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One, wait - two, for the record books!

Believe it or not, as hot as this summer has been, before this week Wilmington had seen only one record high temperature this year. Well, as you know now, that all changed this week.

On Wednesday, the mercury soared to 97 degrees on August 11th for the second straight year - tying the record set "way back when" in 2009. (And to think, gas prices were only $2.64, and it only cost $9 for a movie back then .....)

Thursday, we did it again. Plenty of sunshine allowed the atmosphere to heat up quickly throughout the day, which sent the actual temperature all the way to 98 degrees. This time instead of tying a record we broke one, pushing the 97 degree day from 1980 out of the way.

It really was a sweltering day by any measure. Dewpoints in the mid 70's even during the afternoon combined with the heat to make for unbearable and dangerous heat indices near 110 degrees. Tough stuff out there indeed.

If you're wondering where we stand for the month of August in terms of heat so far, here are the numbers:

  • Average Temperature: 83.0  
  • Compared to normal: +2.4

Certainly warmer than we should be for the month, but not unprecedented. Perhaps the more impressive climate number for the moth so far is in the rainfall department where our deficit is building up bigtime.

  • August 2010 Rainfall as of 8/13: 0.34"
  • Compared to normal: -2.52"

As is often the case with summertime convection, you either get the rain or you don't. So far in August, Wilmington International has not. We'll see if any of the cells that fire this afternoon hit the target or not and help cut into our dry deficit.

That's all for now. Take care, stay cool, keep your triskaidekaphobia in check today, and enjoy your weekend.

- TB





By: Tim Buckley