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Hollywood hypocrisy

Under normal circumstances, reaction to a situation like this would be rather uniform: A 44-year-old man has sex with a 13-year-old girl, allegedly after plying her with champagne and drugs. He is indicted on six charges, including rape by use of drugs, child molestation and sodomy. He eventually pleads guilty to the lesser charge of unlawful sexual intercourse. Then, after being released from a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation and learning he would be sent to prison for a couple of months, the man leaves the country, hiding in public overseas for more than three decades.

Under normal circumstances, reaction to a situation like this would be rather uniform. But there are not normal circumstances here, because the man in question is a famous movie director; part of the Hollywood elite. And instead of there being public outrage that Roman Polanski has eluded justice for more than 30 years, actors, filmmakers and other movie-industry types have expressed outrage that prosecutors in California are trying to get Polanski extradited to face the penalty he has more than earned and that he has eluded for so long.

Martin Scorsese.

John Landis.

Tilda Swinton.

Woody Allen.

All people who have expressed support for Polanski after he was arrested in Switzerland earlier this year. How can they justify that? I mean, maybe I can see Woody Allen being in his corner, given his personal track record with children. But how can some of these same famous people who are such vocal advocates for so many worthy causes say they stand behind a man who admitted to having sex with a child? How can they say, as Harvey Weinstein said, that Polanski is being treated like a "common terrorist"? How can Harrison Ford accept an Academy Award for Polanski while he brazenly refuses to answer for his crimes? How does this make sense?

I don't think I'm going out on a limb here. I believe in the criminal justice system and that if you plead guilty to something you need to pay the price. Polanski claims his cases was mishandled. So obviously the answer is to flee the country and when you're arrested 31 years later pay the $4.5 million bond and live under house arrest in a Swiss chalet, where you can have parties for your friend, right?

I just don't get it. How does this guy get any compassion? And don't tell me about the victim now saying she's over it. That's great for her if it's true, but it doesn't release Polanski from his punishment and the additional crimes he will surely face for being a fugitive. Nothing can justify what he has done the past 30 years. Nothing. Don't believe me? Imagine that girl was your daughter.

By: Kevin Wuzzardo


I couldn't agree more. He deserves to be hauled out into the middle of town and shot like the sorry, no-count piece of crap that he is. Hollywood elite are nothing but a bunch of needy, narcissistic, twits who think that because they're really good at entertaining the unwashed masses their opinions have some relevance in the real world. Pathetic. And for the record, if it was my daughter they would never find the body