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Bill Clinton to visit Whiteville


Just days after Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited Wilmington, her husband will campaign for her in our area. 

The town of Whiteville is gearing up for a visit Wednesday from former President Bill Clinton. He's scheduled to speak at the Whiteville Train Depot at 5:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. No tickets are necessary.

Mr. Clinton also visited Whiteville for a speech near the end of his presidency.

Tune in to NewsChannel3 tonight starting at 5 for coverage of the former President's visit.

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Whiteville white... Whiteville is too Southernly conceited to ever vote for a black man anyway.. Many of the farmers had slaves and sharecropers and there is a distinctive division between black and white.. No granted, all races in Whiteville get along, but the white crown will always hold dominance.So of course the small town will endorse Billary... Lord forbid the day they ever see a Harvard educated black man... But that is what one can expect from a small farming community.. And for the record.. I am white as rice... People should be ashamed for basing race on a choice...

Walmart Killed Whiteville

Walmart just finished off the town of Whiteville when it came to the boom times during the Clinton and early Bush Administration. Walmart was in the stomping the Mom&Pop business out of business in this town in those years and it has not recovered. Whiteville used to be full of charm and small town friendliness. Now it it an old person from up North yelling "How are ya?" when you walk into Walmart to make you feel like you are near the small town charm that once was. HILLARY CLINTON USED TO SIT ON THE BOARD OF WALMART!!! She helped to shut your town down and make it Dusty pizza hut, burger king alley.

Hey Main Street Cruiser

Ok, I guess that Barack Hussein Obama banned cruising from downtown too. I believe that the Whiteville City Council was responsible for the ban on cruising. Also, the lovely economy we have (the real reason other businesses are not making it) can be blamed on the Bush and McCain administration. You see, it is the Bush administration that continues to give major tax breaks to big ole Walmart corporations while doing nothing for Mom & Pop businesses. By the way, have you seen the facts about the companies or slumlords where Osama Obama has accepted donations in return for "small favors"? Here's one for you: We need to get back to the "Before Bush Economy" we had in the past. Hillary Clinton is the only one of the 3 candidates that can get us back to that. Vote for the BEST choice based on ability, experience, and ideology instead of race or sex.

Hillary needs to win

Hillar will make a wonderful president. Bush had done nothing for this country except put us more in debt and fill his bank account and the insurance companies and drug companies bank accounts. Vote for Hillary for our children's sake.


Big whooptie Whoo.... maybe Monica will be under a table or maybe he will want to close more military bases again.. Perhaps he wants to be impeached again. Yes.. he WAS impeached but not removed from office... I think tyhe Clinton administration has already done enough damage in a lifetime...........

watch it

At leasts when he was in office our country was not as in debt as it is now. Bush has bankrupted this country just like he did his companies (sp) when his dad bailed him out not only once but twice in his life. What Bill did was morally wrong but he did not do what most men do which is get away with it. I think Hillary will help the hard working people of America who deserve a break from the high insurance rates and help all of Americans to get the medical care they need. Hillary could stand up to Bill so she can definitely stand up to congress and get them straightened out too. That is my opinion.

she will help....

Yea, she will help.... Help herself to your wallet! How do you think the medical care will be paid for? Magic dust?