendance has dropped off significantly over the years.This is UNCW's biggest revenue producer within their athletic department. The bottom line is college athletics are big business and the win and losses do matter because people like to be associated with winning . If you are not putting behinds in the seats , you are losing potential revenue by not being able to subsidize what is already a very high maintenance endeavor. I have always enjoyed college athletics in my hometown but my allegiances are not to UNCW. I bleed Purple and Gold!

Could It Be

a certain former coach is returning? He still owns a home in the area.

If he is, let's hope the University includes a stiff buy-out should he again depart for greener pastures.

But then, perhaps he had enough snow shoveling in his last few years, to last a lifetime.

certain former coach

Yes, he was released from the college he was at because he didn't have a winning record there. He has left one time for more money and he will do it again.

So brig him back and continue the losing streak....


Yes, by all means bring him back. The reason that he doesn't have a job now is because of his record being below 500... Understand that he was fired also....