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Buckley's Blog

 Tim Buckley's Blog

Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find an inside look into the ups and downs of the daily forecast, and interesting weather tidbits from across the country. I hope you'll find it an informative and entertaining way to get your daily "weather fix"!

-- Tim Buckley, Meteorologist, "Good Morning Carolina"


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Crazy weather patterns? Nah, it's just Spring!

Now I know that calendar on your wall says Spring doesn't start for a few weeks yet, but the weather map tells me differently.

A record breaker! It really WAS that cold this past winter.

Well I guess it justifies our whining a little bit! The numbers are in for the winter season, and they're impressive. A record breaker here in the city of Wilmington.

Snow coming to Hollywood? Must be special effects...

In a twist that seems a little too far-fetched even for Hollywood, Mother Nature has cooked up quite the winter weather screenplay for this year's Oscars.

By George, it's Presidents' Day! (or is it?)

When it comes to this third Monday in February, some confusion often comes into play! This mix-up is in the name.

Sunny and warm in February? Reminds me of "thaws" past.

It's the week of weather we've been waiting for - so what are we supposed to do now? No more whining I guess. The warm and sunny Thursday was fantastic, and today will be even better.

On this Valentine's Day, we have a "LOVE-ly" forecast

Mother Nature may just be a hopeless romantic after all!

Things are looking up!

It's been one of the coldest winters in Wilmington history, but it looks like we're finally turning a corner as we head into mid-February.

"Livin' on the Edge!" -- Another close-call winter storm

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