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Bladen County schools superintendent quits


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The Bladen County school district needs a new leader. At last night's school board meeting, superintendent Greg Killingsworth told the board he wanted to retire effective immediately.

The school board unanimously accepted Killingsworth's hand-written letter of resignation. It then voted to assign his duties to assistant superintendent Roland McKoy for the time being.

No word yet on why Killingsworth stepped down. The board hired him in April 2009 for the job, which he started July 1, 2009.

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So tell me BOE members and

So tell me BOE members and Dr. Faulk, your Superintendent resigns and suddenly Tar Heel Middle School's 2 teaching positions are posted? What does this say to the part time retired teachers that filled these positions at the last minute? Are you discriminating against Tar Heel Middle School, the Principal-Ms. Inman, or the retired teachers that are making a huge impact on our test scores? Why did you not post the other school's positions at the same time? Could it be that these positions are filled with people related to the BOE members, good friends, or coaches that you just don't want to get rid of? You have offended the town of TarHeel but it doesn't really seem like you care. Do you even have the students' best interest at hand or just your own personal agenda?

Check the performance

Check the performance records of every school that has had the benefit of having Mr Greg Killingsworth as a teacher or principal. There's your evidence of his character. I guarantee that your negative comments come from disgruntled employees that couldn't meet his standards or parents that couldn't control your kids. He's ticked alot of people off by enforcing policy and raising the bar of standards. I've known this man in the educational system for the past 30 years. I challenge everyone to look at the record and ask for the truth. Unfortunately it's our kids who suffer from this. We'll have quite a few seniors in the next year that would have been drop outs if it weren't for the intuitiveness, heart and educational passion of Greg Killingsworth! I guarantee you that if you look close enough you'll see Mr. K is taking the hit for a few other folks and will walk away gracefully to protect Bladen County. You walk away Mr K! AND when you do you hold your head high!! Let your record speak for itself!!!!

Well said! Thank you!

Well said! Thank you!

The worlds going to hell in

The worlds going to hell in a handbasket. Bladen County will be nothing but a bunch of drug pushing, corrupt thugs. Maybe if all of you monied last named folks, who wouldnt let even a superwalmart come in actually cared about Bladen County, you would do something about it. Do these thugs have something on you too? Some skeletons in your closets that you cant have let out and so you allow all this corrupt politics to go on? When those thugs gun one of your high society kids down then we will actually start to see a difference in Bladen County. Right now though they stay safe at their private and charter schools. Just wait though one day when something happens to a precious child of Bladen, you will all be then crying out and those of us who could do nothing will stand back and say "We told you so!"

Poor Leadership again

Had the "pleasure" to work for him in both counties - that's why I am no longer either place. Has no idea how to manage personel. Not surprising the "retired" - all the rumors must have been true.

As we used to sing in my elementary class - Sweetly Sings the Donkey Early in the morn.

Good Ridance.

You must be a teacher,

You must be a teacher, principal or educational employee that couldn't perform and meet the high educational standards that this man set and maintained. Did you get your feelings hurt because you were called out for poor performance? Check the records of every school that has had the benefit of having Mr Greg Killingsworth as a teacher or principal. I've known this man in the educational system for the past 30 years. He has NEVER put himself above anyone! I challenge everyone to look at the record and ask for the truth. I guarantee you that if you look close enough you'll see Mr. K is taking the hit for a few other folks and will walk away gracefully to protect Bladen County. You walk away Mr K! AND when you do you hold your head high!! Let your record speak for itself!!!!

This is a late comment, but

This is a late comment, but I think all of you need to get the facts instead of lipping off about everything. If the man left, nobody ran him away so it was on him. He's not taking up for nobody in Bladen County because things were going great before he got here.

Not only was that a late

Not only was that a late comment, but it also contained a double negative, you idiot! Get a grip people. Leave the man alone. He is a wonderful man who worked hard to ensure a wonderful future for your children! Shame on all pointing fingers and leaving these derogatory messages about a man who did nothing but try to bring your county into the 20th century!!

what are you saying

going great like the shootings at mc dees when 6 teen agers had guns on them ,thats going good

I hope you weren't a teacher

I hope you weren't a teacher because you can't spell and that is not an attack on you personally, just an observation of your writing skills. Perhaps Mr. Killingsworth had cause to handle your "personnel" issues in a way in which you did not agree.


Nope I wasn't a teacher - I am a teacher a Nationally Board Certified One with a real degree from a real college not a local one near Bladen County. Hope you can do better can to criticize a typo. But you gave it your best shot. I have an incredible resume with years of successful teaching experience. He helped me out a lot. Right out of both poor systems he was running - the Highway is much better than his way. Certainly did not hurt me - allowed me to find a dream job where I am respected and paid for the work I do. You might want to check just how many NBCT teachers there are on Bladen County - Evidently good teachers are not especially valued there - it is the politics of a man that really feels he is a great educator - NOT. Its all about the donkey - not the students. He doesn't treat others as he would like to be treated - could learn a lot from the golden rule.

BTW please find the error in the above communication - I put it there for you readers just like you find a place in life by trying to lower others. I am sure it will make you feel big.

Pretty good cop out...DUMMY!

Pretty good cop out...DUMMY! You did not purposely make mistakes. The Golden rule says do unto others as you would have do unto you! Seems to me YOU need to abide by this rule! Its not nice to trash people and nay say someone who has done no harm to you! WHAT A DING DONG YOU ARE!

The facts

This person just clearly made a "typo." It doesn't mean he/she can't spell. What goes around comes around. The facts are not known. Some of the people posting who worked in the schools should know more about Mr. K than the casual observer. Only he and the person's present in the meeting know why he suddenly "retired", quit, resigned, whatever the case may be.......
Guess what? there are teachers in many schools who don't have proper use of the English language, truly cannot spell and make other mistakes. They are human.

There is no doubt that this

There is no doubt that this is political. The members of the school board behind this might do well to remember the old saying that those who live in glass houses (elected officials) ought not throw stones. Having personally known Mr. Killingsworth for a number of years, I can say without a hint of reservation that the citizens and students of Bladen County have been done a gross disservice, not to mention Mr. Killingsworth himself.

new direction

we have to be better in selection process for these positions-it is a tough job. one question we should ask-why handled this way

Bladen School Superintendent Resigns

To Confused. If you think you are confused, what about Mr. Killingsworth. The meeting was on 10/11/2010. It appears he wrote the letter out during the meeting on that date. But notice, he dated the letter 10/12/2010.

Look at the writing used in the letter that has been posted; it appears that whoever wrote it must have been under considerable duress. Hope our teachers are preparing our students to do a much better job of writing.

Mr. Killingsworth from every indication has done a good job as superintendent; one would think, however that the board of education in the process of selecting a new superintendent would look for a candidate that has at least a few years left before he can retire. How many does this make we have went through since Mr. Hair retired. The education community of Bladen County needs a steadying influence in the leadership postition. We have got to get back to the days where superintendents, principals, and teachers have some staying power; it has gotten to the point that children have no stability at home in a lot of cases and there certainly doesn't appear to be any when they get to the school house.

I can just hear it being said, why don't we just change the principals from one shool to another? WHY? Please don't ever move Mr. Finn from West Bladen until he retires and we hope that is a long time off. But, again; that will be his decision as to when he retires. And remember, it was Mr. Killingsworth who brought him to us. One will probably never know exactly what transpired Monday night; but there is one thing for sure, Mr. Killingsworth sure picked a winner when he brought Mr. Finn to the West Bladen family. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Killingsworth and thank you for the 30 or so years of service in the public schools. Sorry it had to end at 10:15 pm in a closed session of the BOE.

Well said!

Well said!

Bladen County School superintendent gone

One prayer for Mr. McKoy; the word interim has been mentioned in connection with your new position, please God do not let him take any lead from another interim Bladen County Department head that was appointed back in July.

I never cease to be amazed!!

Why not go down the road toward East Arcadia and see what Billy Hair is doing? Seems like that was about the last stable superintendant that Bladen County had. On second thought I suspect that the politics would make him ill!


This is shocking news! Mr. Killingsworth has done alot for this countys school system in his short tennur as superintendant. Bladen County is strife with corrupt politicians! This is definately two steps back for the county after takeing a step forward hireing Mr. Killingsworth! The county should have begged him to stay!

Sieg heil

Confussed, hah!


What's all the confussion? Are you trying to confuss the situation.

Just like the Hatfields and McKoys: confussin' and confightin' all the live long day.

Say, that's about the same amount of time I've been working on the railroad.

Have you seen Dinah. I mean, have ya seen 'er?

Confussed. And it's all down hill from there.

Check out the line "strife with politicians."

C'mon, nobody has ever had strife with politicians, have they? I mean, have they now? Strife?

Politicians, eh?

And you say your county is strife with them? Isn't there some unguent, some salve, some cream, some balm, perhaps balm from Gilead, to help clear that matter?

"Strife with politicians?"

I think I'm going to name my next band Strife with Politicians.

Ladies and Gentleman, would you please give a warm welcome to Strife. With. Politiciannnnnnnnnns.

And just like every band that comes to the Mid South Coliseum, we start out with a great big Heelllooooooo Memmmmmmphisssss and go right into Dixie.

Confussed, hah!

Strife? All this strife is confussing me.

And the short tennur. Wouldn't want to get caught with your pants down on that one. OMG...that is really a short tennur. No wonder they had to let him go; have you ever seen such a short tennnur?

Seig Heil.....(translation: Well my book anyway)

Haha, God, I needed to read that! It was fabulous! Thanks for my belly laugh of the week. Think I'll go into the kitchen and have me some "strife" and "confussion" for dinner tonight...with a side of "tennur" for dessert....


When one makes a post on a public forum, especially one on the subject of education, one should check the presentation of it. There are nine glaring grammatical errors in the original post, and that alone discounts the opinion stated on this subject.

The Bladen County Board of Education has taken a huge step forward with this action. The only thing they should have done differently was to have made this decision long before now. This type of action would not have been taken lightly by the Board of Education, and Mr. Killingsworth is blessed that he was allowed to retire. Before all is said and done, I sincerely hope that his actions, along with those of others who may have helped him in his ill-conceived personal agenda, will be brought to public light, for then there will be no speculation or condemnation for our board. Too, it is worth noting that the entire Board of Education voted unanimously for this action; it was not a person – or persons – with a political agenda. The Board of Education acted as concerned citizens of Bladen County who have been elected to look out for the good of the students as well as the taxpayers of the county.

We all look toward the future with the hope and expectation that integrity will be one of the essential requirements of the next superintendent of the Bladen County school system.

He was turning bladen into

He was turning bladen into robeson county, hopefully his flunkies will stay in Robeson county

What does that mean?

What does turning it into Robeson County mean? What good or undesirable things would that look like? It sounds like it could be either one, but you haven't explained anything, only implied something--we don't know what--is going on.

Please explain.

It's about time!

Appearance can be deceiving. The only thing he has done for our school system is spend money. He was an unfriendly person who thought he was everything. He would walk by school employees and students without speaking or acknowledging them. It is about time his little scandal come out. Our county will be so much better off without him and his excessive spending. I am so glad he is gone! God answers prayer.

I totally agree with the

I totally agree with the above comment. Mr. killingsworth felt like he was to good to speak to employees---how can he expect respect when he won't even speak to his employees? Don't know why he is gone but Bladen County schools will be better off without him. Let him go somewhere else where he can buy himself all the "technology" gadgets that he wants and not spend all of Bladen County's money for himself.

Yes stay in the dark ages

Yes stay in the dark ages who needs all those technology gadgets, that might make the kids smart enough to leave the hick town they come from and make a better life, shame on parents that do not want their kids to better than them, be a better parent or grandparent.

What class?

The negative comment made by the person questioning the friendliness of Greg Killingsworth obviously falls within a certain class of people, which is, a disgruntled education system employee who couldn't meet his high standards or a parent who experienced the direct approach Killingsworth made in holding parents responsible and accountable for their children. Let his performance record speak for itself in each county he has served in! I challenge you to find where his efforts and integrity did not take the school or school system to another level. Seriously! I'm one who looks at the fruit, not just the tree. In other words, I dare you to find where this man has not exceeded his constituents in performance passion for his job. Buying himself gadgets?? I kept up with his vision for Bladen County and the students. He was attempting to pull them up to meet the future and empower the school system, teachers, principals and employees to meet the challenge.
If there was some indiscretion involved I think if you look real close, Greg Killingsworth took the fall for a few people. Let your life be put under constant scrutiny and microscope!

Again, let his record speak for itself!

Why was he escorted out by a school resource officer?

If he retired, why was he escorted out by a school resource officer?