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Bikers get used to new helmet law

The number of annual motorcycle deaths has doubled over the past decade. A new state helmet law is aimed at changing that. Motorcyclists must now wear helmets that pass specific federal standards. Before, they could wear any helmet they wanted, as long as they had head protection. Helmets now should have a DOT approved sticker on them. All of the helmets sold at the Carolina Coast Harley-Davidson in Wilmington pass the federal standards. "I was of the school, you know, it's your choice of what you want to wear but in light of seeing a few of my friends have a couple mishaps and unfortunately get injured," Jeff Granato said. "I've changed my mind about the way I think about wearing head protection on motor cycles at this point. I think it's a good thing." Not everyone supports the new law. Yesterday, a group of protestors who say the law is invasive circled the Governor's mansion.

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New Helmet Law

I support the new helmet law. Wearing the proper safety gear on a motorcycle is very every riders responsibility and now the law. A helmet saved my life many years ago. I will never ride without one or a fully approved DOT helmet. Now lets see if the new law will actually be enforced, lets hope so.

More Protests Planned

If you missed out on any of the freedom rides in 4 counties which attracted about 250 helmet protesters on New Years Day, there will be more in 2008. Paul Revere Rides in ALL counties on April 18th to gather people to Raleigh for a Patriots Day Rally April 19th. This sets the stage for a mass ride around the legislative buildings on Opening Day on May 13th, followed by the 2nd Annual East Coast Helmet Law Protest and Freedom Ride at South of the Border on May 18th. For updates and details check Full Throttle. To schedule a freedom ride, anytime, in your county, post it at the Cruising Calendar at To learn about fighting helmet tickets go to Any motorcycle enthusiasts who take the government side in forcing a helmet onto BIKERS, wear your helmet if you like, but Don't Tread on Me!

I hope they ride so loud the

I hope they ride so loud the people inside can't hear the person next to them talking. This whole thing goes a lot further than just helmet laws. We elect these officials to represent us in congress, but it's funny how laws that are made or not done so with the majority in thought. You cannot trust our government. They are nothing more than a bunch of idiots looking out for themselves. The ONLY way to get anything done is to hope that what you want done is either something your Polit. wants done or if something happens to that Polit. (like being stuck at a light to long) and he now wants a change

Should be a rider's choice

I've been riding for about 15 years. 99% of the time I would wear my helmt, even if there was not a law mandating it. I wear a DOT skull helmet. I don't like the full face helmets and won't wear one. Statistics do show that wearing a helmet does NOT help a rider that much when going under 30MPH (or 40MPH, I couldn't find the link again). Over that speed, the helmet makes a huge difference. Eitehr way, I think it should be the riders choice to wear a helmet or not. As far as seatbelts, I always wear my seatbelt. I also understand the law behind it. Wearing seatbelts do impact other drivers around you. Seatbelts help keep you in your seat and somewhat stationary so you can keep control of your vehicle. Try going too fast around a curve without wearing your seatbelt. It's a little difficult staying in your seat. Do the same thing with your seatbelt on and you will see it is much easer to stay in your seat properly and keep better control of your vehicle

mandatory helmets

Since the writers are so willing to sacrifice another American freedom to save lives, I know that they would be willing to sacrifice one of their own freedoms to save lives. Since the vast majority of auto accidents are head injuries, why limit the protection of helmets to a small minority of vehicles? Let's mandate helmets for ALL vehicles. That would save far more lives than just mandating them for motorcycles. Common sense would dictate this. We could save even more lives if we outlawed cigarettes. It is common sense that they kill and the state should be able to take away informed freedom of choice on this issue as well. If the state made this choice for us, it would save far more lives than auto and motorcycle accidents combined. The nerve of people thinking that we should bear the "burden" of their medical bills. While we're at it, alcohol kills even more people. The nerve of these people thinking that that they should have informed freedom of choice to drink alcohol. This freedom should be taken away and the choice should be made by the state. Oh yes, we did try this once and freedom loving people rose up against it. Sound familiar to the fight for freedom of choice regarding helmet laws. There should also not be any freedom of choice on eating fatty food as well. Health complications from this cause more annual deaths than motorcycle and auto accidents combined in a decade! The state should take the individual's informed freedom of choice and make that decision for them. The nerve of people thinking that we should have to foot the costs of their medical bills. The bottom line here is that it is not helmets that is the issue, it is the HELMET LAW. If it is right for the state to legislate the risk out of life for one group, it will be right for them to legislate the risk for all. Is this the direction we really want our society to go? This is still America, isn't it?

thats fine. ill ride in south carolina.

I like the helmets you guys are calling Tupperware bowls! I find a very simple solution to this problem: ride to South Carolina. :) I believe safety first but if people don’t want to wear DOT approved helmets, I don’t think they should be forced to. It’s the same as riding a motorcycle with shorts and flip flops! Next law-only wear DOT approved chaps and boots. Come on, give me a break.

Most harley riders do

Most of the harley riders wear Tupperware bowls painted black as helmets because they are too busy trying to look cool. If your head is only worth five dollars, get a five dollar helmet. Me, I'll always wear my full face helmet.

DOT info

Hmmmm... Well,The manufacturer determines that their helmets meets the DOT standards under federal motor vechicle safety stanards (FMVSS)218, or you can check out ANSI standard Z90.1 . Have a nice day!


What planet was this? I've rode a Harley since the early 70's and I never encountered anyone of us wearing tupperware for a helmet. I have and still wear a DOT approved half helmet because of visability issues. It's also rather nasty when a bee gets into a standard full helmet. If I wanted to look cool, I would wear a Viking helmet. I think you must be jealous because we won't let you ride with us.

not even close, bug eater

Don't you mean push with you since that is what harley owners say? "I'd rather push mine than ride rice." Yep, those Honda's are made in the foreign county of Ohio. Give me a break. You are trying to tell us you don't see a majority of harley riders with helmets that have the sticker novelty use only? I'd rather ride with smart safe people anyway.

Just as I thought

Yup Guesty 'ol boy, just as I thought, you must be on another planet. No where did I say or elude to what I see or don't see or where Hondas are made. I simply gave a response to your flame. The only reason someone like your self would come out flaming a group of people is because of some emotional issue you have with Harley riders. Frankly I could care less who wears what when and where, including seat belts nor do I care what you ride or push.

just adding

I was just adding to the typical harley mentality. You know, ride to live, live to ride?? When you buy a harley, you also have to get the car front license plate, rear window sticker, harley toilet paper, ceiling fan, bed sheets and t shirts......oops, I forgot about the tattoo. You are not telling the truth if you are saying you have not heard that statement made by a harley rider. Again, I'd rather ride with safe smart people anyway.

This will put an end to

This will put an end to "skid lids" or thw worthless decorative helmets that weekend warroirs (yes the Harley owners that trailer their bikes down to bike fest and only ride on the weekends..) proudly wear.. That is the "in-between helmet".. And there is no in-between.... Either you are fully protected with a DOT helmet or not protected at all... Either of which should be the bikers choice... My reasoning? Many of these Harley weekend warriors are to ignorant to realize that a skid lid offers no protection at all... And as for the guy from the bike shop on market street giving stats about a 30mph collision and a helmet not saving a life? Get an education... Your stats are uneducated, unfounded, and you are 70% MORE likele to survive a crash under 40 mph by wearing a DOT approved helmet......

Who in the world rides their

Who in the world rides their bike 40 mph?! I would take my helmet off at that speed for the lack of air supply in that DOT approved full faced helmet. Plus, who doesn’t love bugs in their teeth, or the occasional random object/insect in the face? Haha those are classical moments no matter how long you’ve been riding.

helment law

I belive people should mind there own business if you dont want to wear one dont we all are capable of making our own decisions without others help

Helmet laws

Personaly I think its stupid not to wear a full face helmet, I don'nt have one yet but by god am I gonna get one I had a DOT approved helmet but after a friend got hurt that has changed my mind alot about riding, and with 2008 just started I'd love to see 2009 with all our friends and family NO MATTER HOW STUPID I LOOK .........Being cool is being alive.

Helmet Laws

First let me say I think Helmets are a good thing- been riding quite a while but basically what you have in the helmet law and the seatbelt law is individuals who are telling me what I can do- as a 40plus yr male- I think I am wise enough to make that decision. Question- How is me not wearing a helmet affecting you? Its not- doesn't give you better gas mileage- doesn't impede your safety at all- Same thing that goes for wearing a seat belt-- Its my car- how does me not wearing my seat belt make you unsafe. Just another way for government to interject where really they are not needed- It is a smart thing to wear a helmet and yes wearing seat belts have been shown to save lives but having government make all of your choices---- give an inch- they take the ruler. Just a reader speaking his mind...

i kinda agree

i agree with you because it is true but when you get in an accident and you have to be put into a hospiital and then if you don't recover fully then you go to a facility the government pays to keep you in the facility and the people pay for it too because they give the tax money that is used even if their tax money was supposed to be used for the war in Iraq?

You said it perfect!

Helmets and seat belts do make you a little safer, I agree. There dose'nt need to be a law so the Government can take my money though. They get enough of it already! You are only as FREE as the seat belt around your neck. It is just a money scam. Same with helmets. I seriously doubt the police will come to my funeral when I die. With or without a helmet or restraint. KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF MY BODY!!!! Speeding is what kills people!


"How is me not wearing a helmet affecting you?" Stops your brain from being all in the grill of my truck.

Or my taxes

And keep my taxes from going up once your family can check you out of the hospital but are even more brain dead and have to go on welfare because you drool too much to work. Trust me on this one folks!

The way to fix that problem.... to end the nanny government. The problem isn't his not wearing a helmet, the problem is us reaching for our wallets when he becomes a head of cabbage because of severe cranial damage. It's not our problem - it's his! Hold people responsible for their own actions, and stop funding the bail-outs for their life decisions.


Yessir! I agree 100% and hope we can get that started.

Guest 999 tailgater

Don't follow so close and you will have no worries.