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Bill banning texting while driving off to Senate

A bill barring North Carolina drivers from text and e-mailing is closer to the governor's desk. The House gave its final approval Thursday to the ban by a vote of 104 to 5. Violators could face a $100 fine. Bill supporters say the ban will discourage highway accidents and help prevent driver distraction. The bill would provide exceptions for police and rescue workers. It now heads to the Senate.

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How can they Police Text while driving and prove it

How are police going to be able to stop this. If you drive by them and are looking down or maybe if you are holding your phone up in the air- how do they know you are texting- Making cell phones illegal in cars- Thats a better law but trying just to stop texting - Are you kidding.... Are you going to take my phone away- I dont think so and with that its a I saw you law that would not hold up in a court of law-


Why didn't they just ban all cell phone use while driving or require hands free devices. How are they going to prove that your were sending a text message unless they are right next to you? Oh I know, after someone gets killed in a motor vehicle accident they will look at the phone records and see if a text message was sent. Good intentions but not much thought given to it.

Such a waste of paper, time

Such a waste of paper, time and money. People are still going to do it.

It's easy. Have the cell

It's easy. Have the cell phone companies remove the text messaging function from their service. This may take the Supreme Court to make that decision, but it's about time our traffic safety rules over a text message that's "just got to be typed" while driving!