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Big top takes shape at airport

READ MORE: Big top takes shape at airport

Lions, tigers and ligers? That's right, folks. The circus is in town.

For more than 30 years the Cole Bros. Circus has been a part of the Azalea Festival. It is the oldest big top circus in America. Every year it gets bigger and better. This year there are more than 150 people and 40 animals involved in the production.

"It's very exciting," ringmaster Chris Connors said. "The second half of the show is very different. The whole show is different than it's been in a few years, so if you come to the circus and you go the elephants are on the show's over... No no no. Don't go far and don't go to your cars I say don't leave till you hear the bang of the cannon."

There are a lot of aspects about this show you can not see anywhere else. The first show was today, but the circus will be in town until Sunday.

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That is not entertainment

In this day and age I find it difficult to believe anyone would enjoy these majestic wild animals being reduced to a circus-freak act. These animals belong in the wild, not a cramped train car, not in shackles and certainly not in a big tent being whipped into submission by the so-called handler. What goes on behind the scenes is even worse. I encourage all viewers to read up on the many violations and animal cruelty charges which have been brought on by this "Circus of Cruelty". It's just morally wrong that we treat animals this way.


Where is americas spirit? these animals are not being subjected to animal cruelty its all for the fun!! the CHILDREN to enjoy...whats wrong with you animal haters? The circus doesnt abuse them...what are you guys thinking?GET REAL!!! ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE NEGATIVE PEOPLES THOUGHTS!!!! GROW THE ---- UP!!!

why not turn

the lions, tigers, and liger loose downtown and let them weed through the street weasels and panhandlers? Then they can move on to the projects and survey the 3:00 AM gatherings of dealers and users.

After a week or so of gorging, they should be ready to take on Raleigh & the Legislature.


I so agree - even as a small child, I never saw the entertainment value of a circus, and always felt so sorry for the unnatural things the animals were taught to do for people's entertainment. It's just WRONG!

...And just like clock work,

...And just like clock work, the activists emerge. So you think that the "Zoo" we have is any better than the circus? I don't see anyone fighting to shut it down and "release" the animals back to their natural habitat.