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Bill would put limits on towing

READ MORE: Bill would put limits on towing

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Walking out to find your car has been towed away can ruin your day, but relief could be on the way. If a bill passes the state legislature, it would help put the brakes on some towing frustrations.

Even the owner of Rosak Towing admits tow truck drivers are not exactly the most popular people.

"There's the good tow truck guys and there's what we call the bad tow truck guys. The good guys change your flat tire and tow your car to the shop. The bad guy is the guy who's towing your car away and repossessing your vehicle," Robert Rosak said. "I'm the bad guy."

But even this "bad" guy says new regulations are necessary.

"I think it's a good idea," he said. "I think it needs to be enforced."

If the bill passes, it would put limits on towing from private lots in certain areas of the state, including all of New Hanover County and Jacksonville. Cars could not be taken more than 15 miles from where they were parked. Adequate towing signs would need to be displayed. Towing companies would be required to charge reasonable fees to get people their cars back.

Joseph Durgin has been towed from Downtown Wilmington several times. He's had to pick his car up in Castle Hayne.

"It's just ridiculous," Durgin said. "Storage fees. They might damage your car. They're not responsible for it. Pretty annoying."

And if towing companies do not follow the rules, they would be the ones getting fined.

The bill has already passed through the Senate, and it will be voted on by the House later this week.

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You people are halarious...

As I sit here reading your gripes. I find it amusing that most of these posts appear to be from people that have suffered from their owm stupidity. Although there are companies that do have shaddy practices, the one's that hve been around for decades do not operate that way. I myself have had dealings with most of the towers in our area & they are respectable. Some are not, so I avoid them. Bottom line is towers abide by laws/regs just like we do. If that tower that supposedly remove the scooter illegally, did so then the police should have charge them with motor vehicle theft. That's the law. So there is more to that story than was told. No tower can legally tow your vehicle without proper consent, whether it be from the property owner/manager or law enforcement. It boils down to idiot drivers doing idiot things, you play you pay. If it weren't for idiot drivers in this town, we would not be #1 in the state for accidents. Tow driver's doing their job is not the root problem. Wise up!!!

earls towing

Amazing how people sit and watch people gripe, but let something wrong immoral happen to them or family/friends, and your ugly @/// gets up out of that chair. There needs to be some sourthren hospitality and understanding. There I am sure some cases where people illegally park, but hey stupid....oh sorr:-) :-) :-) :-) alerted to put your real name there. Let me inform you you don't stay in business in this town and continue to piss off enough OR SHALL I SAY THE WRONG PEOPLE. John russ Earl Chambers Rozak Kirby Don't do business like that. And pops didn't set anything in the towing business....... deal with it

Living on the Beach

I live on the coastal beach region. Despite plenty of signs about trespassing, private homes, private parking, and towing enforcement, people drive in back of our homes and park right in front of reserved owner parking and use our beach access. I've asked drivers to move, they've refused, and when told we tow they get furious. "You had better not" is the usual answer.

Perhaps a few days in jail for theft and trespass would be more effective than towing. The tow truck driver always gets the brunt of the abuse when he neither illegally parked nor trespassed.

I don't doubt however that sometimes towing is a mistake. Its just not the norm.

About Time

It's about time they regulated this mess. They get away with all kinds of crap with no one to answer to

Here's Towing for Ya!

My son rides a scooter,one day at his work his scooter was stolen.He filed a report with WPD.The scooter was found 3 days later in Castle Hayne on the side of the road. A towing company found it,and instead of notifing the police ,they towed it to their yard. When they did call the law my son was told it was at this company's yard.He had to pay over 100.00 to get it off their yard. That seemed fair,I think not. Why did'nt they call the police 1st. So they could call us next to come get it. It's all a racket as far as I'm concerned.It had a locking gas cap,so it ran out of gas and they left it there. There was no investigation of who or what. Case closed. The victim pays! Don't get it.

which company

Which company picked up the scooter and held it ransom? Would be nice to know so that I could not do business with them.


a novel idea...instead of the government sticking their noses where it doesn't belong...HOW ABOUT ADULTS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND NOT PARK WHERE YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE PARKING...NOW...I understand if the area isn't marked, etc...but if it has a sign...TOUGH!! any time the government puts its nose in a business of ANY type...things get screwed up and NOBODY wins on either side...

First-hand experience

Has taught me that these companies get away with a lot more than they are supposed to. Ridiculous prices, horrible customer service and shady practices are common. And no, none of them are as simple as parking below a No Parking sign. So, before you make ignorant assumptions such as that... Think about the possibility that maybe they are doing something wrong. Unless you are one of them... which just validates the need for regulation


I have NO DOUBT that some of them are crooks...but that goes for ALL industries...the bottom line...if you are stupid enough to park in a parking lot...most of which are PLAINLY marked, probably deserve the drive of shame to a distant land to get your car I SAID BEFORE...if it isn't marked's kinda crappy to get towed...but MOST areas downtown are clearly marked unless you just aren't paying attention...

and for the record...I don't work nor have I ever worked for anything related to the auto repair/towing industry....