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Adios and Arrivederci! (I'll be back)

Just when our weather's getting oh so pleasant -- I'm headed out of town! No, not forever... just for a brief summer vacation - but I'll be venturing on my first voyage overseas.

My brother's been studying for the summer in Barcelona, Spain - so I'll be hitting up the Meditterranean coast for a few days. The city is bordered by some tall mountains on one side, and the calm Mediterranean coast on the other. It's supposed to be a beautiful city with lots to do. Thankfully I speak at least "un poco Espanol". 

After a couple days in España, we'll head over to Rome for a couple of days. Pretty neat to do a "two-for-one" trip and hit a couple of destinations since who knows when or if I'll ever be in Europe again!

Here's the wild thing. People always talk about the dreaded "jet lag" when traveling long distances, but I think I've figured out that mine shouldn't be too bad. With my morning schedule here at WWAY, I'm usually up at 2 and into work at 3am. Likewise, I try and head to bed around 6 or 7pm. In Barcelona and Rome, you set the clocks ahead 6 hours. So really -- I'm used to waking up at 8am their time anyway! We'll see if I'm a zombie none the less!

As for the weather, it should be fairly pleasant over there. I was looking forward to leaving the oppressive Wilmington humidity behind, but as it turns out we've gotten rid of it for a few days too. Works out for all of us I guess!

Enjoy the pleasant weather while I'm gone. Asha will be in on the mornings all next week, and I'll be back with plenty of stories the following Monday.

Hasta luego!


By: Tim Buckley