Please, Sarah: Go gentle into those white nights

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what if all the lame ducks did this at once? What if she had been president and done that? Reminds me of the movie dumb and dumber.
You said, "But she has shown little reason why anyone should take her seriously beyond that." So, why are you talking(writing)about her? It's hard to let someone "Go gentle into those white nights" if you and everyone else (who don't 'like' her or in some way feel threatened by her, or inferior to her) quit talking about her. In other words; if you want the "pit-bull with lipstick" to quit barking, then stop poking at her with a stick thru the fence
Are you for real? People afraid to debate things with Sarah Palin??? You must be drinking the KoolAid. Maybe people do not want to debate things with her because NO ONE cares how she makes Moose Chili.... NO ONE cares whether you can see Russia from Alaska. Yes, I realize you are still stunned that Obama is in the White House (get over it already), but if you and people like you want to do something about it in 2012, you need to get off the Palin bandwagon and try and find someone in the Republican Party who isn't an idiot. Good Luck!!!!!
Condoleza Rice? I always thought she would make a great vice president or president.
How about "Chicken and Rice?"
It is obvious that you are an Obama person. I really can't see what the difference would be if she was elected to office as president, because at least she has run something, like a state. The only thing Obama has run is his mouth. He is consistant at lying and decieving people. He won the election because people like you wanted to be a part of electing a black to president, no matter what his qualifications were. Just that he was black. You say, get over it. You and your other buddies can take a bow for putting such a loser in the place of president of the United States. Shows how much you really care about the country and what goes on in it. Obama has shown nothing but arrogance and stupidity while being in his position. He is tearing this country apart and people like you are rooting him on. Sorry, but I for one will be doing everything I can to get him out and back to his roots in Chicago where the rest of the mobsters are at. Currupt City, Chicago. Home of the ever arrogant and lame brain, Obama.
Kevin, I agree with you. Anyone who thinks Ms. Palin is a viable candidate in 2012 is smoking something illegal. She needs to fade into the woodwork, stay at home and make moose chili, and learn how to hunt without the assistance of a helicopter. Upon reflection, what a great Vice President she would have made...for 3 years anyway until she quit. Goodbye Sarah.
I dont understand why you and everyone else is so obsessed with her. If she is so unimportant why is she in every paper and magazine and on every network and cable channel 24/7
It is probably the goal of S.P. to help campaign against leftist legislators who are up for re-election next year. She is very bright and appeals to hard working, tax paying Americans. This is why the socialist inclined media and politicos must make ad hominem attacks on her. They don't dare debate the issues with her. Apparently, the hapless author of this opinion piece has not thought it through or, even worse, he is just another attack dog for the left.