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George Elliott's blog

BY GEORGE: Constellations Defined

Most of the well-known constellations date back to ancient Greece or earlier, but the precise list remained somewhat fuzzy until the early 2

BY GEORGE: 4G, 3G? I Just Want To Make A Call

First things first, the "G" stands for a generation of mobile technology, installed in phones and on cellular networks.

BY GEORGE: Spring Equinox

One can define the seasons in any one of a number of ways. For example, the meteorological spring season runs from March 1st through May 31st. In parts of Europe as

BY GEORGE: Allergies…You Could Be Making Them Worse

It’s allergy season already, and as you know, the season began way earlier than usual this year due to the very warm winter across the country. Not only that, March is looking like it ma

BY GEORGE: Myths of Microwaving

There sure is a lot of misinformation about what microwaves can and can’t do, as well as some myths that seem so well grounded over the years, that it’s hard to convince people of the s

BY GEORGE: Sponsored Weather Fronts?

Bet you didn’t know that in Germany companies, or even individuals can pick and sponsor weather fronts.  That was a new on me as well.  But as it turns out, it’s not that infr

BY GEORGE: Light My Way

Progress in electrical engineering, pollution control, and energy security are just a few of the reasons the good old fashioned incandescent light bulbs continue to decline in significance when it

BY GEORGE: Humans Can Rock The Earth

Earthquakes seem like such a massive and potentially destructive force, you would think us little humans would hardly have any influence on whether the globe rumbles or not.  But, the fact is,

BY GEORGE: Peanut-Butter And Jelly Sandwich Not So Cheap Anymore

Well, count another reason the weather is costing us more to feed our hungry stomachs.  The hot, dry summer devastated the peanut crop, sending prices for the legume skyrocketing and forcing p

BY GEORGE: Clouds and Cloud Formation

One of the most beautiful aspects of the atmosphere in which we live are clouds. Clouds come in many forms, and each type has its own characteristics and formations. Most of us generally

Healthy Oils

It’s pretty common knowledge now that we should all eat more fish for the benefits provided by the oils in the water creatures, but there are a variety of oils and types that we should be get