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Berger, Caster to run again


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's official. There will be a run-off election in New Hanover County for the Republican County Commission nomination.

Brian Berger made the announcement today outside the New Hanover County Government Center. He stood in front of a group of supporters after filing the papers to challenge Bill Caster.

Berger asked once again that Caster retire. Berger thanked Caster for his many years of service, but believes that the public is ready to move on. Berger said that Caster may bring experience to the board but has done little to combat the problems the county faces.

"Despite all the money that Bill put into his campaign, the voters, they're tired. They are ready for a change," Berger said. "They're ready for new leadership. They responded to the ideas and values that I've talked about."

The run-off will take place June 22. Berger says he plans on running a positive campaign.

Today Caster said Berger has never personally approached him about retiring, but only broadcast it to the press. Caster says the answer is no, he will not step down.

"I would prefer not to have the runoff, because I would rather be getting my act together for the November election and raising money and spending time at that," Caster said.

For those of you wondering about the cost of this run-off election, election officials say they would have had to open all the voting precincts anyway because of runoffs that have been called by Democrats for statewide elections. However, there will be some additional costs to print ballots because Berger and Caster are Republicans.

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We need change in New Hanover

I will be voting and I've been impressed with Mr. Berger. Honesty and a principled conservative is what this county desperately needs. Go Berger!

Honesty & conservative? Your

Honesty & conservative? Your joking right..? How about Brian's honesty with his job? The only file of Berger having a job is one that he was fired from. What occupation does he have now? NO ONE KNOWS because he WONT ANSWER the question! Time and Time again he has been questioned about it and he always squeezes his way out of an answer. Honest, is he is such an honest and good spirited man, why did he insult Castor's mother, who died just weeks before, in a local debate.
Conservative.. If Berger is so conservative, why are two deomcrats backing him. The SAME two DEMOCRATS who voted for a tax increse this year.

Answer those three questions and tell me if you still think Berger is an honest and conservative young man.

Vote Brian

This run off is about the future of republicans and others who live here. Do we want to win in November with alternatives that are an improvement over what we have now. I hope the answer is yes. As for me it is time for a new future. Brian is right this is a time for change. Do we want to take on special interests like Titan or let them influence politicians like Caster? Do we want to bring new businesses and better employment opportunities here? Brian might do it -he cares about more jobs for all of us-
Bill Caster cares about one job---his!
Taxes- Bill has failed us on that issue miserably-while taking donations from many special interests over the years? That cries out for new leaders.
It's Brian in the run off and the democrats in the fall if he doesnt win. We can't afford the arrogance of Bill Caster. Bill is the kind of republican who led many Americans to vote for Obama and other Democrats. We need Brian not because he's new blood but because we really shouldn't be willing to accept the status quo when we have a chance for a better leader.

Join with Brian

I have been very impressed with this young man's consistency on a number of issues. He has,also, shown courage in being willing to take on special interests. I voted for Caster in other years- but it is time for a new direction. Brian represents the possibility of a better future and we have a chance to reject the special interests that have taken the County on the wrong path. Let's elect someone who will stand up for all of us- not the special interests. I'm voting for Brian because we need new and better leaders and the status quo is costing us all.

Lets disect what your really

Lets disect what your really saying here:

your impressed with this "Young Mans consistency"- WHAT CONSISTENCY? He hasnt shown any consistency. He has switched parties just to try and get elected. He ran as a libertarianist twice, both failed elections, so he decided to switch to Republican because its "our year". Yet, he still believes in many libertaianist idea's such as not getting married, taxes should be VOLUNTARY, ALL drugs should be legal, and that there should be no zoneing laws. How are any of those values consistant with the republican values? oh yeah, there not!

"Courage in willing to take on special interests"- The only special interest he is taking on is the endorsment of two DEMOCRATS..but wait, hes a "republican".

"Brian represents a better future"- he dosent know how to give you a better future. He has never had to deal with a mutli-million dollar budget. He has NO experience. NONE what-so-ever..unless you count being a lobbiest for fortune 500 companies, just like TITAN! If you count that, than i guess thats some experience. He wont say how he will make our county better, he wont say what he will and wont cut to keep taxes down- because he dosent know.

Really think about who your voting for people. This man has no experience, just like Obama had no experience and after more than a year and 1/2 in office what has he accomplished? Not Much and he cant control the national emergency going on in the Gulf. Experience is a very valuable tool which we need in our county. Vote for caster who not only "says" he's against more tax increases, but Vows he's against tax increases.

Berger vs. Caster: David Challenges Goliath

Berger has been one of the smartest and most bold people in local politics, a citizen who cares, not a politician...Berger is actually the anti-politician he's so different than career politicans like Caster.

Caster cares most about raising money for himself, Berger cares about saving taxpayers money. But for all the money he raises from special interests and 18 years of vote-buying with our money, Berger nearly beat him just by talking about the issues and having principles. He was outspent by like $50,000 and was within 180 sumthin votes.

In a head-to-head race, Berger will trounce the longtime incumbent Caster. Conservatives, libertarians, people that care about the environment, fighting corruption, education, crime, property rights, taxes, utility bills, are all behind Berger and Caster will be gone June 22. He should have put his ego aside and retired like suggested.

I might actually donate some money to Berger I feel so strongly about this

Caster is for Sale...He Says

We have got to get rid of the self-serving crook Caster as soon as possible. The selfish jerk says nothing of serving the people. He cares only about himself and collecting checks.

Berger on the other hand is the exact opposite, he's out fighting for taxpayers and talking solutions to issues that matter to people's lives.

Berger might not even raise any money at all, he's so focused on helping people and good, clean government. Caster is a bought-off political floozy who has been connected to gross corruption for 20 years. He's a career politician and crook and his quotes say a lot about who he is and who he cares about...not you, not me, that's for sure.

Berger may not be a smooth talker, but he's the real deal and so unlike any politician and certainly so much better than caster in every way.

On June 22, vote for Brian Berger. Heck, throw him a ten-spot if you can. Talk to your friends. And then, on June 22, fill your car and go vote for Berger.

And Bill, PLEASE RETIRE. Don't be selfish for once in your life...just Retire. Anyone who has any morals whatsoever knows Berger is the right choice and Bill needs to go far away (or to jail) and never come back!!!