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Keeping kids from president's speech is uneducated

By now you surely know of the controversy surrounding President Obama's speech Tuesday to school kids across the country. It has caused many parents to complain about not wanting their children to hear what he has to say, fearful of the politics that might crop up.

"I don't support gay marriage. I don't support abortion," one parent told NBC News. "There's a lot of issues that he's in favor of that I'm not, and I don't want that shoved down my kid's throat at school."

Yeah. Because savvy politicians with an army of handlers often use highly-publicized speeches to kindergarteners to promote their support of gay marriage and abortion. Are you kidding me? Regardless of what you think of the president, and I have often criticized him and his administration in this blog, you have to realize that this is just the latest bit of partisan polarization and ignorance. It was a knee-jerk reaction fueled by the folks on the margins as usual. The speech was never meant to be political. I find it highly unlikely that Mr. Obama and his staff were going to stick in a line that said something like, "Stay in school kids, and tell your mom and dad that if they don't support health care reform, you'll likely die a slow painful death." Don't believe me? Read the speech for yourself. You'll probably find it's very similar to the last presidential speech to students, given by George H.W. Bush in 1991. Back then it was the folks on the left margin who criticized an otherwise innocuous speech, which, like Mr. Obama's, was full of words aimed at motivating kids to focus on their education and saying no to drugs. Three years before President Bush's classroom visit, Ronald Reagan did throw politics into a speech to students with a criticism of taxes. It surely was not the right forum for such a thing. Of course, in the days before the power of cable news networks and fiery talk radio hosts, probably no one noticed.

Some people point the criticism of Mr. Obama's speech to plans for related educational materials that included students coming up with ideas of how they "can help the president." Oh, no. Not that. The problem is not asking students to help the president. It's that their overpoliticized parents can't stop preaching rhetoric long enough to realize helping the president also means helping the country. During his inaugural speech, John Kennedy implored his fellow Americans to "ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." It sparked one of the greatest periods of public service in our history, and it doesn't matter that Kennedy was a Democrat or even a Kennedy. The speech worked, because it inspired people.

Look, I think parents should have a say in what their children are exposed to at school, and if you truly find something troubling or offensive with the speech, by all means, keep your kid out of it. That is your right as a parent, and one you should take very seriously. But to preemptively bar your children from a few minutes of a back-to-school pep talk from their president (yes, their president, yours and mine -- it's how the Constitution sets it up) without first knowing what he's going to say, well, that's just irresponsible. The same goes for schools and school districts that have decided not to make the speech available to their students under some blanket decision. I'll bet many of these same schools and parents have no problem bringing in some sports figure to make a stay-in-school speech to the kids. In fact, some of those moms and dads probably get a little jealous of the children being in the presence of their own heroes. The White House does need to take some blame for this. It should have made the text of the speech available well ahead of time to give parents plenty of time to review it, but it didn't. Another PR mistake by an administration that keeps tripping over its own feet.

The bottom line is that it's never a good idea to close anyone off from the public discourse, especially your kids. My parents taught me and my sister to be inquisitive, to search for answers and to make our own decisions in life based on what we found through our experiences. The newspaper on the breakfast table, the discussion around the dinner table and the newscast on the TV were ways for us to know what was going on in the world. They gave us the opportunity to gather the information and form our own opinions. At some point you should give your children a chance to do the same.

By: Kevin Wuzzardo

the audacity of some of

the audacity of some of these parents to block the leader of our nation, just because they voted for someone else or 'he's black' sickens me to death....he is our leader and our president and is neither black nor white not muslim....but a huge mix of all...what is wrong with people here???????? a northerner trying to understand southerners

School speech

Wow, my kids seen it and survived! Anyone who wants to reinforce my children staying in school more power to them. They are the future so all you people who don't understand the speech..did you go to school? The big question, did you graduate? What do you do today?

anybody home??

What kind of moron thinks the President is going to talk about abortion and gay marriage in a talk to school children??? Geez, how stupid can you get??? Certainly does prove the uneducated part- and not only uneducated but completely lacking in common sense!!!!!

The Speech

The speech would of been better served if a few words had been changed and it was directed towards the lazy, welfare/foodstamp recepients who live off the working peoples taxes. But NObama can't do that, it would go against the welfare intitlement programs he supports. As far as the children hearing this speech, I have no problem with it. I would just like to see him say that to adults, instead of government programs for the entitlement thinking people. "A Government Big enough to Give you everthing you want (or need), is Big enough to Take everything you have (or want, including your Freedom)"

Are you so ignorant as to actually publish this article?

Perhaps you should get more information on what the original speech was about before you insult my intelligence with such a stupid article.


Any parent who objects to their kids having our elected President speak to them simply has control issues. I'll bet most of these idiots voted for Bush the second time, had no problem invading and killing off tens of thousands of unarmed 3rd world women and children so they could continue to pay too little for gas at the pump. The only good news is that this political party, the GOP, is so small and so misdirected they have absolutely no control of anything... which is why they will keep their kids home's all they have left. (By the way the kids will see it on youtube anyway if they want to)

not my kids

You say the kids will see it on youtube anyways?? Not my children. They don't have access to the computer unless I'm there. I also have parental controls on mine for pre-approved websites. I also check their history on a regular basis. If I see a website that was not pre-approved then they are grounded. Controlling you may say? DARN RIGHT!! it MY responsibility to control what my children are exposed to! It is also MY responsibility to make sure they get a good quality education. The President had not right in the classroom. If he didn't want to cause problems then why not make the speech available ahead of time (more than the day before) and allow parents to make up our minds that way? Also, what was with the lesson plan? My children watch what I deem to be appropriate for them. We discuss things and explain things to them so they understand AND we do it in an unbiased manner so they can form their own opinion. I make sure they understand that our country was founded on rights to freedoms - freedoms from tyranny, dictator, or king. Also the freedom to raise my children the way I SEE FIT!! If you want to call me irresponsible then you go right ahead. I don't really care. It is those who don't have some control of their children who end up on the nightly news because they've been shot, robbed someone, arrested for murder or drugs. Oh and you may say we are small and misdirected? You are living in a fantasy world if you think that a small group of people can't make a change, which also means you didn't pay attention the day they taught about the American Revolution!!

Helping THIS president...

...will help the country???? Only if you feel that turning the United States into some Socailist Utopia constitutes "helping it." If fact, you yourself point out the glaring decline in how we interpret helping our country. John F. Kennedy implored us to "..ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Today, the entire Democratic Party dedicates itself to telling you what the country is going to do for you. "Don't worry about how we'll pay for it - we'll just raise taxes on those suckers who pay taxes!" With the bottom 50% of wage earners paying less than 3% of all personal income taxes, don't you think it's time THEY started doing something for their country? Or do we just keep giving them more and more, by taking away from the other half of the country? You greatly disappoint me, Kevin. I never before thought of you as a partner in the destruction of America.

Socialist Utopia?

What a joke. You complain that Obama is turning the USA into something it has already been but are too stupid to realize. If the US didn't put all its military and political power into private oil and gas conmbustion energy, the price of gas would already be equal to what they pay in Europe for the past 20 years and alternatives would have been more economical and replaced the entire infrastructure back in the 1980s. But since oil, coal and transportation is provided by the government, and the government is elected with oil profits, we have had no free market choices. IE: we have lived in a socialist energy and transportation environment since World War Two. The US manufactures and sells weapons worldwide to keep the wars alive, to require our blind obediance, and we have become comfortably numb to the reality that we deal in death and destruction while acting like we want to stop it. We fight the fires while feeding the flames. You say the bottom 50% pay so little, yet all of the 10 million people affiliated with the department of defense live nearly at the poverty level and give their lives in service to the country while the rich complain their taxes are so high they can hardly afford to pay their maid at the vacation home.

It was earned

Why should the rich pay more in taxes if the money to pay for that vacation home and maid was earned, inherited, won, found or how ever legally acquired? Do the rich get a pass to the front of the line if they need government services? Since I pay a high tax rate on my truck, cars and motorcycles can I zoom to the front at the DMV? Do the rich get a faster police response time? Can you imagine private industry implementing that plan? "Well Mr. Jones, the price of the washer you want will depend on how much you earn. Can I see your check stub?" But if you worked hard to gain wealth the government wants to take it away. Where is the government going to get its funding when everybody decides to quit working, stop paying in and files for welfare, food stamps and all the other "free" programs?

I'd suggest that you enlist or accept a commission.

You might then learn about military pay and allowances. Average job in Wilmington pays $32,450. A Marine corporal (E-4) over four years draws an annual salary of $25,531.20. If he's married and lives off base, he draws an additional $12,069.24 in BAS and BAH. (If he gets sent to a high-cost area, that BAH can increase substantially.) That adds up to $37,600.44, beating the average wage in Wilmington by over $5k If he has to deploy overseas or go to sea, he draws additional pay. (He will lose his BAS food allowance.) Ditto if he's in a flight status or works in a hazardous duty, such as EOD. He and his family receive totally free medical care. He receives free dental care. He pays $27.00 per month for $400k of insurance. In addition to the G.I. Bill, he can have his tuition fully paid by the service, not even touching his G.I. Bill. while he attends class on active duty... ...and that's a CORPORAL, the lowest rank of NCO and a rank that everyone will achieve in their first enlistment if they keep their nose clean. If he sticks around he will see that salary climb with every promotion, every second anniversary of his service date, and will usually get a COLA bump every year on top of those raises. If he sticks around he can retire before he hits forty and receive one of the most generous retirement pensions in the world. Along the way he can collect two or three re-enlistment bonuses that can hit $30k. They earn every penny of it, but one thing you can NOT claim about our military is that they are underpaid. BTW, they pay tax on their base pay and bonuses, so they are NOT part of the deadbeat society that is dragging this nation down.

The President's speech

I've just finished reading the speech and I must say if any parent decides to not let their child listen to this speech they are being simply ridiculous. The uproar over this speech is really soooo stupid it defies any rational thinking. Sounds like more conservatives trying to blast the president for everything he does. I think it is a very good speech and one that the children of America deserve to hear.

I think the speech was very

I think the speech was very good. But nobody seems to care that President Obama has requested that certain things be sent to the schools as a basis of learning. It is not the President's place to decide what our kids should and should not be learning. Oh, and for the record the guy who founded facebook, dropped out of college. Maybe President Obama and his helpers should do more homework.


What are you talking about? "But nobody seems to care that President Obama has requested that certain things be sent to the schools as a basis of learning." What "things"? Books? Desks? Maps? Socialist cooties? When I was a kid, centuries ago, President Kennedy made us exercise in school. That's right, the Federal Gov't took on national Physical Fitness and everyone was fine with it. Even my Goldwater Republican dad was ok with the President telling us to get in shape and whatever else he did/said to infiltrate our young minds with his evil Democratic liberal ways. We had pictures/photos of past and present presidents on the school walls. Nobody whined about it. And who cares about the Facebook guy? Besides you. Now if he had found a solution to war, hunger, or hurricanes, I might be impressed. Don't listen to this guy, kids. Stay in school or stay ignorant.


Uneducated man when are you liberals going to wake up? Now that is uneducated, for it will never happen. The WORKING people who DO not and Will not support Obama in his quest to turn America into a Fascist state have the option of not letting their kids here his speech which sounded SO conservative that no one would be against what he said. I don't understand why news reporters can;t do there jobs and report the news instead of one side of the news. I know the state board of instruction said that the only way a child could watch the Obama school speech is if their parents wrote a note giving permission to watch the speech. Hey Kevin did you report that? Wake up Obama is destroying our country and the constitution along with it. Yes it is historic that we are sitting by watching it happen right before our eyes. Obama is a fascist his policies are not going to further America, but destroy our way of life. One of the definitions of a fascist is that Fascists advocate the creation of a single-party state.Fascist governments forbid and suppress criticism and opposition to the government and the fascist movement. Fascism opposes class conflict, blames capitalism for the problems of a country. Really sounds like Obama's Administration. There are so many points to show he has Fascist views, such as Homeland security saying if anyone has different views than the current administration they should be viewed as right wing extremists. I will argue is a difference of opinion not what this country is all about? Kevin get your Obama blinders off!!


I Could have stayed at home and got my parents to tell me the samething that the President did. It wasn't a bad thing!!! Seriously. I am a High School student and the video was only like 20 minutes long telling us that we should do well in school and about our education. Some People shouldn't be over dramatic about it.