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Biggest drug bust in Columbus County history lands former police officer in jail

It's being called the biggest drug bust in Columbus County history. After seizing thousands of dollars in cash, and a hefty amount of cocaine, the Columbus County Sheriff's Department is relieved a drug trafficker is now behind bars. With the help of the F.B.I., they finally cracked down on their suspect. Carl David Wright is a former Tabor City police officer. He surrendered on Friday. The sheriff's department recovered almost $250,000 in cash, and nearly a kilo of cocaine from his home. Today, they sifted through the money and drug paraphernalia. Wright is now facing over eighteen counts of drug trafficking. Sheriff Chris Batten of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department said, "This is the largest quantity of cash and cocaine that I recall in Columbus County history." Additional federal counts are likely still to come. Wright is being held at Columbus County jail in Whiteville under $1 million bond. The sheriff's department says Wright will be charged and treated like any other drug trafficker in our state. He is awaiting trial.

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Hoke co

Enjoy your stay in Hoke co once you are convicted.

columbus county's biggest drug bust

I am thrilled that David Wright was caught. He should have known better. He was caught for the same thing in 2002. They should lock him up and throw away the key. He was a former police officer and he should have known better. He was probably dealing drugs whenever he was an officer. And to think that he was doing all this right near a high school. I think he should be charged with that too. He has contributed to a lot of lives being messed up with this evil way of making money. He certainly does not have a conscience or he would not have made a living off of other people's weaknesses. Disgust is putting it mildly the way I feel about him and all drug dealers who prey on the young, innocent, and weak. The wheel of justice may turn slowly but it does turn!!!!!

I missed this story, is

I missed this story, is there any video for it or just pictures?