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Bikers avoiding Myrtle Beach, going to surrounding areas for Bike Week

READ MORE: Bikers avoiding Myrtle Beach, going to surrounding areas for Bike Week
A push to keep bikers out of Myrtle Beach has motorcycle enthusiasts moving north, and that's just fine with businesses in the Tar Heel State. It's Bike Week and the motorcycles keep coming, but this year, there's one place they aren't going. “I think it's spread out all over the area, except Myrtle Beach,” said James Nickles who like many, is boycotting Myrtle Beach. The South Carolina city usually hosts Bike Week as the summer revs up, but this year Myrtle Beach passed 15 new rules and regulations such as stricter muffler rules and helmet laws. Bikers say it’s keeping them away. “The way it looks, they're doing a real good job of it because there's no bikes down there,” said Patrick Locklear. With many bikers boycotting Myrtle Beach for the 2009 Bike Week, North Carolina natives say they're happy to welcome them to the Tar Heel State. “Every night we're leaving here we're obviously exhausted, but the excitement is there and all the employees are happy to be doing it,” said Janice Noves, co-owner of the Beach House Harley Davidson. Bikers have shown their appreciation in large numbers, but dealerships aren't alone. Local fire departments used the event as a fundraiser. ”Greatest group of people we've catered to ever, they're really happy we're here, they like the food, it's, I think, good for both sides,” said Art Thompson of Grissettown-Longwood Fire and Rescue. Sunset Slush of Shallotte helped many of the bikers cool off. “The one's that have been here all week have been wonderful and receptive and like I said, we're just looking forward to next year,” said Laura Scinto of Sunset Slush. The feeling seems mutual as many of the bikers say they tried to avoid Myrtle Beach altogether for this year’s Bike Week. Even those who drove through the city said they wouldn't stop to spend any money.

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Shock at Cancellation of Bike Week

We vacation yearly in Myrtle Beach and were shocked to see the signs posted everywhere that bikers were not welcomed this year! The whole atmosphere has changed. I used to love walking on Ocean Blvd. at Dusk, but now, you didn't dare for fear you'd end up in one off the fights the cops were breaking up nightly. If you were driving anywhere on Ocean Blvd. the cops on bicycles were constantly pulling people over. My children exclaimed how "scarry" the place semed at night now. We went to our motel and stayed in. I don't know if we will ever be going back. The people of Myrtle Beach should have been happy to have the bikers come- they have excluded a great group of people, and now they seem to be running the place into the ground.

Not a Dime in 09 Again in 2010!

My husband and I (late 40s, business owners) used to make the Spring HD rally our vacation, the only one we got. We were respectful, generous, law-abiding, safe riders. We will NEVER set foot in MB again. Like so many other posters said, if you don't want my money in May, you're not getting it any other time. Old MB that still wants to be the working man's vacation spot has lost out to new MB that wants to become a snotty, over-priced golf and retirement community. Hope the waitstaff at area restaurants enjoy the grey-hairs looking for the blue-plate specials and giving out those great 50 cent tips. Now the retirees can sleep at night, what with all the closed and silent businesses. Way to go, Mayor Rodent!

Too bad myrtle beach

Not a dime in 09 or any other year until they recind the "STUPID LAWS" the they put in place. If my wife and I want to park both bikes in one spot, that should be our right as US citizens. I will not be back during or after bike week. My family won't be back during or after bike week. I will try and talk any friend or aquaintance out of going to myrtle beach. I am the worst nightmare of the myrtle beach totalitarian government! BOO! El Doggo

I was there to work

I flew down to M.B. to work for a parts company. Our sales were down about 100K from last year. Very disappointing, can't believe a mayor would want to lose the revenue when so many folks are losing their jobs, homes, and businesses. Now the working man will have to make up that revenue in taxes. It was obvious to see who runs that town. I go to quite a few rallies, and this was the worst one I have ever seen. not sure I will even step foot in M.B. again, and I doubt the company I worked for will be there again either. Obviously the mayor does not represent the majority of his citizens.

Bike Week not only loss for us

My wife and I come to Bike week every year for 10 days. We spend over 2500.00 for the period in MB. We also have brought the kids down for a summer trip for a week in the past spending approx 3000.00. Then we come again in the Fall for 4 days, again spending about 1000.00. We make about 100,000.00 a year. That means we spend 6.5% of our gross income at MB every year! We no longer plan on doing that! We will come in the Spring and stay in SurfSide Beach out of MB City. Multiply that by 500,000 bikers and that comes up to a huge loss for MB City. Next year the residents will be complaining about the tax increases. But we will still be biking somewhere else spending all that money.

Bike Week 2009

My husband and I with his family come down to Bike Week for the second year in a row we are all law abiden people not trouble makers we come down to have a good time and enjoy going to all the vendors and some R & R on the beach I know how much monies all 3 families brought with them and I want to let MB also that not only did we come down in May for Bike Week but we also come down in July with my whole family with our children and our grandchildren which accounts for 6 familes when Mister Stupid (Mayor) got on TV running his mouth about it was our faught that the businesses in MB were suffering please don't you dare insult the inteligents of those business owers because you are on your way out buddy and beleive me you will NOT BE MISSED I have already cancelled my vacation in July there you may check it out if you like NOT 1 DIME IN 09. I was stayiny there in May and in July at the Caribbean and cancelled both THANK YOU to the PEOPLE of SURFSIDE you were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will stay with you again I will never go back into MB as long as that mayor is in the office that is a PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go visit this site

I can not believe I just heard on TV MB saying come visit MB. everyone needs to go visit and let then know what a joke this is. How they do not want everyone to come visit. let's stick to "NOT A DIME IN 09".

Bring it to NC

I live about 45 minutes from MB on the NC side and my husband and I also ride a bike. I hope that all the locals in NC stay out of MB all year, that go's for Christmas shopping, Show's and any other special event that you may have. I plain to support NMB and the other city around MB. Let the mayor and the citizens pay higher tax's now that they don't have the bikers money. When they see what they lost and want us back I say H*** NO. If you don't want us now then don't ask us back when you wake up and see the money you lost. Let all the retired on fixed incomes make up the difference they are the ones that wanted it quite. I say Bring your money to NC.

Bikers and others

I saw where MB Hotels and Motels had low prices of 39.00 to 29.00 for rooms. They were that low since no one was stay in MB. I don't ride any more but that doesn't mean I will go to MB. My money can be spent in NC or somewhere else. I hope the Mayor gets kicked out of MB. for his great ideas.

bike week

I hope Myrtle Beach goes broke.......I have a large organization that attended in years past for bike week.We are lawyers, policemen, doctors and city officials ourselves.But we will never spend another dime in your city.......

I have been going to bike

I have been going to bike week for 5 years. This year I decided not to go. When I went to MB I never had any problems. Im a police officer and some time they were a little crazy during Black Bike Week and Harley week.(Im Black) I can tell you that most of the problems comes from individuals being immature in cars. The cars bring one of the big complaints of loud music and heavy traffic. The event is Bike Week not Car week. Most riders just want to ride and enjoy the sights. MB during either bike week has always been a blast. And yes there are some of us who like to rev are engines. The problems could have been worked out with out going to great extremes. The bikers and the government have room for improvement. Before these stupid laws if the added $10.00 room tax for help with law enforcement and trash removal), I would have paid it, because MB was just that good. The mayor won't get relected and Both bike week will be back with some changes. 1. no cars on the strip from 6pm to 12 pm or side streets (motorcycle's only) 2. Hotel tax. for law enforcement( because of a few ignorant and immature people. 3. strip closed from 3am-7am. peroid 4. tickets for those revving there engines like knuckle heads in the wee hours of the morning. 5. no alcohol sales after 12 am ( works well in my city) 6. any arrest for serious felonies barred from the city for life. 7. any arrest for disorderly conduct and drunkness will be helduntil tues. After the events are over. no getting out to repeat the same offense. With stiff fine. 8. up your fines for arrest, make them pay the price for being stupid. disorderly conduct $ 1000.00 fine period. 9. littering $750.00 fine. some of you may bash me , but I dont care, lets go to NC the will take our money. i'm not going back.

2009 bike week

Myrtle Beach officials have really screwed the business owners this time....They have lost millions in revenue and the Myrtle Beach police officers harrassed everyone that visited this weekend.We did not come for bike week, but we heard elderly golfers, and all walks of life commenting on the harassment and ridiculous tickets being written with outrageous fines attached....I guess these dumb officials have to get their revenue from tickets now.....

The beginning of the exodus

Since kids, my family has visited Myrtle Beach every summer for 3 weeks. In 1973 we opened a business there, and made Myrtle home. Unfortunately, due to the choices made by the Mayor Rhodes and the members of the city council, we closed our doors last fall, and have moved back to North Carolina. From what I have seen in my time there, is it isn't the locals that complained about the bikers. And definitely not the businesses. But rather, it is the "immigrants" from the north atlantic coast, also known as northerners. They chose to retire in places like Myrtle Beach, and other similar locales, which is fine. But then they want to change everything because it doesn't meet their view of their personal retirement plans. And somehow, the powers that be, think that is ok. It now appears that the powers that be underestimated the home grown influence, or over estimated the influence of the "northeners". Guess we will see come election time. Maybe when Rhodes and his ilk have been booted, Myrtle Beach will once again be a place that takes care of its own, and welcomes ALL the people that put it on the map for the last 70 years.

I can't believe your

I can't believe your blaming the northerners for the loss. Wake up .. northerners that ride bikes love the south for the straight, flat roads, and the weather. It was the mayor and the cops..sorry but any biker with half a brain wouldn't even stop in MB ever again, well maybe to use the restrooms, and throw away some travel garbage.

Bike Rally 2009

My husband and I are not bikers. Neither is the couple that we usually vaction with. This is the first time in 20 years that we have not made the trip to MB for Bike Week. Kudos to those that also stayed away! Kudos to those that championed other area towns. John Rhodes, you and your cohorts brought this on yourselves! It wasn't the economy, it wasn't unemployment, it was your own stupid decisions. If it is left up to the business owners in your area, I don't think you will be in office much longer. Last year's estimate was I believe 750,000 bikes, and let's see what maybe half of those bikes had two riders. Let's see your golfers make up for that.

2009 Rally

My new Motto "I did not and will not spend a penny in the City of MB". My friends and I had a great time at MB bike week in Surfside SC and at Murrells Inlet. The old SBB was awesome. A nice ride around MB on the 31 Bypass was great Our stop in Little River (HB Spokes) and to North Myrtle was great. The Mayor of MB and his "Gestapo" made it very clear that they did not want me in MB. The roadblocks and new regulations were too much to take. QUOTE: Charles DeGaulle You start out giving your hat, then you give your coat, then your shirt, then your skin and finally your soul.

Bike Week< NO MORE FOR ME!!!

This was the second year I have attended MB bike week and it will be the last one for me! The hot shot mayor is now trying to blame the bikers for the lack of monies spent last week. He says it's not the city counsel's fault that business's lost revenue. Wake up there "JUNIOR",we didn't outlaw bike week you BIMBOS did. I did not spend a dime in the city!! I hope the group that got their way is never elected to a political office again, if they are, the folks of MB you get what you deserve!! "NOT A DIME IN 09" Mr. Mayor

With the way the economy is

With the way the economy is going, you will see a change in MB within the next couple years. The businesses in MB wanted us there, it was their local government that didnt. When a new bunch of officials are elected you will see them singing a different tune

I doubt it.

I doubt it.

You are probably right...but

You are probably right...but if the people of MB do what needs to be done, it could happen. I know several business owners in MB and none of them are happy about what has happened. They all have said they will elect someone different next election....and the MB bike rally will be a huge part of who they elect

bike week

Guess MB only wants blue hairs and golfers. Looks like they are trying to improve their "image". Bahaha yeah that will work.

Bikers.. You ARE welcome in NORTH Carolina!

I was in Myrtle Beach today, driving down from Wilmington (and headed back in a torrential downpour). Going into Myrtle Beach, I used the 501 Bypass to the backside of Conway and took the 501 back from Broadway at the beach. We saw a very few vendors, and plenty of car traffic but there were fewer bikes in Myrtle Beach today (and North Myrtle Beach) than there normally are. It was bike-deserted. If Myrtle Beach was trying to get the bikes out, I can attest they did a very fine job achieving their goals. Regardless.... I am not a biker but I can say that a place does not make a party. The people do. And I would MUCH rather spend a week of hearing mufflers AND welcoming the revenue from visiting bikers than to let SC have those millions of dollars spent during Bike Week... Let them stay and bring Bike Week to North Carolina!

YAY for the Bikers!!!!

I congratulate them all! we need the business, and they are the greatest crowd of people you will ever come in contact with! I say MB's loss is our gain! I don't blame any of the bikers for snubbing them!

bike week

We have been going to Myrtle beach for 7 years. We are both professional people and we came this year to possible purchase a home for retirement. Instead, we looked in the Surfside area and have not yet made a decision. We might very end up in either Florida or North Carolina. If South Carolina does not want us, we have to take a second look at retirement. Strange, when I was in the Marine Corps in 1965 to 1971, S.C was happy to see me. Am I that bad because I ride a bike. I thought that is the reason that I went to war, for the right to be free.

First & Last

This was our first trip to MB bike week and it will be our last. We made our reservations before we found out about all the ridiculous laws that were being imposed on bikers. We usually go to Daytona and thought we would try something different. Never again. We couldn't relax because of being nervous about getting pulled over or trying to find a way around that we wouldn't have to ride through MB. What a shame because our condo was awesome at Atlantic Breeze Ocean Resort and I really enjoyed the beach. We will spend our money at the little town rally's where bikers are welcome. We just got back from a weekend in Sandusky, Ohio Bike Week. What a blast, bikers were welcome. It put a shame to MB bike week.


I was just planning a trip for our family in July. They love the beach but we are tired of Florida. Thought we would try something different and see Myrtle Beach. Glad I stumbled on this site. Any place that doesn't welcome bikers doesn't deserve ANYONE'S business/$$$. I will look at North Carolina now. Thank you all!!

Re: all this above

whoa whoa whoa... ya'll were seriously mislead and that WAS intentional folks! Glad I stumbled upon this.

Fact: Bikers are welcome in all areas surrounding Myrtle Beach. One never has to lodge, ride or whatever IN the city of Myrtle Beach; ever. Not going to Myrtle Beach shouldn't disuade you from attending the Rallies... Seriously thats silly.

Fact: Myrtle Beach did everything it could to piss you (bikers or riders) some of you told them to F!@k off and came anyway. Some of you bought into the dis-information campaign.

Fact: We're still here and prepping for our 2010 Spring Bike Rally erm... 70th Rally year. You can imagine that tradition was a bit hard to put down!!!!

North Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Longs, Conway, Shallotte all BIKER FRIENDLY, less congested, safer, and less retentive.

The rallies happened in 2009 in spring and fall
and the rallies will do the same in 2010, we'll leave it up to you to support them or not. Cheers.