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Big drug bust in Wilmington Tuesday morning

A big drug bust took place Tuesday morning by the Wilmington Police Department and State Bureau of Investigation. Ashley Ricks and Kathryn Williams are now facing a number of drug and weapons charges. The two 21-year-old women are being held on $1 million bonds, as is a third suspect, Lamont Stevenson of Bolton. Police found 2,200 tablets of ecstasy, 18 pounds of marijuana, 11 guns, and $28,000 in cash at a home on Lennon Drive.                            

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Accoo, Andre

He is a Corrections Officer at Lebanon Correctional

Interesting that one needs

Interesting that one needs 11 guns with only 6 hands. Obviously, there is/was the potential for violence in this "drug ring" which leads this reader to believe there is more to this story or other connections to be made. Do the guns end up in Mexico, traded for narcotics, perhaps? How many lives have been taken in Mexico (out of sight out of mind) if that is the case?? These charges only lead me to believe that more was occurring than just peddling party spark and night club fever by few. The rest is up to the legal process... which will undoubtedly turn up bigger fish. Folks, these are high value perps' with leverage to be had. "You tell us who you get your drugs from, and where you obtained these weapons, and we will see to it that you still go to college before you're 30..."

Walk in our shoes.

Until you walk at least 600 miles in my/our shoes then you have no right to chastise anything about why we CHOSE to do what we did.

On behalf of us three

We live and we learn... we make our own decisions and we learn from our own mistakes. We take responsibility for our actions and we admit that what we did was wrong. Noone can judge us but the LORD..and yes, we can be forgiven for our sins. "Rotting in Hell" as some of you say is not what we will be doing. We will be living in the glory of God. WE are HIS CHILDREN and he will NEVER leave or forsake us! Those of you that had negative comments..its okay we still love u guys to! We will pray for you and pray that an opportunity will open for you to become closer to the Lord as it has for us. For those of you still living in the past.. thats why you are having problems..u need to get over it and live in the present. Grow up. Remember the game telephone that you used to play when you were little? Thats what you all remind me of. We will continue to hold our heads high and make the best of every situation. Thank you to the TRUE friends of ours that have continued to love us UNCONDITIONALLY (thats real love by the way) and pray for us and our families. We will come out of this stronger individuals and I hope that others can learn from this. Soon there will be someone new for you all to talk about, so we take no offense to your ignorant comments. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


Why don't you tell us which one of you 3 is posting? As the post above you is 1 of us. This would be comical if it wasn't for such a waste of youth as well as the crap you were going to put out on the streets. Hope you learn right from wrong while incarcerated. And I am glad you found Jesus before getting jail time religion. So no, GOD BLESS YOU!

lil comical Lisa

Honey WE feel sorry for you because you are so ignorant. It seems to US that you need to find GOD... and do you even know what jail time religion is?? OH WAIT u must have been to jail before...NO? oh okay well u must be perfect WE said before GOD BLESS YOU. And grow up...oh ur already an adult? oh well thats just sad.


He/she spoke for all of us. Why would it matter which one said it? We all feel the same way. And I hope you understand as where we were caught... there will be another person following right in our footsteps picking up right where we left off. The drug trade wont cease because we are no longer there to profit of of it, it will continue just like any industry that has supply and demand. We have admitted our faults and have seen the light of our ways... ALL OF US. And as for jail time religion... maybe it took something so serious as this to make us closer to GOD but doesn't everyone go through trials and tribulations that cause them to seek guidance. Even NA and AA call for a higher power. Obviously we are not incarcerated and are still following in the path of righteousness, striving to get closer to the LORD. If you have a soap box please get off of it. We are trying to do the best that we can with the situation that has presented itself. Most people would understand that words of scarcasism and negativity during this trying time is only showing where you really stand with the lord. I know one thing... We all will come away from this stronger and better people. “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)” See all is not lost. There is hope and if anyone can make good of a bad situation its US!

Why don't you tell us why

Why don't you tell us why you chose to do what you did? If you want to set the record straight, here is your chance.

Are you allowed to have

Are you allowed to have shoes in prison or is it just the laces they take away??


I could walk 600,000 miles in your shoes and never be as stupid as you were to make such a decision. Nothing like this is worth a fast buck. Try getting a real job like the rest of us and stop being lazy. Maybe you will grow up in jail.

Walk in your shoes?

You're not going to seriously argue that there was a justification for choosing the life of a felon, are you?

Re: Walk in our shoes,

Sorry, not that stupid. But, the time you're getting in FEDERAL Prison just might make you think twice about the choices you make. Bye-Bye felon.......

and you would know how much

and you would know how much time WE are getting because of how? and since when are we federal? Right... didnt think so!

"He who is without sin

"He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her." That is for all of you "perfect- little angels" out there who have never said anything mean, never did anything wrong, and have always been nice to everyone you have met along your path. Anyone who can say they lead a life like this, than please throw the stone. A message to Whiteville people - get off Katy's case. High school was a long time ago and if you are still hurt by actions or words in high school - then you need to get a life.

The Government

People, people, people. Don't you all get it. It's the governments fault for taking our rights away as parents to punish our children. You can't raise them like in the olden days where we used belts and switches. Now the social service takes them and allows the foster families to do that and get paid for it. So the children become angry for what has happened to them and commit crimes and go to jail. Then we blame the parents. Give us back our rights to disipline our own children.Children throw in our faces that if we hit them they will call the police. Well let them and let the police tell them that we are only helping them not to commit crimes. As for us supporting these criminals. I think instead of them sitting in jail they should be made to work off their crimes. A jail should be built with a big building attached so the criminals can learn to sew clothes to give to poor people, learn to work on cars and have the public have their cars fixed for free to give back to us for supporting them. Let them fix the holes in our roads. Hard labor for them would make us feel better.There are plenty of senoir citzens, disabled people and grandparents raising granchildren that can't do all the work they need to do in and around their homes. Make the crimminals do it. Don't you agree people? And the most important part is not to just let them out of jail with nothing to offer them cause it only leads to more crime for them to get back on there feet. They should not have a place to live to get out they should have a job also. And jobs shouldn't ask if the person's been in jail, cause some want to work to get their lives back and they can't cause they have crimminal backgrounds and can't get the job so they give up and go back to crime to support themselves and their families. Do you agree? That is what needs to be changed.

Dear Concerned Citizen.....

Get off of your soap box.


So very, very sad that their life is wasted at such a young age of 21 years. I will pray for all of these families. I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2009 and God Bless. Thanks, GG


I read the comments from those of you who "know" Katy and chastised everyone for being so hard on her. I knew her too. In fact I knew her a VERY long time, and she got exactly what was coming to her. Those of you who “know/knew” her are probably headed down the exact same path she is, and just haven’t gotten yours yet. She was not particularly nice, she was not particularly hard working, and everything she had in life was basically given to her. She came from a pretty well-to-do family and could have really made something of herself, but instead decided to get wrapped up in this crap. She's always made bad decisions. This wasn't her first one, so please don't argue that "one bad choice shouldn't determine the rest of someone's life." She made years of bad choices. I hope they throw the book at her. Maybe then she’ll get the time to figure out how to straighten her train wreck of a life. However, I must thank you Katy Williams. You have given your old classmates and Whiteville enough fodder to feed to gossip mills for the next several years.

WELL SAID. She's still

WELL SAID. She's still feeding this gossip over 3 years later! It just made my day when I thought about the "where are they now" aspect of our growing up. Katy was a real piece of work, and I'm glad to see her face in that mug shot.


Green is not an attractive color on you ... Obviously you didnt "know" katy. And Im sure you're a little miss (or mr miss) perfect and have never ever ever done anything wrong or made one bad choice your whole life ( you just havent got caught) ... please. the real people who "KNOW" katy and love katy are going to be here for her, no matter how bad things get. People like you are just what the "gossip mills of whiteville" feed off of. Your life must be pretty boring to get excited about stuff like this.


I am assuming by "Green" you are refering to the old phrase "Green with Envy." Why the hell would I be envious of Katy? I'm not in jail. Should I be jealous she gets to be locked up playing hide the soap bar?? Also, I haven't done anything so bad as to land me in jail. I knew katy...I never said I loved her...far from it. Lastly, I'd rather my life be boring than have half of my hometown laughing their asses off at me while I sit in jail :-) Deuces!

Too bad, so sad

Unlike the rest of you, I knew Ashley. I went to school with her. She's smart, pretty and she is a great basketball and soccer player. She had the resources to much more for herself than this. From what I could tell, her parents were always very supportive of her ... I guess what I am trying to say is that, yes, Ashley and this Katie laid the bricks for themselves, and now they have to walk the path they have chosen. It is a terrible situation, but the girls are guilty ... I do symathize for the families, but some people are enablers, as stated by someone else on here - some people are being too critical and harsh ... Lets just hope that this will bring these girls to some reality and maybe even serve them a big helping of humble pie.

I also went to school with

I also went to school with Ashley. I find this very hard to believe coming from me knowing her. Yes she is very smart, very good athlete, intelligent young lady. I never would have thought this of her. Her mommy and daddy did everything for their little girl, but I bet you they want get her out of this one. She has screwed up, so she deserves what she gets. She made her bed so now she has to lay in it.

Already too many in jail

The problem is, as I have said before, we now have a prison industry in this country. It does not serve the common good to send non-violent criminals into this industry. And as long as drugs stay illegal in this country, there will be too much cash to be made for the trafficking to stop! Until it touches someone you love, people blindly led by the government like Guest123456 will continue to be self-righteous about the situation. Guest7969 says that drugs are destroying lives, which is true. But, wouldn't it be better if there was no black market for the dealers? I mean ... take crack for instance, it was dreamed up purely to make cocaine more profitable. If the money incentive wasn't there, it would have never come about. How about our children? Would they be a target of dealers if there wasn't any cash to be made from them? Could addicts get help they need if they didn't have to worry about going to jail? And what about the people going to jail, are their lives not destroyed too. But as it is, too many people on BOTH sides are making too much money. Even ultra-conservative William Buckley Jr advocated the legalization of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Heroin, that's just crazy you say? ... Not really, the fact is, 100% pure heroin is a benign drug, it is additive, (which is a very good reason not to start taking it) but it's not until (because of profit) it gets mixed with everything from drain cleaner to talcum powder that it becomes deadly. So wouldn't it be better if someone was addicted to heroin, they could get pure heroin? If I take an aspirin, I want it to be aspirin and not some white substance mixed with a little aspirin then sold to me to make a bigger profit. (sounds like China doesn't it) I bring this up for a reason. Look at the news of our city, people are dying at an alarming rate. They are not OD'ing from drugs, they are OD'ing from bullets, which is a by-product of the black market drug trade! Do I believe that drugs should be legalized ... maybe, I would say at least marijuana should be. It is de facto legal in the Netherlands, and the percentage of users there is the same as here. (With teenage use actually being lower) So I don't think it would make usage increase. The main thing I'm saying is this .... "Put them all in jail" ... is not working, except for some self-righteous rednecks ... racist ... and the people making money on it. At the very least, this country really needs to get a grip on the difference between violent and non-violent criminals, and punish them accordingly, but not together!

"Pushover" is an understatement...

comments need to be succinct. you need to get a blog. see how we can all articulate what the world needs? what does your half-coherent tirade about the criminal justice system have to do with this article? seriously, livejournal, blogger, tumblr...any of those will work for you. also, a person with 11 firearms in their place of residence is not exactly in that category of non-violent drug offenders. they need to go to jail. and i am a supporter of individual liberty and legalization across the board, so please don't write another manifesto about it for me. i'm a sociology major, ashley was in one of my classes. all i ever got to know about her is that she had REALLY BAD BRAIDS in the beginning of the semester and she was disruptive and rude before class almost every day and then played on facebook the rest of the time. i don't know her enough to say what kind of person she is, but by the way she behaved, i was not at all surprised about this. But, she does have a family and friends, and i do feel sad about the fact that she made terrible choices for herself. judging from these comments it's clear that a lot of people love her, and i am sad for all of you, too. i sincerely hope she figures out where she went wrong and works to better herself. my heart goes out to her.

I agree

You hit the nail on the head. This is a hypocritical system sustained for profits. It has nothing to do with protecting people or making lives better.

Legalization and Buckley

I just wanted to clarify a couple things (as I understand them): What William F. Buckley wrote and spoke publicly about was how "The War on Drugs" was not working, how it was costing the U.S. Taxpayer billions of dollars a year in what is a growing government bureaucracy which was only driving up the street price of drugs and in turn fueling an untaxed underground economy. Of the three drugs you listed, the only one he advocated absolute legalization of as a benign, non-lethal drug was marijuana. He did however mention as in his address to the New York Bar Association the added lethality of impurities in street mixtures of cocaine and heroine; he went on to cite the number of deaths attributed to impurities in bootleg alcohol during prohibition. Anyone who has ever known anyone addicted to heroine or cocaine (or alcohol for that matter) would never call them harmless or safe. I think the central point to Buckley's point was to break the economic incentive for the criminal element in the drug trade. The same way revoking prohibition on alcohol, taxing and regulating the sale of alcohol brought an end to the organized crime and violence associated with Prohibition. The bigger questions we have to address are why people do drugs, how to control it, and what if effective and what isn't? We do need to look at the U.S. experience and lessons from prohibition on alcohol as alcohol is also a drug; a drug with a large lobby that has it's own form of addicts (alcoholics) and problems (drunk driving, domestic violence, etc.). But just locking people up and throwing away the key isn't a solution!! We can not AFFORD to take large numbers of American Tax Payers and make them into Tax Burdens on society. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year on the War on Drugs including funding law enforcement and interdiction in the U.S. and giving foreign governments like Colombia and Mexico money to combat the drug producers in their countries. What Buckley advocated was removing the incentive for the criminals by removing the potential they'd have for profit.

except for some self-righteous rednecks ... racist ...

It seems to me that your not above making bigoted comments about people you don't know. Your comments about heroin being a safe drug, if used in pure form, are incorrect. It is a highly addictive drug, and user's have to constantly increase dosage to achieve their high. The fact that they lose their jobs because of drug use and inability to perform job functions leads to crime to finance the habit. In time, addicts become heavy users and fatality is commonplace. "Withdrawal, which in regular abusers may occur as early as a few hours after the last administration, produces drug craving, restlessness, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea and vomiting, cold flashes with goose bumps ("cold turkey"), kicking movements ("kicking the habit"), and other symptoms. Major withdrawal symptoms peak between 48 and 72 hours after the last does and subside after about a week. Sudden withdrawal by heavily dependent users who are in poor health can be fatal". Prisons are for people who can't or won't abide by society's laws. Violent or non violent makes no difference. All know the penalties for their actions, but choose to become involved in illegal activity. Nonviolent pushers are just as dangerous as murderers, and they're killing our young people. "It is de facto legal in the Netherlands, and the percentage of users there is the same as here. (With teenage use actually being lower) So I don't think it would make usage increase". The Netherlands is actually moving to eradicate the drug trade because of the violence and horrible consequences of the users there increasing the crime rate. The reason jails aren't working are the relatively light sentences being handed out in the courts, or probation after serving only a fraction of their sentences. Other countries that have severe penalties have very low drug offenses. The end results of legalization would be the collapse of society. Prisons are there to punish criminals regardless of the type of crime. If people choose to do the crime, then they must do the time. Why do you think they call it "dope" anyway.

katy and ricks

I miss u guys :(

Do NOT Pray!!!

Do not pray for the welfare of these people. Boy, I have never seen so many people want to have prayer for thugs and drug dealers. It blows my mind that you would even think to do such things. These people chose the life they are leading. They didn't just stumble into the quantity of drugs they had, which means they have been doing this for a while, the whole time, thinking they were smart enough not to get caught. They all think that and they all eventually get caught. If there is enough to make this a federal drug case, then they should because prison time means prison time. If they had sold ecstasy to your child and your child got into a car crash and died, or overdosed and died, would you asking for prayer for these thugs and saying they just made a mistake and went down the wrong path with the wrong people. What you should be praying for is that the district attorney, lawyers and the judge once involved, all make the criminal justice system do what it is supposed to do, and that is put away felons so they are not able to leech off society!!!!