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Another streak of cold weather keeps on going -- are you sick of winter yet?

Come on, you can admit it. You've had it with the cold weather this winter haven't you? As we head into Tuesday - it will be the 23rd straight day of below normal temperatures here in January, with nothing really warm showing up in the forecast. Not only that, we've also been below normal for 52 of the last 54 days as of Tuesday morning. Will it ever stop? Well... yes, of course it will. We just may have to wait until say March or April before we get above 60 degrees.

Yes, we are being cynical here with the cold weather, but it's hard to describe truly how relentless the cold has been. After a December that ranked as #1 in our record books, January is already nearly as cold - with an average temperature so far of 38.3 degrees. Back to back months like this in the winter have rarely been seen in Wilmington, and we're already guaranteed of having one of the coldest winters on record here in the Port City. But it's not just us having the winter woes.

Here's a winter scene you have just got to see:

(Image courtesy of WABC - New York)

This car in New York was simply buried in ice as a broken pipe sprayed water for hours on Monday with temperatures in the teens and single digits. It's hard enough to scrape off 1/4" of ice during an ice storm, but it's unbelievable to think about scraping off 6 inches. Yikes!

Not only have we had to deal with the constant barage of chilly temperatures, but already several winter storms too. One, two, three, four times we've seen wintry precipitation strike us so far here in Southeastern North Carolina. Even de-sensitizing us a bit to "the white stuff". I mean honestly, did Saturday's flurry activity even phase you? In a typical winter it would - but not this year.

Thankfully we just have a good old regular rain maker to deal with Tuesday and Wednesday. Temperatures will be plenty warm enough for this storm to be an all rain event across the Carolinas. In fact, it will be one heck of a rain maker for us -- a Spring-like soaker.

As we head throughout the forecast, a coastal trough will bring some scattered showers for the daytime hours on Tuesday, but the star of the show comes up the coast Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. This is the "parent Low" of the system, the most intense part of the storm. We'll see gusty winds along the coast, heavy steady downpours, and even some thunderstorms. In fact, some of these storms could be a bit on the strong side overnight. (The last time we saw TStorms across the region was back on Dec. 1st)

By the time the storm leaves Wednesday afternoon, we're thinking a solid 2-3" of rain is a good bet especially along the coast. That in itself will double or triple the amount of rain we've seen so far this year.

But if this rain has got you down, no complaining! At least we're using the umbrellas instead of the shovels!

So what do you think? Has this winter got you down? Is it the worst you've seen here in SE North Carolina?

Let me know by leaving a comment right here on the blog - or send me an e-mail to

Stay dry out there!

- TB

By: Tim Buckley

Winter weather

Yes Tim, it is still "Hog killin" weather as we southerners like to say. However a yankee friend of mine saw a bunch of robbins feeding on the ground recently. A sure sign of warmer weather coming.

Aside from that, the wolly worms told me last fall that it would be a cold, but short winter. i hate to break this to you, as you probably need the job- but robbins and wooly worms make your job an unneeded hinderance from the beautiful sportscaster they will hire once the station figures out what
I and the wooly worms knew in October.