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Bev Perdue elected next Governor

The governor's race is over. On a night when America elected its first African-American President, North Carolina has elected its first female governor. Bev Perdue was leading big with the early voting, but Pat McCrory's votes came in throughout the night. McCrory conceded to the current lieutenant governor, shortly after 10 o’clock on Tuesday. McCrory is the seven-term mayor of Charlotte, but results showed him trailing at home in Mecklenburg County. Perdue will also be succeeded in the state's second-highest office by fellow Democrat Walter Dalton. Dalton maintained roughly a four-point lead over Robert Pittenger throughout Tuesday night.

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If I remember right, NC has

If I remember right, NC has only had 3 republican governors in its entire history. It's no suprise Perdue won. But this doesn't have anything to do with yankees moving down here and voting democrats in. We've always tended to elect democrats to the governors office. Of the governors of the last 30 years, (Jim Hunt, Jim Martin, Jim Hunt again, and Mike Easley), only Jim Martin was a republican. Everyone seems to be complaining about how bad things are going to be with democrats in charge in Washington. But really, times have been absolutely terrible under the republicans in DC. We are no safer from terrorists after 6 years in Iraq, the deficit is at an all-time high, the financial markets are in the toilet, energy and food costs have skyrocketed, etc. - all under the republicans that so many people seem to adore. I just don't understand how you guys can say how bad things are going to be once the dems take over. Things are awful right now, and the republicans brought us here. The republican party is really going to have to do some soul-searching after it was so widely crushed all over the US on Tuesday. A majority of Americans no longer believe in the party's direction.


NO SAFER FROM TERRORISTS? I must have missed the last attack...was I asleep? I WOULD agree however, that Bush, along with BOTH Democrats and Republicans in office have been the WORST when it comes to personal liberties and freedoms....the ball has started to roll on stripping us of whatever they feel necessary to "protect" us.

How many US soldiers have

How many US soldiers have been attacked by terrorists in Iraq? How many embassy bombings and tourist destination bombings have there been? I'm talking about worldwide, not just here. Terrorist attacks on Western targets have increased worldwide. It's probably just a matter of time until they attempt something here at home again. Just my opinion, that by attacking a Muslim nation based on false intelligence, we have inadvertently stirred up a hornets nest of anti-western hate. Even other Muslim nations accepted why we attacked Afghanistan. But by attacking Iraq, we have given the extremists ammunition in their misguided belief that we are an evil nation that is a threat to Islam. It makes it easier for them to recruit new soldiers and suicide bombers. There will always be terrorists, and we should defend ourselves against them, no matter where they come from. But we are seen as a bully by much of the world, and the extremists will use that against us. I too have been concerned with the erosion of our personal liberties. The illegal wiretapping and people being held in custody indefinitely without a trial or even being charged with a crime. Scary. Big Brother is watching.

Stupid Yankees!

Stupid yankees move from up north to get away from high taxes and then they vote democrat morons in here that will raise their taxes. Can someone explain that to me?

You can thank

You can thank straight-ticket voting for this. People who voted for Obama probably don't know any better..........

Re: You can thank

How uninformed can you be? Straight ticket voters had to vote twice: once for President, and once for straight party voting. Straight ticket voting had nothing to do with Bev Perdue winning. It was because she is the more qualified candidate and the voters agreed! Now, quit being ignorant and go read a real newspaper (the StarNews doesn't count.)


crap! And you thought "Tax-Hike Mike" was bad, we've not seen anything yet!


I guess we ARE as stupid as the rest of the country thinks we are!

Now this is funny. You

Now this is funny. You people say you want change. Yet you elect the same people back into the NC legisalature that spent the last four years ruining it. Incredible. Congratulations. North Carolina, our once proud and noble state, is now the laughing stock of the United States of America.

Go Home

If you do not like the way North Carolina is run then take yourself back to where ever you came from. From an original North Carolina girl.

I was born and raised in

I was born and raised in wilmington, north carolina. Been here all my life (30 years). Therefore, I don't think I should be going anywhere.

mccrory beat Perdue in the Debate

if anyone saw the debate and voted for Perdue, shame on you...if you did not see the debate and voted on Perdue, shame on you...McCrory would've been a good Gov. Our Loss! Thanks for nothing!

Oh well

Exactly. The voters of this state and the country will now have to live with change! Unfortunately, that change will not be what they expected! So much for people educating themselves before they go to the polls.