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Birth rate up, abortion down

2006 saw the largest number of births in the US since the end of the baby boom -- more than four million. And a recent study says the number of abortions is down nationwide. One reason is because the number of abortion providers is on the decline. That includes hospitals, clinics and private offices. Some of the latest date shows North Carolina rates abortion rates are at the lowest point since the late 1990s. This graph (right) from the Guttmacher Institute shows how North Carolina's abortion rates compare to US rates between 1973 and 2005. The orange line represents US rates and the pink line is North Carolina. As you can see, our state's rates have been lower, but more or less follow the national trend. The number of North Carolina abortions peaked in the '80s. While nationally, abortions were at their highest in the '70s. Linda Collins is a social worker who works with women who choose to give their babies up for adoption if abortion is not an option for them. Collins said, "Over the last ten years or longer we have seen a steady decrease in the number of birth parents who are actually wanting to make an adoption plan for their child." Collins says one factor of fewer people opting for adoption for unwanted pregnancies is it's more accepting nowadays to have a child and not be married. Despite lower rates, abortions are still happening. And researchers say there is a need to reduce unintended pregnancy. Next week marks the 35th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. The 1973 court case that legalized abortion in the US.

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How can we let the helpless

How can we let the helpless of all the unbron be killed where is the dif. befor or after birth. we are ALL the same a living person just a dif. size.


I am blessed that I have the choice. So many people want children, others have them with loving parents and some become a financial burden on the state, whether they live with the parents or not. For those of you that are so pro-life, how many of you have adopted children who are not wanted or simply not able to stay with the parent(s)? How many of you have taken financial responsibilty for another child from birth to 18yr.? Yeah, it's easy and FREE standing on the corner with your signs and shaking your finger, but reality is..people will have sex and there will be unplanned events in all our lives. By the way, I have two children and a grandchild. But I still had a choice!


I still have a very hard time figuring in a death to compensate for that "unplanned event". I haven't found a way to come to terms with it myself.....

i am thankful for that if

i am thankful for that if you dont want the child then dont do the deed

Birth rates abortion

Its good abortions are down its sad to think of all the young kids that int here today cause us grown-ups were to greedy to raise them.I was not willing to have a kid then I found out my wife was pregnant and we thought about aborting the baby.I am so glad we did'nt I love my son and can't live with out him.I love hearing him say I love you dad it brakes my heart.It is sad most people like we were going to have a abortion because we cared more about our selfs and are wallets then raiseing a kid.I thank God every day for giveing me my son and am ashamed I cared more about my wallet then if my son lives.Any ways if a parent wants abortion they should be allowed but take time to think.Because if we went through with abortion I would not see my little boy here today I love him so much.

Abortion should still be

Abortion should still be available. Why would any birth parent in their right frame of mind wish to live a life of unresolved grief wondering if their child is ok, how they are doing, etc. to a child growing up not knowing where they came from and having life long feelings of abandonment and rejections that affects every cornerstone of their lives. Social workers coerce birth parents to relinquish and/or don't provide the proper post-adoption information as they should. Adoption is a big money making business and innocent children are exploited to resolve a problem - them, the children. Before passing judgment in reading this post, considering reading the history about adoption from Ann Fessler "The Girls Who Were Sent Away: Before Roe Vs. Wade".....the truth is in this book and it's time that society becomes aware of the gut-wretching pain the adoption community lives with on an ongoing basis. Open adoption is not the solution, family preservation should be and resources set in place.


well written bunch of b.s you have there. Children arn't the problem, adults are, and abortion is murder.

Children aren't the problem

You're right children aren't the problem & abortion is murder, so what about being sterile(Tubes being tied) for the rest of a womans life. I feel that could be a form of murder,b/c the woman isn't being fare enough to let a baby be born into the world. I feel that needs to be a topic in the world news this day & time.

tubes tied

You can not be serious? So you are saying that an egg is a human? What about a sperm? Your idea is ridiculous. Women are born with over a million eggs in their ovaries. You think a woman should have all 1 million babies or it is murder? Man you need to learn about reproduction. There are too many humans on the earth, as it is the earth can barley sustain the humans that are here. There are millions of babies born all over the world by irresponsible parents that are starving. There are thousands abandoned on the streets in 3rd world countries left to fend for themselves at 2-4 years old. Yeah, let them have more, why don't you go get them all seems you are so concerned. If a HUMAN baby cannot be loved and fed and cared for then it should NOT be born, EVER.

Das....that has to be a joke

Das....that has to be a joke (the article you responded to). There is no way and mentally sane person would make such a comment

adoption vs abortion

"Children arn't the problem, adults are, and abortion is murder." NO children are not the problem unless they are unwanted then they turn into unsupervised future criminals and put more drain on the system. Murder? You mean like the Christian fanatics that bomb and MURDER the abortion providers? Seems like a stupid way to get the point across but i would expect nothing less from the ones that are always cramming their crap down everyones throats.

You should have been one.

You should have been one.

Babe Ruth had no parents.

Babe Ruth had no parents. How many other children were never given the right to exist and could have maybe found the cure for cancer, ended the Iraq war or never started it, saved someone's life, made someone happy. You are entitled to your opinion and it is respected by many people in this country. For every action there is a positive and negative reaction. I listed the positives. I am sure some of those children would have grown up to be pretty bad too. I would rather take the chance and have more children born. Children born who I can hire for work. We have a labor shortage because over 45 million people have been killed legally since the early 70's. It is the reason we have to let so many illegal immigrants in this country to fill jobs and make the economy grow.

Teen Birth Rate Up

I agree with you, but you do realize that by making that statement about abortion all of the anti-abortionist will be making rude comments toward us. There is only one way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, and that is just don't have sex. There will always be the need for abortion either legally or in the back alleys. I personally would prefer to see that women have the option of getting an abortion without putting their lives in danger, from butchers or anti- abortionist.

R U kidding me????

I feel in this day and age there are too many options in birth control and if you're not ready to become a loving parent, girls need to keep their legs closed and boys need to keep it in their pants. Babies are a blessing and should be seen that way! No matter how you look at it, that baby is still a living person right from the start.