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Vick signing has this Eagles fan perplexed

The text from my friend Joel arrived at 8:36 last night.

"And u thought they booed santa! I cant wait til u visit atl," it read. I was confused. What could have happened with my beloved Philadelphia Phillies as they traveled from Chicago to Atlanta for a weekend series with the Braves? I wrote Joel back with a simple "huh?" The response I got back was shocking.

"U signed vick."

"U" meant my beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Several hours later, I am still stunned. Why? Why would a team still recovering from the circus that surrounded locker room cancer Terrell Owens sign Michael Vick, the most toxic man in sports? Why?

From a purely football perspective, I guess it makes sense. While I have always thought Vick to be the most overrated and overhyped player in the history of football (yes, I mean that), he is talented and explosive, or at least was. So to get him for the relative bargain price of $1.6 million this year to add a new wrinkle to a team that has always been a big weapon away from winning it all and that realizes the time is now to win a Super Bowl, I guess it's a good idea. There is still a great deal of uncertainty, though, about what kind of shape he is in. Eagles coach Andy Reid admitted last night he did not work Vick out, but said that the former Falcons QB looks to be in good shape. Great. The move also puts the Eagles back on the front page of the sports sections in Philadelphia, as they compete with the World Champion Phillies for attention in the City of Brotherly Love.

From a personal standpoint, Reid admitted he has a soft spot for guys looking for a second chance. Reid's two sons have battled legal problems revolving around drugs the last several years. Perhaps he thinks resurrecting and reforming Vick, who in case you've been under a rock, spent a year and a half in prison for his role in a dogfighting ring, will help make up for his parental shortcomings. I don't know.

Then there are the public relations issues. The Eagles are already catching a lot of flack for the signing from fans and, of course, animal rights activists. But you don't have to be one of those overly zealous PETA types to hate Vick and what he did. It's hard to find anything good about this guy, and the Eagles are going to pay the price for adding him to the fold. Still, the Eagles have made themselves into one of the best-run franchises in football in the last decade, and I can't imagine the front office has not thought ahead to the repurcussions. It is already a very strongly community-oriented organization. So expect Vick to do a lot of community work, especially with animal groups around the Delaware Valley.

For Vick, this may have been a smart move. A lot of people thought he might wind up, like many of the NFL's wayward sons, with the dumpster fire that is the Oakland Raiders. Instead, as I mentioned, he winds up with a good franchise with strong community ties that can put him in a position to show his penitence. But he's also put himself in a position to earn that pennance every time he steps in front of the green-clad phaithful. Say what you will about Eagles fans, and many of you will say the negative, but we are passionate, though often to a fault. But Eagles fans are not happy about this, and they will not hesitate to let Vick know how they feel. Yes, four decades ago Eagles fans booed some schlep in a Santa suit during halftime of another late-season loss. That guys only offenses were having a bad costume, being too skinny and being perceived as a then cheap franchise's best presentation of St. Nick (the guy the team hired did not show up, so a PR guy grabbed the legendary wrath victim from the stands of Franklin Field). He never killed dogs and thought he could get away with it.

The bottom line is that if Vick can perform well enough on and, more importantly, off the field to win over Philadelphia fans, he will have earned his way back. That, however, is a big if with a long way to go before it's achieved.

Today I am disappointed with the Eagles. I would not have wanted Vick before everything that happened, and I surely do not want him on my team now. But here he is, ready to be introduced at a press conference this morning and ready to practice with the team Saturday. It is what it is. What will be most interesting is to see what it becomes.

By: Kevin Wuzzardo

I was sooo disappointed in

I was sooo disappointed in the Eagles that they will no longer be my favorite team. I will pick a new team to support after 40 years of supporting the Eagles. Maybe the Panthers!

michael Vick

First of all, we can fogive people for killing a man, but can't forgive one for fighting or killing dogs. When we, as people, realize that we have to forgive each other then we can realize that we also can be forgiven. In Matthew 6:14-15 , it basically says if you forgive God will forgive you, but if you don't forgive He won't forgive you. So what I'm saying is that Michael Vick is a man that made a mistake and he has asked for forgiveness. When Michael broke the law He paid for his mistakes in prison, in community services and financially. If you did something that was not right you would want someone to forgive you. It is always easy to judge someone else for what we think is wrong, but we have to look at ourselves and think back even on yesterday and say who have I hurt or what have I done that I need to ask for forgiveness. Some people actually think, though, that they don't have to be forgiven or have to apologize to anyone about anything, but if you think about it, you do.

Hey, Mr. Wuzzardo...

Vicks punishment, as short as it was, was a longer jail sentence than alot of child molesters, pedophiles and rapist get. Where is your "outrage" against that? I would like to read what you have to say about that.

Ahh yes the wonderful

Ahh yes the wonderful intelligent mentality that 2 wrongs make a right. Most people are outraged when any voiceless creature (inclusive of children, the elderly and animals) is mistreated in any way. You obviously don't care if one of God's (if you believe in him) loving creatures is tortured to death. I would be willing to bet that you are one of these people that do nothing to help anyone/thing yet sit around and criticize others who speak up about injustices. I have spent countless hours volunteering with animal rescues, children charities and elderly agencies. I don't ever recall hearing other volunteers gripe about people volunteering to help people instead of animals or vice versa. Thats because these people are too busy taking action. The only people that I have ever seen or heard gripe about this subject are those that sit on their butts and do nothing but run their mouths. Also, I would very much like to see your validating evidence of your claim that alot of child perpetrators get less jail time. Occasionally that may happen but there's always going to be a fluke in the system.

Excuse Me

Where do you get "2 wrongs make a right" out of "Vicks punishment, as short as it was, was a longer jail sentence than alot of child molesters, pedophiles and rapist get." I don't know or care what kind of axe you have to grind. My statement was and still is a challenge to Mr. Wuzzardo to put as much zeal into investegating/reporting on sexual crimes against children as he did the Vick case. Crimes against animals are wrong and should be punished and I still think that Vick's jail time was too short. I also know that alot of child molesters, pedophiles and rapist get similar or shorter prison terms than Vick did. You also said "I would be willing to bet that you are one of these people that do nothing to help anyone/thing yet sit around and criticize others who speak up about injustices." How much can you afford to lose because I could use the money. You would lose that bet. Mr. Wuzzardo wrote 8 paragraphs about the Eagles, Vick, and the animal(dog) abuse. I have no disagreement with what was said, I would just like to see someone (in the Media) put that much time and effort into child abuse stories. Your statement, "Also, I would very much like to see your validating evidence of your claim that alot of child perpetrators get less jail time." Here you go; Submitted by WWAY on 29 October 2009 - 5:33pm. Prokop pleads guilty to indecent liberties, former New Hanover County K-9 officer Thomas Prokop pleaded guilty Thursday to taking indecent liberties with a four-year-old girl....A judge sentenced Prokop to 24 months in prison. He will also have to register as a sex offender for the next 30 years. Yes, I know Vick's sentence was shorter. I think they both should have gotten longer sentences. So to use your own words "Ahh yes the wonderful intelligent mentality" are 'STUPID' plain and simple. Go bark up someone else's tree (no pun intended)

I would have to question the

I would have to question the intelligence or at least the mental stability of a man who had what Vick had and then throw it away for the chump change he was making off the dog fighting. And if I was in charge, that would probably stop me from signing him. By the way, most of us animal lovers take issue with someone who has been convicted of cruelty then coming out "to work with us", unless of course he is just relegated to the pooper scooper. We certainly would not want him in direct contact with the animals.

Well Kevin

how many season ticket fans have been so distraught that they have turned their season passes back in? How many single game tickets have been returned? Guess that might be a sign as to the forgiving nature of Philly, the city of Brotherly Love.

Michael Vick & Eagles Season Tickets

The Michael Vick media circus did not affect season ticket sales. The Philadelphia Eagles are a well run organization with extensive community ties. Signing Vick in Philly was the best move that the league could do. BTW-The President of the Virginia SPCA left his dog locked in his car for 3 hours this summer resulting in death. Why did this outspoken critic of Vick not get blasted in the media?


Did the Va SPCA President do this intentionally or was it an accident? Did he repeatedly plan out the toruure of animals the way Vick did? One of Vicks partners said he often suggested just killing the dogs by shooting them. But that was too easy, Vick wanted to torture them to death, it was well orchestrated and done repeatedly. He attached battery cables to the dogs and then threw them in swimming pools of water. The scratches and bite marks on the side of the pools showed where the dogs fought to try to escape the torture. Any jackass that defends these actions should be tortured themselves, just as Vick should.


Kevin, I too am disappointed. But maybe football teams are like misbehaving children. Any attention is better than no attention.