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Bladen County commissioners okay selling of euthanized cats

Bladen County commissioners gave the okay Tuesday night to selling dead cats. County commissioners approved selling euthanized cats for educational purposes. Bladen County has a history of having too many felines. Now they will be sold for $4 each to a biological supply company, and vet students will be able to practice on them. In the last two weeks Bladen County has euthanized 22 cats. “This has nothing to do with inhumane treatment. This is at the end of the process. If the cats aren't adopted out and they have to be put to sleep, then currently they are placed in the landfill,” said Bladen County Health Director Wayne Stewart. “Instead of putting them in the landfill, this way they can help teach students, high school and college and vet students that go to Carolina Biological Supply are used as cadavers.” As of Tuesday night there were 38 cats at the Bladen County Animal Shelter and 20 dogs. Commissioners also approved a rate increase for animal adoption from $15 to $25, which includes a rabies shot.

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common you are nothing more than a weenie head.

why kill a innocent 'animal?

why kill a inocent animal when the have a better chancce o fbeing adopted than being killed STOP THE KILLINGS!!!!

Why kill fire ants or

Why kill fire ants or termites?

How many animals were

How many animals were adopted last month at the current rate? That wasn't part of the story. When you raise the adoption fees then the number of adoptions decrease. So, it looks like they are not really concerned about finding any homes for them.

...and as soon as the county's money gets tight....

...the time between pick-up and put-down will be reduced. Before long, pets will be being put to sleep because an owner was out of town for a couple of days. I sincerely recommend that all cat owners have microchips imbedded in their pets, and that they fight any proposal to reduce the time that cats are kept at the shelter before they are murdered.


Awwww "Common", I think we've found your soft spot! You like the Kitties? Never thought I'd see the day.......

I like dogs first, cats second

I firmly believe that any dog or cat is of greater worth than a human being who can't manage his or her own life successfully. That poor old senile dog that got shot the other day had more on the ball than half this country.


I have a handicapped brother that has a hard time managing his life successfully. Don't you dare compare the worth of his life with that of a cat! You want to argue against that point? Bring it on! That being said... I also agree with Common and have a problem with them putting animals down, selling them and at the same time raising the adoption fees. Anybody else see the irony?

I'm not talking about the physically...

...or mentally impaired. I'm talking about people who drop out of high school at sixteen, go to prison or have a baby out of wedlock by eighteen (maybe three or four more in the next ten years) and spend the rest of their life going from one catstrophe to another and sponging off society. They're not "handicapped." They're irresponsible idiots, and yes, a feral cat is of greater value than they are. The cat at least keeps the rodentia in check.

irresponsible idiots huh?

irresponsible idiots huh? you cant put yourself in someone elses shoes and go though what that person went though as a kid. some people had it bad like myself and had to drop out . your the real idiot here by the way and watch yourself you may find yourself in a tough spot in the future

Sorry for the late reply

I just now saw your post. Yes...irresponsible idiots. I don't care how bad you had it, if you made decisions that screwed up your life, then you have no one to blame but yourself. Life really IS that simple!