Palin for President? Really?

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Comment made from a previous blog about the President's speech and NOT reading it prior to making a decision: "But to preemptively bar your children from a few minutes of a back-to-school pep talk from their president (yes, their president, yours and mine -- it's how the Constitution sets it up) without first knowing what he's going to say, well, that's just irresponsible" Comments from Palin blog: "At least that's what the title of her book suggests. Or so I'm told. I haven't read it and don't plan to. I really don't want to know what she says about much of anything. And I really hope no one else does, either, but I know that's not possible." Take whatever you would like from that...maybe your last statement was how some parents' felt about Obama's speech...just like your statement in this Palin don't want to read, know, or hear anything about Palin. Just be her book at least before you put out a blog like this...especially for those that do read your don't want people that you may or may not have an influence on with your words see you "double-talking" like many of our "wonderful" politicians seem to these days.
I think all of the commotion about Sarah Palin is hilarious. Palin has yet to say she is running for President. She is being very vague about the entire situation. In the meantime, the left wing is in a tizzy about the prospect of her running. Letterman again providing her with all the pubicity he can. And by the way, she had that lech pegged correctly. So, let's look at the effect it is all having on Palin. What is that sound I hear? Oh yes, ca-ching!! CA-CHING!!! People are lining up a day ahead of time to buy her book. It's just like she said on Oprah, she is more than willing to let Letterman keep selling her book. Now, from where I stand I would much rather be a best selling author than President of the US. Less headaches, work, and crap to deal with and so much more money. Whether that is her ultimate plan remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure. Every time someone writes a blog like this criticizing her, the only sound she hears is ca-ching!!!
I think it's funny that Tina Fey said that between herself, Sarah Palin, and that porn star who appeared on 30 Rock, the porn star knew the most about foreign policy. She's probably right. Palin's foreign policy knowledge at the beginning of her vice-presidential campaign consisted of the fact that Alaska was close to Russia. She was completely outmatched and looked clueless in her interviews and the debate. Unless she was allowed to review the questions in advance, there was always a question or two where she talked like she was a deer in the proverbial headlights.
Kevin, "So once and for all I ask: Why would you want Sarah Palin for any office, let alone president?"

If you took the time to get to know the history/up-bringing of Sarah Palin you would learn that she did not originate from a rich-elite-silver-spoon-political family like so many of todays politicians do.

Sarah Palin is a regular girl-next-door type. She has worked hard most of her life, with nothing handed to her.

Yes, it took Sarah 5 years to get her college degree. But unlike many politicians, she had to pay her own way and take time off to work----no rich daddy with deep pockets to pay.

Personally, I believe politicians should hail from the "common folk".

I don't want a girl next girl running the country. I want a Rhodes Scholar or Harvard Graduate. I want someone who is intelligent enough to get an academic scholarship. I demand the best, not the average to run my country. Keep in mind I had no problem with McCain until he chose her to run with him...I was fairly equally split over McCain/Obama and their positives and negatives.
I have no problem with politicians coming from us common folk, if they do not quit their elected office to go sell books.
Kevin, I wish I had read this blog before I met you at the Krispy Kreme this morning! I would have been able to tell you that you were right again -- about the cold weather and Ms Palin!!
Wow! You sound very narcissistic in your comments as you embellish your vast experience with world leaders. You have said you never met her and never read her book book. Is it a possibility that all those influential friends you have had during your life have not given you any wisdom or is it too many Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Common Kevin....cut back as the sugar is too much for you. "So Sarah Palin has gone rogue. At least that's what the title of her book suggests. Or so I'm told. I haven't read it and don't plan to. I really don't want to know what she says about much of anything. And I really hope no one else does."it to one or two sentences. That says it all doughnut man. You would have some substance in your comments if you read what you submitted beforehand. I may offer that your intended harassment of that other driver might have caused you some pain also. Try to calm down sir!
What a ridiculous blog that I regret reading. Your mind was made up, you are just trying to invoke argument that you will invariably dismiss. Report something, instead of nothing. There is not one fact in your argument, typical media. All liberal opinion without factual information.
For all of you interested and those of you just plain sick and tired of Palin trying to keep her name in the spot light, I am an Alaskan and I have first hand knowledge of Mrs. Palin's lack of governmental abilities. I will say this she definitely has the whole politician angle down, she is a lying shady women and can skirt issues and get away with stuff left and right. She only has small town Mayoral experience before becoming governor. No real governmental experience outside our own little state issues. At least Obama has senate experience and a somewhat better understanding of national and global polictics. Yeah, Palin said she had international experience, but standing in Nome on a clear day and looking across an ocean at Russia doesn't really count. Thank god she never had to deal with foreign affairs or they'd have a poor outlook on American women. She lied about having influence over the Army or National Gaurd, has a federal employee I can tell you that her state office would ASK for assistance if there was an emergency,not command. Thank god we did not have one before she QUIT in the middle of her job as Governor of Alaska to chase the spotlight. Palin for 2012? Really? People in the lower 48 need to think about that one. Over the years we have gotten ourselves into a big hole, Palin has no real experience dealing with financial problems at this level, again Wasilla is a very small town and she couldn't even handle being governor of our quiet little state. I voted for her, would I do it again, heck no! She is a wolf in sheeps clothing and tells to many lies. She did abuse her power as governor for personal matters and this is still being processed. She was in trouble for this long before her nomination for VP and took the oppurtunity to hide behind this nomination instead of cooperating with the investigation like she said she would, which by the way wasted tax payer dollars. Wasting money on her rendition of her life in the political areana is just fueling her fire for the spotlight. She is not presidential material. She is an embarrassing mess. I am embarrassed that I wasted time discussing her at all, but you need to be informed. Good Luck.
She summed it up pretty well the other day, to coin her own, unique phrase... she is just plain "back-ass-wards."
after reading the comments posted so far by palin supporters..still no plausible reason in why she should be president which explains why they are Palin supporters!
Honestly coming from a woman's point of view I think that it is great that women are finally trying to get into the white house. I believe that a woman would do a lot better then any man that has been in there. Honestly Sarah Palin would not be my first or last choice. I've watched all the interviews during the election and my opinion is she has no idea what she is talking about. She was the reason why I voted for Obama. I didn't want a person man or woman that couldn't even make sense during the election interviews in office. If she could mess up something as simple as that what could she mess up in office and make things so much worse.
I wish I could shed some light on why Sarah Palin should be in the 2012 election, but I can't. I watched the Oprah interview twice, and while I think she is somewhat more "put together" now than last year, she is still a lying politician. I will not buy and read her book either; because I will not in any way put any money in her pocket; nor do I really care to know any more about her than she has revealed during interviews. If those who think Obama is doing such a bad job really care about this country, I suggest you quit your complaining, stop supporting fools like Palin, and try and come up with a real, viable candidate for 2012.
Mr. Wuzzardo, You ask for rational and reasonable arguments for Sarah Palin to be elected President. I find this humorous you want people to prove you wrong when your mind will obviously not change. When you say that you dont want to hear anything she says about anything and hope nobody else does either, shows your narrow views on her from the start. Sarah Palin has more executive experience and running a government than Barack Obama ever thought of having when he was elected President. Thats indisputable unless his "community organizing" qualified him to be the commander in chief? Your arguments have no fact and no substance as to why you are "scared" she could be a contender. Can you blame her for resigning from her governorship after having to spend millions of her own dollars to defend herself from outrageous ethics violations that she has been cleared of over and over? Your Jon and Kate constitutional statement isnt even worth responding to. She relates to the american people, shes an intelligent conservative mother who has common sense. Thats more than can be said for the majority of Washington D.C. I'd love to hear your response to the comments posted on this blog and maybe letting us all know what you think qualifies someone to run for president.
I agree Palin 'appears' conservative and she was found to be ethical by her own apointees like any other politican. Millions were not spent and I think $50K might be the correct legal bill. Being an elected official does not make one experienced or increase your ability to make decisions.
I don't think she been cleared of everything even though she says she has.It also started before she ran for VP by the replubs.I bet you think the gov of SC didn't do anything wrong either.Sarah in 2012? "Thanks but no thanks".(another one of her lies)
Why is anyone worrying about crooked politicians in other states? I think we have enough of them in this state that we could clog the court calenders for years to come.
Doubtful she will run for president. (That would be fun though). She is just cashing in as any American would in her position. She has fallen into a multi-million dollar windfall after that call from McCain....why not quit being Governor (that was actual work), have someone write a book for me, and go on tour across the country. Sounds fun, and profitable. She might take some heat from liberals but who cares, just ignore it and laugh all the way to the bank. I don't blame her one bit. Why is this so polarizing to people?
I'm going to comment on what you wrote. "I haven't read it and don't plan to. I really don't want to know what she says about much of anything"....That shows some lack of 'credibility' on your part. Are you a journalist or just someone who reads from a tele-prompter every morning? "I really hope no one else does, either"....what are you afraid, Mr. Wuzzardo? You want everyone to respond with some "original" comments, yet you have said nothing original yourself all you've done is parroted what others in the media (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc...)have negatively said about her. They've read the book and/or interviewed her. I am genuinely curious. Maybe my observations and assessment are wrong. I'm man enough to admit it if they are.... Are you an armchair journalist? Instead of 'drinking the kool-aid' and sounding like you're afraid (or jealous) of this highly successful, intelligent, conservative, married, good-looking mother of five, why don't you interview her. At least, with an open mind, read her book. Then maybe, your opinion would have some credibilty.
After all, she has no experience being a community organizer...? Or serving less than half your term as a freshman senator with no major legislation introduced and an astounding number of "Present" votes. I'm no fan of Sarah Palin, but let's be honest - as a former governor, she has 100% more executive leadership experience that the current occupant of the White House.... ...and considering his programs and performance since being in office, I'd prefer anyone who is not bound and determined to destroy the American way of life by creating some European style, Socialist central government.
It will be very hard to prove you wrong, since you're absolutely right in everything you say here.
It is clear you did not read what was written about the type of replies Kevin was asking for. So what does that make you? If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.