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Biodiesel facility to be built in Wilmington

A new biodiesel facility has just been approved to be built in Wilmington. The new production plant will be built at the Wilmington state port. Construction is expected to start in about six months. Employees of the state port say the plant's processing is not harmful, and that there is minimal danger to residents. The new facility will hire people from the community to build and staff its plant, creating 22 new jobs. The construction is scheduled to be completed by 2010. The company chose Wilmington's state port to build the plant, because they believe it will provide the best access to the US east coast and European biodiesel markets.

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Ethanol is not good for mileage.

If you get 25 miles per gallon. you will get about 20 miles per gallon if 6%-10% of Ethanol is added. I am a Gas/Diesel Truck Driver, and I was told about this. I did also tested it.

ethanol stats

I don't think all those ethanol stats are quite correct. Business week had quite different statistics. Check your facts..


Following facts revealed on CNBC's "Fast Money," 5/27/08 * One-third of the American corn crop this year will go to ethanol production. That will provide only 3% of our fuel needs. * It takes 1700 gallons of water to make one gallon of ethanol. * That one gallon of ethanol also requires 51 cents in tax subsidies to be produced. * Experts now agree that ethanol production is going to INCREASE greenhouse gases, as forest land is cut down to make room for planting corn. * Corn production has displaced wheat and soybean production, directly causing a broad rise in food prices, even foods that don't use corn. The amount of corn being diverted to ethanol production is affecting animal feed, causing price increases in beef, pork, poultry, milk and eggs. When all that is added to the fact that you still expend more BTUs making a gallon of ethanol than you recover by burning it, it's pretty obvious that ethanol may be the biggest house-of-cards to come along in a long, lonnnnggggg time. Let's hope biodiesel gets the production kinks worked out quickly, because ethanol is obviously doomed....

I will use it

I will buy the bio-fuel as long as they don't jack the price higher than the diesel fuel cost.

As opposed to ethanol....

...biodiesel actually has a hope of becoming a common fuel in widespread use. In all honesty, however, the industry is having some incredible birthing pains. The best plants (high oil content, but inedible) grow in the most out-of-the-way tropics, but shifting a large portion of the industrialized world's temperate agricultural land to growing high oil content plants is going to cause other agricultural shortages. D1 Oils PLC has seen their stock plummet ninety percent after they concluded that biodiesel production would never be profitable for small producers. They sold off their processing refineries, are now concentrating on the pure science end of the industry, and formed a partnership with BP to explore the feasibility of large-scale production. Even with all the start-up problems, however, I think the industry will eventually take off. American companies won't face the same logistical problems that D1 faced, and if we can get over the nonsensical idea that we have to feed the Third World, we could easily adapt to growing less crops for food and more for fuel.

Ten bucks say that the enviroloons....

...are in court before year-end to stop its construction.


Yeah, and if everyone is smart they will invest this surge of money from the gov't (read stimulus payment) into stock. We have to do SOMETHING about this gas price thing. Almost .20 in 40 hours? Come on now, not THAT many people all of a sudden are demanding gas at the pump. Someone could make a fortune if this actually comes to save us from our own "need" for gas. Hmmm., but then again, isn't that what oil companies and drillers are doing now? Perhaps this whole new fuel is our children's (read next generation's)way to make millions off those that demand gas at the pump? Is this whole gas thing God's will after all? Just curious is all.