Moving on, but staying put

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I enjoyed watching you grow and develop your on air skills during your morning anchor tenure. You brought a higher level of professionalism and experience to the morning show. Honestly, with your departure from the air, I have been watching Time Warner's News 14 Carolina and even HLN more than your old show. Without you on the air, the show suffers from the loss of your quick wit, vast knowledge, and intelligent, amusing reparte. I look forward to your influence and imprimatur on the news department as a whole. Congratulations and best of luck in your new role.

You write many good blogs....and I'm always available to jump on the bad ones!

I was one of the many that whined so much during your last absence, so get ready to hear it again. I'm SOOOOO happy for you, BUT - not happy for those of us who loved to watch the 3 of you together each morning. It is always fun to have people around that you KNOW really like one another, and that was obvious with you, Jerry, and Marcy. If you have to hear bad news (and sometimes it was REALLY bad), it helps to hear it from friends, and that's what we'll miss - our friend. I know Marcy and Jerry can carry on and will do wonderfully, but you tied the package up so nicely! Maybe, if we're lucky, your wife will get tired very soon of having to fix supper, and will make you come back to us! Doubtful, but we can hope. Best of luck to you - you're very good at what you do, so we know you will excel at your new endeavor.

God's peace.

I am so glad that you are getting an opportunity for advancement and to share you knowledge with those that are coming along in your footsteps. Best of Luck, we'll look forward to your special reports...oh yeah, will you still be doing the restaurant reports? I am an avid watcher of the show and look forward to all of you every day...and so.. Jerry is there, and Marcie..but who, if going to (try and) replace you? Or is Marcie gonna hold down the desk all alone? Anything you can share that way???

Congratulations, Kevin! We'll miss you but are happy for you, too. We moved here just about 3 years ago from the West Coast, and after assessing all the stations' early morning news, just knew that you guys were the best. You've been our morning news group ever since. Thanks from all of us and again, congratulations!

It is great that you thought enough of your viewing audience that you let us all know your plans...Congratulations on your new position, and know that we the people are happy for you and your wife...

You will truly be missed. But, I too, am glad that you told your viewers what you were doing and where you are. Lots of luck in your new position.

Kevin, I just wanted to say Thank you for letting us know where and what you are doing. It seems that people in your business just leave and we never know where they went. Sometimes we wonder if they got fired although we think they were great. Even the radio stations drive me crazy, Where is Stuntman, Bryan? I know maybe I missed the one day that they possibly announced it but geeeeze, they should speak about it a little bit so we know........most of us learn to love the ones we listened to and watched daily.......or almost daily........ So thanks for the update and wish you the best of luck!